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Hospital Stay?

How long were you required to stay in the hospital with your c/s? DS was born via emergancy c/s on a Friday at midnight and we were released Sunday after lunch. I have a repeat c/s at the same hospital on Monday May 7th and asked my OB how long I was going to be required to stay this time and he said that they like you to stay 3-4 nights so that would put us going home sometime Thursday or Friday. I was really hoping to get released Wednesday evening so we will see what happens!

I am just curious what all your experiences are with release time? Also has anyone checked out AMA if they were doing fine and just felt that they would get better rest at home?


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Re: Hospital Stay?

With my second I checked out after 2 days, I missed my little one at home too much so I felt I would just be better at home,
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Re: Hospital Stay?

With my second kiddo (first c/s) I checked out at 2 days because I missed #1. It felt too early once I got home!

#3, I stayed 3 days and one of my son's kicked my incision while climbing up on me that day and I told myself I was gonna stay the whole time I was allowed next time to give myself more time to heal up!

#4, I stayed the WHOLE time they let me, which was 4 days. My dh wasn't able to pick me up right at discharge and so the nurses let me hang out in the room all day because they weren't busy. I was able to to snuggle some more with my newborn, have quiet time, and rest... things very hard to do with lo's running around me. So I technically stayed 4-1/2 days.

If I have another baby, I'll stay the whole time alloted too. You'll never get that one-on-one mama/baby time again or the room service or the being waited on hand and foot again... and it's so special...
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Re: Hospital Stay?

I stayed 4 days with all 3 of my c-sections. I tried to get a 5th day on my 4th baby. I second the snuggling and room service.
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I stayed 3 nights with DD1 and 4 nights with DD2 due to complications of prepneumonia followed any 3 more nights 3 days after being discharged.
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I stayed 3 nights after she was born. My OB offered to discharge me a day early, and I readily accepted except the 2nd night in the hospital was awful and I was not ready to go home. I'm glad I stayed the extra day! If I need a c/s next time I'll shoot for 2 days, but be glad to stay 3 if necessary.
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I just had dd2 last week and stayed 3 days. I would have stayed another day but I was exhausted and wanted to go home. I would recommend staying as long as possible and enjoy the bonding and room service, lol.
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Re: Hospital Stay?

I had my induction which turned into a section wednesday night, and went home saturday morning. I couldn't wait to get out of there, I'm a light sleeper as it is, and if it wasn't my baby crying and keeping me awake, it'd be someone else's. At least at home it was just my baby!
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I had DD at 6:50 Saturday night and checked out Wednesday afternoon. They would have let me leave Tuesday, but the ped wanted to keep her another day to decide if she could go home with us or not. She weighed 5 lb at birth and was down to 4 lb 8 oz. She stayed that Tuesday night into Wednesday morning but dropped to 4 lb 6 oz after coming home. So, I was there 4 nights.
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Re: Hospital Stay?

I had my son in the afternoon via planned C/S on a Tuesday and we went home Sat afternoon. I was told Friday morning that everything was going great and I could go home Fri night if I wanted but it was my first and we were having major breastfeeding/colostrum/latch/supplementation issues so I chose to stay for an extra session with the lactation nurse.

I think if you are shooting to go home in a specific number of days then just tell them that before you have the C/S. With no complications I can't imagine they won't work with you so you don't have to check out AMA.
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