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Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

THe Opthamolgist says DD needs surgery in the next few months to fix her crossed eye if she is ever to have a chance at binocular vision. She has been struggling with this and a lazy eye for about a year and a half. With glasses and patching she finally can see 20/25 in both eyes but she still crosses pretty bad. I'm really freaked out about the prospect of my 4.5 year old getting surgery. What experience have you had? Did it work? Was te child in pain?


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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

I've had it 3 times personally. I had it at 18 months, 3, and 23 years old. I (obviously) remember the 23 surgery quite well. The stitches hurt, and you aren't allowed to rub them. That was really frustrating. It felt like there was sand in my eyes for about 5 days. This time, they opened both eyes, but there was too much scar tissue in my right to be able to operate. They moved my left eye 3 mm.

It is a guess and check kind of thing. While you are under, your eyes are relaxed, so they can only guess how much to move things, which is why they usually need several surgeries to fine tune things.

I had double vision after the 3 year old surgery, which I still remember, while things settled out. It only lasted about a day. I don't remember much else about that one except wanting to dry my eyes, and they wouldn't let me. I remember that we went to my grandmas after we were released, to pick up my brother, and there were 2 of my grandma. I thought that was pretty cool.
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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

I just went thru it with my dd. I thought outpatient=no big deal for recovery. I wasn't really prepared that her recovery would be difficult. I honestly was planning on grocery shopping with her the next morning. Now that we are thru it, it wasn't *that* bad I just wasn't prepared for it. The hardest part is the no rubbing. We had to tape plastic sheilds to her face for close to week because she was constantly rubbing. The end result is fantastic though. I couldn't be happier with it.

ETA: You are welcome to PM me if you have any questions as well
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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

I had the surgery as a child at around that age. I don't remember much, but don't remember being in too much pain or unease. I just remember my eyes being gooped shut for a few days (perhaps they do it differently now). I imagine how hard it would be to send my DD to surgery, but you are a strong mama and as the Drs have said, it really is a must have surgery to protect her eyesight in the future. *hugs*
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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

ODS had eye muscle surgery on both eyes when he was almost 2.5yo. The first couple days were rough because his eyes were itchy but he wasn't supposed to rub them. Getting the antibiotic ointment into his eyes was difficult & the redness lasted a few weeks. Overall, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated and the outcome was remarkable. Prior to surgery, both eyes crossed intermittently (as in turned ALL the way in). After surgery, his eyes were aligned properly and have remained that way since. He's 6.5yo now BTW.
My 15 month old DD's left eye is crossing now, so we are doing patching every day & will be getting glasses in the next few months.
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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

We did it with when my son was 9.5 months old (he's 13 months old) and Momma, do not worry. It was very quick, he slept most of the day, and was completely fine within a week. The hardest part of the whole ordeal will be sending him with the nurses for surgery. Do not worry.. it's well worth it. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I too had this surgery when I was 3 years old.
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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

My dd1 needs this too but I'm so nervous about it.
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Re: Anyone been through strabisimus surgery with their LO

My DS had it done when he was 13 months old. It was really quick, and after the anesthesia wore off, he acted like nothing ever happened. He LOOKED terrible b/c he had a black eye, but otherwise he was back to normal pretty much right away. It may be different for an older child b/c I've heard babies go through surgery better, but it was a piece of cake for us. DS had to have his adenoids removed TWICE (they actually grew back!!) and that was much more of an ordeal for him. The surgery fixed his crossed eyes, but his vision didn't improve much. His vision has gotten worse every year since then, and he is pretty much blind without his glasses now at 13.

Good luck mama! I hope she flies through surgery and recovery without problems!
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My ds had this done in January at age 6.5. The initial recovery was tough mostly because anesthesia takes a toll on him. He was sleepy and nauseated the rest of the night. Again that was mostly because of anesthesia. The eye itself was really itchy especially when sleepy. It looked much worse than it felt. He had it done on thurs afternoon and Saturday he acted fine besides the not be able to itch.
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I had this done as a child. I was 2 and have some memory of the procedure after. I didn't want to open my eyes but was offered a popsicle once I did. Several other children were also recovering with me and apparently, I went around encouraging them to open their eyes too so they could have their Popsicles

The hardest part for me was the aftercare which consisted of several years of taping my good eye to strengthen my 'bad' eye. I have 20/10 vision now. The only issue I still have as an adult is when I am required to use my eyes individually (as in drivers vision test - part of the letters actualy just disappear at times and I have to try very hard to re-see them lol, BUT I've never failed, never had glasses). I was always told I couldn't fly a plane or qualify for the military...need had much interest so no biggie for me.
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