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The home (bathtub) birth of Rebecca Rose

Cuddling my girlies

Finally getting around to this – unfortunately it is going to be fairly broken up as this kid will just not let me sit at a computer with both hands for any length of time.

Wednesday was a normal day for us, I felt fine – we spent the day at an oeyc and played outside for awhile until daddy got home from work and we had dinner. Daddy fell asleep on the couch and Miss Brooklyn (3.5) spilled an entire glass of milk all over the inside of my fridge/freezer/floor right before I had her dad put her to bed while I was stuck on my hands and knees cleaning for quite awhile – no idea how she managed to get milk in every single crevice but she did. Part of me considered just washing the whole floor but by the time Brooklyn was asleep I gave up on that idea and watched some TV instead. Daddy then he went to band rehearsal like usual at 7. He left his phone on in case I needed to call him but we both highly doubted that we would be having a baby anytime soon. I wasn’t due until April 29th.

I was watching 16 and pregnant when Rob came home from band around 10, jokingly I said that I wanted one of those things – not realizing how soon I would have one. We ended up watching an episode of Once Upon a Time & then attempted to go to bed. During the show my lower back had started to bother me but it was just a constant annoying feeling – not like a contraction. After a couple of minutes in bed I gave up & decided to try a bath – I was having a cramp/uncomfortable feeling about every 3 minutes. I still didn’t really think anything of it, Monday I had similar feelings & eventually it went away & I was able to sleep. I decided that if it was still happening at midnight (an hour after it started) & didn’t go away even being in the tub then I might be in labour.

It didn’t stop. I woke Rob up & told him what was going on & he said ‘I think you’re in labour’ & then turned over & went back to sleep. I made him go get the midwife binder from the closet on the main floor around 1 because I couldn’t make it down the stairs without a contraction & I could only get relief from them sitting on the toilet. I then sent him back to bed as there was really nothing he could do & there was no point in both of us being exhausted.

I called my midwife around 1:30 – I felt bad waking her in the middle of the night and wasn’t really sure when I should call her. She asked if we had set up the la bassine pool yet & we hadn’t. I had no desire to be on the main floor so far away from the washroom. I went down to the main floor to try to turn on some lights and wait for her (and you know, put away clean dishes that were in the sink and clear off the counter tops?) but gave up and made my way back to the upstairs before she got here – I finally woke Rob up to have him go wait for her at the exact same time she walked in. It was just after two at this point. She thought it was funny that I woke her up before him.

She came in and talked to us for a bit before sending Rob out to her truck to bring in all of her giant medical bags. We found out that I was gbs+ and had to make a decision whether or not to start the antibiotics, and fast! We ended up deciding against it, I had just had a round of antibiotics for an ear infection. I don’t do well with needles. If my water had been broken for awhile or anything else our answer may have been different.

Around three I had my one and only cervical check of the pregnancy – I was 4 centimeters. She called the other midwife who had an almost hour drive to get to my house. About 3:15 my water broke in bed (thankfully I was laying on towels and a plastic picnic table cloth). I spent most of the time randomly wandering my bedroom and the hallway and retreating to the toilet during almost every contraction. My midwife ended up giving me a shot of gravol in the bum because I was getting so nauseous/sick feeling with every contraction. Even with the gravol I ended up getting sick a few times – having babies sure is pleasant.

According to my midwife I labour like a Mennonite – I mean, I could scream and moan and whine but that isn’t what helps me get through it – I don’t like to be touched or have people around me when I don’t feel good (hence letting Rob sleep through the first 3 hrs of it).

Rob had refilled up our tub with nice warm water so I made my way back into there just as the other midwife arrived (around 3:50 I think) – much to her displeasure as she had to pee and we only have one bathroom. The midwives went downstairs to fill out some paper work and the one that had just arrived climbed on to the couch to attempt some rest as she had figured it was going to be awhile. She had barely laid down before being called back upstairs.

I am pretty sure that I was in transition by the time I had gone back to the tub – it was definitely more intense and for the first time I actually really needed Rob there with me (I would send him off in between to look for things ie. diapers but needed him back when a contraction hit). The time between them was getting shorter – I no longer had a little break between which was disappointing, I had really come to enjoy feeling normal for 30 seconds every now and then. I tried asking them to just drown me and changed my mind about having a 2nd baby but no one would allow it – it didn’t work when I changed my mind the first time I did this either.

It wasn’t very long after that that her head was born – it was the strangest thing ever, the head came out and she was twisting it around for about two minutes under the water before any other part of her was born. We were also able to watch her kick off through my belly. Her cord was pretty short so it took a little bit for us to move it and find out that we had another baby GIRL! Rebecca Rose was born at 4:17 am on Thursday April 19th, 2012. She weighed 8lbs 10oz & was 22 inches long – though measurements and such weren’t taken for a good hour after she was born.

Thankfully there were no tears or anything, just a few ‘grazes’ as my midwife called them. Not too bad considering I went from 4-10 in about an hour & ended up pushing while on my back – something I had intentions of avoiding but it was the only way I could get mildly comfortable.

Rob’s mom had tried calling at the exact same time that I was pushing, we had told his brother to tell his mom to call when she woke up for work in the morning as she gets up around 4:30 and there was no sense in waking her beforehand. Rob tossed his phone.

The first thing he did was run to the next room and wake Brooklyn up to see her new little sister. We were all crammed in the little bathroom – two midwives, a 3.5 year old, Rob, Rebecca and I – not what we had planned but it couldn’t have turned out any more perfect.

I had decided against pitocin unless necessary to birth the placenta – different than with Brooklyn where they didn’t ask, just stabbed me with a needle as soon as the baby came out so that the doctor could get out of there as soon as possible. It took around 20-25 minutes before it came out – Becca was already nursing like a champ in the tub at this point.

We dried off a bit and headed to bed – it was sure nice to cuddle both girls in my own bed right after. I was a bit covered in blood (I had wiped my face and it was all down my legs) so the midwife suggested I have a quick shower to rinse off – apparently not the best idea for me. I felt very dizzy while in the shower and sat down so they came and helped me out of the tub/patted me dry and we tried to make it back to bed. My blood pressure dropped really low and I passed out right in the door way of my bedroom. Thankfully by the time I hit the ground I was feeling much better – though of course it had to happen on the only spot of carpet that didn’t have plastic down yet. Brooklyn was such a trooper through this all (she was there for the birth of the placenta and everything after).

I was able to spend the entire day upstairs cuddling the baby – around 10 a friend came over and took Brooklyn for the day so that the rest of us could rest, this darn baby had kept me up all night. It was definitely much more enjoyable than spending a couple of days trapped in the hospital – we cuddled, napped, nursed and watched a couple shows off of the laptop and I even sent Rob to a bar to get some Thursday night half price chicken wings & coldstone ice cream.

I had hoped that I would be having the baby late or at the very least on time but she had other plans. She was 5 days early by the ultrasound due date (the same as her sister) or 10 by the ‘official’ date we were using to avoid induction issues – based off of an irregular lmp. Rob was only able to take two days off of work so thankfully his mom and brother came for a visit to help out a bit this week. I will have both girls on my own for one week before daddy gets to spend three with us =)

My anti-home birth partner even told the midwife that he would do it again with future children – a huge step up from him complaining that I didn’t want to go to the hospital. After doing it both ways I can’t imagine ever going back to the hospital unless it is truly necessary. He has become a big advocate of the home bathtub birth at work (a few of his coworkers are planning home births and asked him about it) . He definitely liked that I changed my mind about the pool so that he didn’t have to clean the thing. There was hardly any cleanup and he was very happy when I offered to do all of the laundry if he carried it down the stairs. I was surprised that we had no stains at all despite leaving all of the laundry in a garbage bag for over 24 hours (it was mostly just wet towels).

I can’t believe that it has been a week since this happened – she is so different from my older daughter but still every bit as sweet.

Brookie meeting her sister for the first time


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Re: The home (bathtub) birth of Rebecca Rose

Congrats, mama!
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Re: The home (bathtub) birth of Rebecca Rose

Wow I enjoyed you home birth story!
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Re: The home (bathtub) birth of Rebecca Rose

I enjoyed you homebirth story My youngest was born 9/22/11 at home!
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Re: The home (bathtub) birth of Rebecca Rose

Wow. You rock, mama! Congrats.
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Re: The home (bathtub) birth of Rebecca Rose


TFS! She is gorgeous!
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