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Re: Is anyone wanting but waiting?

We are wanting but waiting. DH is at a new job and will not have benefits til mid-August. We absolutely don't want to even try til "real" health insurance is in place (state insurance right now). We also both drive vehicles that only seat 5. So buying a larger vehicle will be a MUST. It will be very doable with our tax refund, but we want to add to that down payment as much as we can too. We are also scheduled to go to Las Vegas Halloween weekend for DH's cousin's wedding and he is insistent that I NOT be pregnant for that trip. Soooo, we will start trying on that trip. It's only 4 months away at this point, so having it so close helps me a lot.

This will be the first baby that DH and I will TRY for. I will be getting my IUD out soon (prob early July) so I can start tracking my cycles before it's time. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it lol


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We want another so bad, but have to wait until the fall to TTC due to my schooling - trying to defend my PhD in June. It's really difficult for me to make the yes decision then wait. Ugh I want to try now! LOL
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DH has agreed to #4!!!! I can't believe it!! I'm so excited!!! But now we wait....I don't even have my fertility back and there is a list of things I'd like completed (so I can stay home more) until we can maybe another year I'm thinking

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This is me! It's taken a while for me to decide I want another one but we're going to try. It may be a couple years though. If it happens before that, I'd be ok with it but I think I'll enjoy a baby more once my 2 are a little older. I'm still not totally recovered from how difficult DD2 was. Lol.
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Re: Is anyone wanting but waiting?

I am wanting but DH isn't sure.
He says he's not sure if he can love another baby as much as he loves DD.
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Re: Is anyone wanting but waiting?

accidentally deleted my

And to ds gets older the wanting increases At least I got a bunch of tests so I can cross my fingers every month. I really expected the baby fever to go away for a while once I had an actual baby!
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Re: Is anyone wanting but waiting?

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
We want #4 but want a 3 year spread between DD2 and the next one. She is 15 months old, and we are going to have mirena removed in DEc and see what happens.
Yup, we want a 3 year gap between DS2 and our third also, but DS2 is only 10 months now, so that means I'm waiting for another year +! That sounded fine when he was little, but now that he's nearing a year and looking more and more like a chubby toddler every day, the baby fever is kicking in. It's going to be really hard to keep it at bay for a full year or more. sigh...
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Re: Is anyone wanting but waiting?

Right there with ya ladies, I am not allowed to have another until the Ulcerative Colitis flare is in remission. Hopefully it will be done in about 8 more weeks, these steroids are getting on my last nerve and I want to get back onto the Met and clomid to see if it works this time, I don't want to play with the big drugs until I try 3 months of Clomid
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Me! But I have a long time to go. Lol
My DD is 6 and every day I am reminded of how much she'll be an amazing big sister.
My BF and I are nowhere ready enough to take that step. We don't even live together yet.

But I still would love another one day.

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Me! My DS is 7.5mo and I am desperately wanting to try for another! I don't have maternity coverage on my health ins. Right now tho . I lost my job after DS and lost my health benefits shortly after, being forced to buy individual coverage which does NOT include maternity... Boo. So i have to wait until we can afford to add the rider or until we qualify for DH's insurance next year. It's too long!!! Lol. I just loved being pregnant so much, I want to do it again!! And again!! Lol.
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