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Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs
I've never had a c, but for whatever reason, your thread caught my attention.

I'm in VA, but not near Roanoke. I'm not really sure how I could help you. But, I think if you really want it, you shouldn't give up. I would look in for a local midwife to get a referral from or for a Bradley instructor or even call the LLL and see if they can point you in any kind of direction since they tend to be naturally minded.

I can imagine you are feeling exhausted and don't want to start the search over, but I think it would be worth your effort.

Oh and what about posting either in the main pregnancy section or in the regional section or both and see if anyone on here can recommend someone or has connections. There are tons of us VA'ers on here. Good luck!
This would be my suggestions as well.


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Re: I want to give up the fight! vent

Have you looked into the ICAN group on yahoogroup? There was no local ICAN group here for me and that's where I spent the entire pregnancy. There's a ton of GREAT women on there with TONS of great resources, women all over the country, and possibly someone who can give you some suggestions. One thing to mention, it's an email heavy group and unlike most yahoo groups, they don't archive so fair warning, use an email addy that you don't use for much else or set up a new email addy just for that and get on there and send off an SOS.

I totally understand how you feel though. I was in South Korea my entire second pregnancy. Now, I was looking at a VBAC and it was after one cesarean so not quite the battle you're facing but I came back to the US at 30 weeks. At 33 weeks, I was seeing my SECOND OB, still wasn't on insurance (actually didn't get on state insurance until the week the baby was born, thank goodness medical assistance back dates three months), still trying to get everything in place. We did at that point though he wasn't entirely on board but he felt that if he didn't get on board my next step was a midwife (and he was absolutely right because I was seeing a midwife and deciding if I was going to hire her instead and I did hire her on as a monatrice and I had my friend who I was living with on hand as a doula--husband and older daughter were both still in Korea. I totally understand that feeling of how it would have been SO much easier to schedule the repeat, especially after spending almost an entire pregnancy fighting for a VBAC but it was worth it in the end. Still, I'm not sure I can do it again because it WAS such a hard fight so I'm kind of hoping I don't get pregnant again because I don't think I don't think I can emotionally go through this all again. So I totally feel for you and totally understand why some women do just decide to go for a repeat cesarean and why some decide to go for a VBAC. There's no right or wrong answer because it really depends on the mother but it can a difficult and lonely battle which is why I really highly recommend the ICAN list in the link I posted above, they will help you. I vented, I ranted, and I raved and they helped me. They really did. I'm not on there now because my little one is almost two and birth is the last thing on my mind these days. lol (((HUGS))) Good luck!
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A lot of doulas are flexible In their pricing. I'd call and explain your situation and see if anyone is willing to work with you on price. Also you might be able to find a doula in training. Just keep calling and asking people. Don't give up.
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Re: I want to give up the fight! vent

well, first let me just say that you can do this!

But even if you can't find a VBAC friendly doctor, they can NOT make you have a c-section...if you go into labor and go to the hospital, they can not refuse care.

It's your body nd your baby! Good luck!
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Re: UPDATE 7/9 --- I want to give up the fight! vent

updated ladies. i appreciate the support!
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Re: UPDATE 7/9 --- I want to give up the fight! vent

Originally Posted by mabelino View Post

Well I guess I should've come back here a while ago to update! I'm now 4 days overdue. I have a doula and a great OB that is giving me until 42weeks to go naturally, before he wants to start induction(low dose pit was his suggestion)

Besides minor BH a few times a day...and I'm only 2cm dilated...this baby seems content being inside!

I called lots of doctors before finding one that would take me, and he's had other VBA2C's in the past. The hospital is also pretty VBAC friendly, so thats encouraging!! Thanks ladies for encouraging me to keep looking

Wanted to add some info for you. I had a VBAC in 09, and it seemed to be my longest labor. My Dr. would not induce because of the risks associated with pit and VBAC.
Now that I am working on becoming a CPM (homebirth midwife) I have learned that VBACs frequently go later and take longer because your body needs time to allow things to go smoothly.
I got very stressed when I went overdue with my son, and I was worried they would push me into a c/s. A friend referred me to an acupuncturist and it helped me relax enough to go into labor. Helped immensely. My only thought hindsight is that I wish I knew that it was ok for my labor to be longer, and I would have been calmer during labor.
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