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how does my stash look? ftm to be

i was just curious if my stash looks complete or not im running on prefolds and covers. LO is due any minute and i want to make sure i have enough to go full time

32 prefolds(blue edged)
4 newborn lite wrap covers
5 small lite wrap covers
5 medium "
5 large "
48 cloth wipes (in disposables case)
wipe spray (homemade)
2 dsq pails
5 snappies
diaper sprayer
wet bag
pail liner *in transit via amazon*
coconut oil for diaper rash (just in case?)
i also have homemade detergent(1:1:1 washing soda, borax, oxiclean)

i have 5 of each sized plastic pants that i hope i wont have to use from a lot.

i either got off craigslist or freecycle in all equaling about $150

am i missing anything?


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Re: how does my stash look? ftm to be

I'm assuming the blue edge prefolds are premium size, correct? They will be really bulky on a newborn. I'd buy either some newborn or infant size prefolds to use at first and 1 or 2 more newborn covers. Also, you might want to consider a 2nd pail liner and wet bag so you have extras for wash day.
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Re: how does my stash look? ftm to be

I second the infant diapers. Also the extra wet bag and pail liner.
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Re: how does my stash look? ftm to be

At the beginning, it would be really nice to have some smaller pfs if you can swing it. Also, another wetbag or liner so you always have one to use when the other is being washed. Otherwise, it looks like you are set! Congratulations on your new babe!
oh, and the pullon covers like dappi were my favorite over infant pf for the newborn stage!

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I agree with PPs! If possible, newborn or small pfs will be less bulky in the beginning. I use pfs and covers and love them! Congrats on your LO!
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Re: how does my stash look? ftm to be

thak you well so far i have gotten everything for free or for a very cheap lot price so i think i might be able to manage a small stash of nb prefolds. in all honesty i think i might just use a trash bag when the liner is washing, but ill get another wet bag for sure until then prolly have to use a zip lock. we do have a pack of sposies just in case though. thanks everyone for reassuring me
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I agree to have one more wet bag for the diaper pail and also at least 2 travel size wet bags. Good luck
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Re: how does my stash look? ftm to be

Again like everyone else said. Definitely an extra pail liner. I'm running on just 1 right now, and it is such a pain in the butt! 1 Wetbag is fine for me cause i'm a SAHM and rarely go anywhere. But if you are on the go or plan to go back to work, you will need 2. And you will need newborn prefolds and infant prefolds. The ones you have now will go clear to the baby's armpits haha. And you need the NB ones to protect and keep the cord stump clean and dry. If I were you though, I would invest in just a few "easy diapers" Like some pockets or AIO's for when you are out and about. They are much trimmer than Prefolds and will look better under clothes. If you buy them off here, they aren't expensive. And honestly in my opinion a diaper sprayer isn't necessary until you start solids. I have a 3 month old and a 23 month old. I spray my Toddlers diapers, but just toss my infant's in the wash, and they come clean with little to no stains. The little stains I do get, sun right out in a couple hours. I gave up on CDing my son cause all I had was prefolds, but with my daughter I bought 6 small BG AIO's and I fell in love, so I bought more and more. Now I have a stash of 57 "Easy Diapers" and my Original 8 Econobum Covers, 24 Infant Prefolds and 24 Regular Prefolds. I also have a pail liner, wet bag, 2 Toddler Snappi's 5 infant Snappi's and Honey Chunks. I have just over $400 into my whole stash for TWO kids. I just found prfolds to be very bulky and I couldn't even wear clothes on them. Pockets and AIO's are much trimmer, so even though they are more expensive, you are still saving a TON of money by using them.
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Sized prefolds can be really trim. For me they are trimmer than any other diaper we own!

Two pail liners, for sure! I tried to make it with one... ugh!
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I agree with getting newborn prefolds. I remember even thinking newborn prefolds looked gigantic on my dd and she was almost 7lbs. Blue-edges will be gigantic. I'd pick up 6-12 pockets or something like that. If you don't want to invest a lot then get some Alva's, Sunbabys, or Kawaii.
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