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Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

So the more I learn about being Crunchy, the less I think I am. I mean, I LOVE cloth diapering, and I want to make my own baby food one of these days and I'm always trying to look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle...but I think that's about it. I want to save the environment, but that's not what I understand "Crunchy" to mean.

I don't practice Attachment Parenting, I only baby wear when I'm going on walks, my daughter sleeps in her own crib in her own room, I don't think circumcision is child abuse (albeit I only have a daughter--no sons), I really liked having an epidural, and while I wanted to exclusively breast feed, I never made enough milk (and yes, yes, YES, I tried EVERYTHING) and so I supplement with formula whenever I need to after nursing. (And I don't think it's bad for other Mom's if they choose not to breastfeed.) So is there a place in the cloth diapering community for a silky Mama? Or should I pack up my toys and go home? I feel like in order to cloth diaper your child, you have to have all these other beliefs, too. Does anyone else feel like this? I feel really lonely in the cloth diapering world...


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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

I'm crunchy but I can assure you that there are plenty of non crunchy mamas on here and in fact there are even several mamas on here that don't even cloth diaper so you should not feel out of place!
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I also only baby wear when out of the house and loved my epidural. I tried a natural birth with the first and after 27 hour of hard labor I caved, still went another 13 hours after that. With the second and third I welcomed it a little earlier. We did also choose to circumcise our son. We cloth diaper for cost and health. I think we actually practice attachment parenting for the most part but not because we tried. I hadn't even heard of it until long after we made our choices of cosleeping and more. It was just what came natural for us.

I think it's sad that people are made to feel they have to do such and such to be a good parent. I think no matter what your choices are if you are doing what you believe is best and it works for your family then no label or category should matter.

As for is there a place, I believe yes. I think people can share in one common area and still respect other peoples different choices in other areas. Actually I believe people can get along even if they don't share commonalities in any area.
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

Being "crunchy" and Attachment Parenting are two different things. I consider myself to be very very crunchy (environmentally responsible, always repurposing/recycling, making food from scratch, and uber-thrifty/minimalist) but not AP. I co-nap with my 4-yr-old but my kids sleep in their own rooms from birth, I wear my babies maybe once a week at most, we use cloth diapers but also circumsize our boys, I exclusively breastfeed and make my own babyfood, but got epidurals for my labors. We all do what is best for our own families

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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

haha! u blend right in girl! i use a double or single stroller (depends where im going) i dont babywear or breastfeed. i formula feed. im very much into cloth diapering & ERF untill i no longer can w/ my kids. i got epidurals for all my labors. all my boys r circumsize. my kids sleep in ther own room @ 1 1/2. there in a crib/pack-n-play in r room till then. see u fit right in
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

You'll fit in fine here mama. Some of us feel/do just like you do, we just don't feel the need to advertise or label ourselves in our siggy's.
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Another non-crunchy mama checking in! I actually think it's important to show that you can cloth diaper without doing every other crunchy thing I started CDing only to save money. Now I really enjoy it, and have shopped too much to save money with DD, but like I tell my DH, any way to make changing diapers more enjoyable is worth it in my book! Anyway, no one should feel like they have to be any certain type of parent in order to cloth diaper

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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

I am far from crunchy. As my siggie suggests, I hate labels anyway. Labeling yourself as "crunch" or as practicing "attachment parenting" or whatever, well that's just a way to box yourself in and make yourself feel guilty for coloring outside the lines so to speak.

Do I use cloth dipes? Sure, they are less expensive over the long haul.

Do I breastfeed? Sure, it's also cheaper. I have also formula fed when that worked better for us.

I am getting ready to put up a clothesline...also saves me money.

I spank and use other punishments when my goal is to get my kids to do what I say. I believe that sometimes obedience IS more important than understanding the "whys." I also provide natural or logical consequences when my goal is not obedience, because it doesn't always or even usually need to be.

I room share, I do not bedshare, and I have VERY STRONG opinions about the safety of bedsharing. But baby right next to my bed, where I can reach out and touch her, I prefer it.

I have used CIO and when I feel it's appropriate, I will again.

I don't choose organic foods because I think the label is a scam and I don't think organic is really that much better for me, my family or the environment. I don't believe the extreme cost difference is worth whatever minimal benefit might be there. However, I absolutely garden and do so "organically" because again....cheaper that way (notice a theme there?)

I totally do babywear, when they are younger, but it's not out of any sort of philosophy about it being better for baby or anything. When my 3 yr old was 8 months old, I went garage sale-ing with my mom, for 8 hrs. I brought the stroller but for the most part, we were getting out in areas where it wasn't practical to get the stroller out. Carrying an 8 month old to walk to through 3 different sales was not my idea of a good time, I happened to have remembered to bring my ring sling, and it was a LIFESAVER...or rather arm saver in particular. That's what hooked me...convenience. And now, I make my own...not for any other reason other than that's the least expensive way to do it.

So, while I practice lots of AP or crunchy's not out of any belief in a particular philosophy of raising kids, or protecting the environment, etc etc. It's cause I am cheap and lazy lol
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

I don't think there are rules. It really doesn't matter. It's a cloth diapering board so that would be the only thing I would necessarily expect to have in common with people here. - kwim?

I cloth diaper, reuse and recycle because I'm cheap and hate waste. I breastfeed also because I'm cheap. If formula were free I probably would have done that! I don't practice any particular form of parenting, and think that no matter what i do, my girls will think it was all awful and dangerous or pointless by the time they are raising their own children!
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Mama, you are not out of place. Just be you.
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