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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

Originally Posted by SheriJay View Post
I don't practice Attachment Parenting, I only baby wear when I'm going on walks, my daughter sleeps in her own crib in her own room, I don't think circumcision is child abuse (albeit I only have a daughter--no sons), I really liked having an epidural, and while I wanted to exclusively breast feed, I never made enough milk (and yes, yes, YES, I tried EVERYTHING) and so I supplement with formula whenever I need to after nursing. (And I don't think it's bad for other Mom's if they choose not to breastfeed.) So is there a place in the cloth diapering community for a silky Mama? Or should I pack up my toys and go home? I feel like in order to cloth diaper your child, you have to have all these other beliefs, too. Does anyone else feel like this? I feel really lonely in the cloth diapering world...

I feel the same way. Circumcision doesn't bother me. (I don't have a boy) Formula feeding doesn't bother me. I had an epidural, and my child slept alone in her crib in the other room.

My house is full of plastic toys. I watch too much tv, and I have two video game consoles.


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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

haha love the term "Silky" From my experience there are all kinds of mamas here and even crunchy mamas vary in their beliefs. just be you its all good!
- mama to Ray Olivia and Jack
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

I think you'll find a nice mix of mamas here. From my experience, I think the more extreme AP/Crunchy mamas are more outspoken about it so it makes it seem like they are the majority.

I don't really feel like I fall under any labels and I don't follow any methods of parenting religously. I'm learning as I go and my only real compass is the Bible. I cloth diaper, but will gladly use disposables when traveling or going through a busy time. I use mama cloth/diva cup and unpaper towels, but we don't recycle. I have a couple different baby carriers, but only use them when they make more sense than a stroller or DD is sleepy and needs held while we are out and about. I'm not a fan of purposeful cosleeping, and have never been able to relax with an infant in the bed. However, DS does crawl into bed with us around 4am pretty much every night and I love the snuggle time. I formula fed both of my kids from pretty early on. Yes I could have stuck it out and breastfed, but I chose to formula feed and I don't need to justify that to anyone. I hated my epidural with DS and loved my natural birth with DD. I'm not into homebirth though! I'm not an intactivist but I'm definitely for keeping boys intact. We love gentle discipline and redirection, but will spank and do time out if needed.

So yeah, I'm definitely a mix of things! You gotta do what works for your family.
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

honestly, I think I prefer 'silky' mommas

It's like when I was trying to explain to someone that being green was not the same as being cheap. Being green means purchasing things with sustainable possibilities, instead of the cheapest you can find now. Even thrifty doesn't mean to buy cheap crap - it's try to buy something that will last over time that you don't have to replace and spend more money on.

so, I don't think that cloth diapering means that you have to subscribe to a ton of other ideologies. I think cloth diapering means you want to use cloth diapers.

and that's enough.
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No one is going to follow one type of parenting exactly as you should. Even the crunchiest of my friends does at least one thing that's totally uncrunchy. Anywho, I just opened this to find out what the heck a silky mom was since I had never heard it put that way. I've heard the term "soggy" which is where a mama does some crunchy stuff. Id say there are way more soggy mamas here than crunchy.
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There are all kinds here! I cloth diapered my two (ds1 for his 1st year; ds2 for a few months) but I BF, babywear, cosleep and once in awhile do CIO when I need a second... Because my boys are pretty awful sleepers!
mama to three sweet, rough & tumble boys who always keep me on my feet:
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How often does one have to wear baby to be a "baby wearer "? Real question
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

To be honest I really don't even know what Attachment Parenting is. I had to look it up and still don't understand it. :S
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

It's funny, I totally understand how you feel. I started cloth diapering totally oblivious to this other world but I've learned SO much. Mostly, I've learned a lot about what I think about things, rather than just doing things blindly. This is where I am at the moment

- breastfeeding is best, so I'll do it as much/as long as I can
- babywearing is convenient, easy with the right carrier, and helps a LOT with sick/teething babies
- cosleeping is not for me, but I like the baby in the room until we figure out a night schedule
- it's cheaper to reduce/reuse/recycle and I like doing my small bit to help
- cloth diapering is FUN, even if it's not really cheaper (for me) and it's a lot better for my baby's rash issues, the environment, and health in general
- I like trying to eat as "close to the ground" as possible most of the time, but there's a time and a place for convenience and fast foods

Don't feel out of place - we're all different, trying to do the best for our families the best we can.

I hope you learn a lot here, and make some friends. It's SO nice to have a community, even if it's "cyber" - we are all real people who do care about each other (for the most part). We're all people - with our strengths, weaknesses, wise moments and foolish ones, tendencies and personalities - but mostly, we just all love our kids, and since you do too - see, you fit right in!
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Re: Silky Cloth Diapering Mom?

i really wouldn't worry, i think most people here do more of a mixture of different things that work for them and don't adhere strictly to one school of thought or another. i'm not really interested in boxing myself in with a particular label. in many ways, yea, i guess i am kinda crunchy. but in other ways, i'm really not.

i did start cd'ing because i thought it was better for the environment, but i also do it because it's cheap, and really, just dang fun. we don't circumcise, and i wish it wasn't so common, but i'm not militant about it. people make their own decisions that they think are best. i did bf my son, and will bf this new baby. i love it, and do feel it's the best for my baby, just because i am also very crunchy in that i prefer food as close to "nature" as possible, and cook mostly from scratch, including making my own bread and stuff (although i'm not 100% strict on that, it's just my ideal, i did have taco bell for lunch yesterday., ds loves mcdonald's french fries *gasp*) but i also woh full time, and that's probably not going to change. and i've never been able to pump enough, so my babies get formula from very early on, pretty much as soon as i go back to work. just because breastmilk is my preference, there's nothing wrong with formula, good thing it's there or my baby would be pretty hungry without me!

i do love babywearing, but i also use a stroller and i don't wear my baby 24/7. i'm not really in to cosleeping, although i'm not really against it. sometimes my son slept with us, we couldn't get him to sleep otherwise! and he still crawls in our bed many nights. but he had his own bed in our room for the first few months, and mostly slept there (it's just easier for me with a newborn and all the night waking). and then moved into his own room at 3 months old or so. we'll do the same for this baby. we spank when necessary, and don't feel bad about it. but we do other things too for discipline. i did LOVE my natural birth center birth with ds, and plan a homebirth this time around. but, we choose to do things like the vitamin K shot, etc, and we vaccinate on schedule, with no particular plans to change that.

parenting NEVER has to be 100% one way or another. we all just do what we feel is best for our child, and i really believe it's the rare person who has the right combo of parent and child personalities to make 1 single school of thought work for them without some adjusting. you are definitely welcome here no matter what

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