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Re: Children watching the delivery?

My son was almost nine when he watched his brother come into the world. We asked him what he wanted to do when I was having the baby and he said he wanted to be there. I did have a hospital birth with an epidural though so it was different then what your planning. However, my labor started with my water breaking at home and then intense contractions 2 minutes apart shortly after that so he saw me labor. He and my husband took turns wetting washcloths for me to put on my neck until the epi kicked in. I asked him later what he thought of the whole thing and he said, "It was pretty gross but pretty cool."

The hospital wouldn't allow kids in the room when DS3 was born so #1 watched #2 in the waiting room while I pushed! I wish they could have been there. You know your kids best if you want them there and they want to be there then absolutely go for it.


Angie, mom to beautiful boys A (5/01), H (3/10) and B (12/11). All children deserve to be vaccinated, it could save their lives!

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I don't ave any experience with this but I say go for it if you're comfortable. I think it would be a great experience for a kid to see their sibling be born. I think my DD would love it. She has always wanted to be a doctor ad s fascinated by medical and baby stuff. I don't think let will let her in the OR with me to deliver my twins though.
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My oldest was there (then 7) when DS3 was born. He cut the cord and says it gives him a special connection to his brother.

My oldest two (then 9 and 6) were there when DS4 was born, and DS2 cut the cord. He says it's one of the greatest moments of his life.

We talked about what it would be like a lot beforehand. We watched videos on YouTube. My advice is to have someone there just for them that will not mind missing the birth should any of them need to leave.

We are newly pregnant with #5 (undoubtedly our fifth son, lol) and at least the oldest 3 will be there. I love that they'll be there when our family is growing. I also hope that when they get to 8th grade and they show that scary childbirth video in sex Ed to discourage having sex that they'll be brave enough to say, "Birth doesn't have to be that way!"

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My 15 year old just watched her sister being born. She thought it very cool and extremely gross. She also told me to not expect grandchildren . Lol. I wouldn't have a child much younger watching my births. I do lots of yelling . I am a big baby with pain but go natural. It's fast but loud.
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Re: Children watching the delivery?

My kids are close to the same age and my DH and I have been going back and forth over this topic for awile now. I'd love for them to be there but DH is worried about how they might react to seeing me in so much pain!
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Re: Children watching the delivery?

My oldeat has been present with the birth of both of his brothers. While I would love for my middle one to be there this time, I think it is just going to be my husband and I this time since I am planning on going natural. My middle son is quite the birth junkie and loves everything about it, though. (he is 8).
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Re: Children watching the delivery?

My girls were 2.5 and 4.5 when their brother was born, and they were certainly NOT traumatized!

I did prep them with lots and lots of natural birth youtube videos, so they knew what would happen. At one point during pushing I remember worrying what my littlest was thinking, then glanced over to see her looking between my legs with the BIGGEST smile on her face-- she didn't care about me, she was SO excited to see her brother come out!

My oldest still remembers, and I think that's a pretty awesome memory to have. This time my kids will be 7, 5, and almost 3, and they'll definitely be watching again.

Last time we had a movie on for them, and just had them come in when I was pushing. I think I'll do the same this time, though I have a feeling my oldest will want to be there for the labor too. I'm pretty calm and quiet during labor and delivery, but if you're not I would just make sure the kids know what's going to happen. If they know that Mommy might yell, or scream, or cry, then they can be prepared. I told my kids about the blood too, that there might be quite a bit, but that it was just extra blood to cushion the baby that I wouldn't need anymore, and it didn't mean Mommy was hurt.

The entire homebirth, especially having my little girls there (and DH, my mom, my dad, my sister, and my sisters-in-law lol), was the best experience of my life.
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Re: Children watching the delivery?

I have had several of ours at my births, UC's. It was a lovely experience for them.
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Re: Children watching the delivery?

Thanks for all of the great input. We've decided to do it!

We'll have a care taker there for the kiddos so they can be watched in the waiting room, playing or watching a video while I'm laboring. Then we'll let them come in when it's time to push. If they WANT to be in there earlier, that's ok, we'll let them.

I've already told them that mom might yell or cry, and that's ok because pushing a baby out hurts. I'm going to have them watch some YouTube videos of natural births to prepare them.

Thanks again for all of the great suggestions, stories and input!

God bless!
Christian wife to my hubby, mamma to three little men and a little lady!

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Re: Children watching the delivery?

I had a dear friend over to watch my kiddos and they did get to witness the birth. Well, they got into the room just as I was lifting the baby out of the water. It went really well and I was so pleased to have them there. <3 My kids are 4, 8. 10, and 11. The only real issues that I would warn you about . . . when I stood up from the water I had a fairly large gush of blood, which looked quite dramatic and probably a lot bigger than it was because I was in water. It freaked out my 4 year old. It was all ok because there were lots of people there to calm her down and explain the situation, but I didn't like the fear in her eyes and if I had it to do over again I would prepare her more for the blood part of birth. The other issue was that things got a little chaotic right after the birth with everyone wanting to see him and be near me, and then when our babysitter tried to take them out of our way my four year old got very upset. So if I did it again I would prepare all of them by planning in advance for them to hang out for half an hour - 45 minutes and then clear out so that we can take care of all of the afterbirth kind of things. I think with preparation it would have been a lot easier on her.
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