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Red face Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

*sigh* Here we go again. I have a strong history of having a LOT of Braxton Hicks contractions starting early on. My last 2 pregnancies were both twin pregnancies. BH's are very common starting early in twin pregnancies. I had a ton with both, but it was seriously extreme with my last set of twins. I was basically in early labor for about 2 months before I actually delivered. They were constant especially with ANY activity. Calling if I had 6 in an hour was a joke. At 32wks, I did go into real labor (probably due to a stomach virus) and I was 3cms dilated. They were able to sort of stop it. My contractions never stopped. I had them every 10 minutes or more continuously till the day I delivered. They were strong causing me to stop and often breath through them and frequently waking me at night. At 33wks, I was 4cms. At 34wks, I was 5cms. I was put on hospital bedrest. The nurses were all surprised by how strong and constant my contractions were. I was released at 35wks with everyone assuming I'd be back to deliver within a day or two. Nope, at 36wks, they broke my water because of other complications. That was all it took to get me really going and the babies were born 5 hrs later.

I'm 19wks. This time with a single baby. I've been having braxton hicks for a few days now. At first, I wasn't totally sure that was it and it only happened a couple times the first day or two. But yesterday, they were more frequent and I knew it was definitely them. I had a decent number of them yesterday, several in a row in the evening.

I'm not really worried because I know this is how my body is. But, I was REALLY hoping that since it's just one baby I wouldn't get them like before. I'm still hoping, but now I'm not so sure.

Can anyone commiserate? Anyone have crazy braxton hicks contractions long before delivering and constantly? I'm really dreading going through it again.

ETA - If they pick up more than yesterday, I'm going to call and go in for a quick check just to make sure everything is okay. But, I'm VERY familiar with BH's and my body. I've never not thought I was in labor when I wasn't nor have I not thought I was in labor when I actually was, not even with my first. But, I feel like 19wks is early with only 1 baby. So, I'll definitely let them know at my next appt (which is in 2.5wks) and go in if it picks up at all.


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Re: Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

I did, with my last two pregnancies. I hate to tell you this but I did deliver both of them early. One at 33 weeks, 1 day, the other at 33 weeks, 5 days.

I'm sorry that you are going through this. Definitely speak with your doctor about it.
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I don't know if you remember but I had regular contractions at exactly 20 weeks with this pregnancy. I had them all day long. Then they stopped. I went to the Dr and nothing had changed. I have no idea what caused it.
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Re: Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

I had DD at 38 weeks. At 30 weeks I went into preterm labor which they stopped with the darn shot I did not want, but had no option as it was so early. From then until I delivered I had hours a day of labor, bad enough I did not know the day I delivered it was active labor. I drove myself to the hospital crying about the pain. I started with bh at around 19 weeks too and had hours of it.
With this pregnancy (26 weeks now, only my second pregnancy) It started by 15 weeks. I drink 13 glasses of water a day to keep myself hydrated and keep them away. If I am on my feet a lot it is much worse. Some days they go on for hours, other days I only have 10 or so the whole day spread out. Since I never have dilated they are not worried and I have no other signs of labor coming on and they are not regular like with the preterm labor where I could count them. They do suck the fun out of a lot of days. I can really tell the difference between preterm labor and bh and the dr was not concerned about the bh in either pregnancy but the preterm where you get a real contraction they were.
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Re: Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

I had braxton hicks on and off throughout the day from about 16-17 weeks with my second and 14 weeks with my 3rd.

The 6 in an hour thing was just silly, I would have been calling daily. What I watched for was if they got regular (they often did) and stronger, and wouldn't go away or start to fade within 2 hours. I only had to go in to have them stopped once, the other times I could rest and drink lots of water and at least get them to slow down.

My 2nd was born at 36w 4d, and my 3rd at 37w. Neither one of them had any complications at all.

I sort of put myself on pelvic rest around 30 weeks, because that's when things really started to pick up and get hard to stop. My dr never seemed concerned, but it was annoy to me to have to go to L&D to have them stopped, or literally sit and do nothing for hours to try and get them to calm down.
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Re: Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

I can definitely commiserate.
I don't remember them much with my first, but with my second I got them regularly starting around 30 weeks (like, every 5 minutes for hours some days) but they never progressed and I was induced at 40 weeks.
With my third I got them a TON starting around 25 weeks. By 35 it had progressed to near-constant prodromal labor and I had so many labor fake-outs that I stopped counting. I ended up having him at 38.5 weeks after only 90 minutes (first painful contraction to baby-in-arms) so I guess it was all doing something.
Now with this one I've been getting regular BHs since about 18 weeks. It's constant when I'm active, but sometimes when I'm just sitting too. I know now that the only thing that means anything for me is if they get progressively more intense, so unless that happens I won't worry. I could never go by the "more than 6 in an hour" rule either or I'd be at the hospital every day. It's a little annoying knowing that I'm going to have to deal with them for the next 14ish weeks, and most likely prodromal labor again too... but I'm hoping it at least means another lightning-fast labor and delivery.
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With my first, they started around 22 weeks. I was often at work on my feet for 18 hours a day, so I was shocked when I started getting them with my second at only 15 weeks. I was (still am) a SAHM on my bum most of the day (2nd trimester energy burst, my bum! Lol), so I didn think they'd start early again, and definitely at least not earlier. And they were strong, take-your-breath-away ones. But, I didn't go into labor until 38 weeks. Most mamas I know who have early and strong BH like me don't end up in early labor
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Re: Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

yes I have a history of contracting having a lot of BH....My first came early for no apparent reason(water leaked at 33 weeks kept leaking was induced at 34) and my 2nd and 3rd...both I started contracting regularly(3-5 minutes apart) at 28-30 weeks...This one I am now 19 w 4 days and I have been experiencing contractions/painful BH since 16 weeks noone knows why or what causes it, i just had to take it easy..stay off my feet for long periods, drink a lot of water and get 17p shots weekly.. It sucks!
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Re: Braxton Hicks already at 19wks

with my first i hardly had them at all...was induced...second i started getting them around 20 weeks..delivered at 37 weeks...this time i started getting them at 12 weeks!!! been having them ever sense and am 30 weeks...we shall see if this one lasts 39 or not (scheduled cs)
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