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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
she was head down today at my appt
Hooray! That's awesome!

Originally Posted by momomom View Post
My baby is vertex- woohoo! My only vertex baby! All the other 3 were constantly wanting to be either breech or transverse.

Never lose hope! A dear friend of mine had a vertex baby till 39+6, when baby just popped his head out of her pelvis and flipped around. And it hasppens the other way too. So don't worry. I used moxibustion with all three, plus chiropractic care and such. They all came out head first .
That is great news, mama! I have my u/s on Wed. I will be doing Moxibustion at home if she's still breech. I have been having low hiccups but I have a big round thing to the right of my belly button - I can't imagine it's anything but babe's head.


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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

A friend's baby didn't get his head down until she was actually in labor. He was all over the place before that. But he got his head in place and came out just fine.

I'm at 28 weeks and baby was head-down at my 28 week appt a few days ago, but I feel like baby's moved around a lot since then so not sure if that's still the case.

Good luck!
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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

I had an appointment on Friday and the baby was head down... hoping he or she stays that way!

Fingers crossed for those of you still waiting for babies to turn.
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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

I'm not worried either way... truthfully it never even occurred to me to think about it until I read this thread! My OB never even mentions about the position of the baby. Should I ask her? I am now 30 wks 4 days and my next appnt is not for another 2.5 weeks. Does it really matter to know?
By my last baby she was actually not head down, not sure how exactly, during my labor- but the OB helped me out with different exercises and the baby turned within 10-15 minutes and then was born a few minutes later!
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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Just saying sorry for that triple post!!!

BTW, my baby flipped breech on Sunday after 3 stressful things happened- 1, a doula palpated my belly and caused a uterine spasm because she sucked at it, then I pulled a muscle swimming, then I spent 8 hours packing on Sunday.

Today I woke up with a head above my belly button, like NO QUESTION! I did some inversions, pelvic tilts, and then 1/2 hour of yoga. Then on hands and knees, I had my oldest get down at the bottom of my belly and talk really sweetly and ask her to put her head back down there.

Then I drove ds 1 hour to and from dance camp, then took a nap on my left side and when I woke up, head was back down, and much deeper in the pelvis than b4. Phew. But she is still moving a LOT more than usual, so I will try to do 1/2 hour yoga 2x per day with lots of hands and knees crawling. I was crying all morning, so I do feel your pain, mama. I will pray and hope your baby flips!!!
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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Baby was head down today at my 28 week appt. Well see how many more times it flips!
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My midwives and I cannot tell which way baby is! They say I have really strong ab muscles (which is seriously laughable if you really knew me!) but it makes it hard to find the top of my pubic bone, top of fundus and feel baby. So far 3 MW, a student midwife and two other nurses have had a hard time. Appt next week (29 weeks) they'll try again.

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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Mo, why was the doula palpating your abdomen? Be careful with who you let touch your belly. . I have never caused a uterine spasm while doing leopold's on a pregnant mama- she must have not known what she was doing.

How is your muscle feeling today?

I am fairly certain my baby is vertex. I have numb skin around my ribs from what I believe is a foot that likes to hang out there. Same as my first kiddo. Just praying that this is not an indication of personality. God bless my first child, but I can only handle one of him.
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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

I watched this kid go head up-head down 3 separate times at a high level ultrasound a few weeks ago. It was crazy. Sometimes it feels like it's just spinning around and around. I never had a "flipper" with my girls. I would guess head down right now. Who knows in 5 minutes, though.
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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Just wanted to drop in and say I had a 4D ultrasound at 30 weeks and he is vertex!! I was sooooo happy to see that! I don't think he's flipped since then because they showed me how he was laying and it finally all made sense, lol!

OP, how'd your u/s go?
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