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Questions about my first miscarriage.

I'm looking for some input from others who have btdt.

I just had my first miscarriage. I was 6 weeks. I went in for an ultrasound last Monday and the baby was doing well with a good heartbeat. Then on Friday I went for another ultrasound due to increased bleeding and the baby and sac were already gone. I think I lost the placenta a couple days ago (it was a gray blob nearly the size of a golf ball). What else needs to clear out? The doctor gave me something to help cramp up and some antibiotics. Then I told him I am still nursing my 18 month old and he said that maybe I wouldn't need the medications in that case. I have held off taking them thus far. So I am wondering how I can know if everything is clearing out sufficiently or if I need to take the meds? I go back for another ultrasound on Thursday to see if it's all clear. But if it's not then I think he'll insist on a D&C and I am hoping to avoid that. I am still bleeding. What are the odds that it is all out or will be all out naturally by Thursday? Or should I really take the meds?

Also, he said he thinks that breastfeeding increases the chances of miscarriage. Is that really true? I have had two other successful pregnancies where I nursed through the first trimester. He said to "be done with the breastfeeding" before getting pregnant again. I don't really like that idea because I'd either have to wean the baby or wait a while and I don't want to do either one of those things.



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Re: Questions about my first miscarriage.

Breastfeeding does not increase the chance of miscarriage.there is simply no evidence to support that. The oxytocin recptors in your uterus that cause contractions are not active until your pregnancy is term in the majority of women so nipple stimulation ie breastfeeding is totally safe.
From personal experience, especially if you have already passed a largish clot (you mentioned you think it was the placenta), I think you will be clear by Thursday. So sorry for your loss and healing thoughts your way.
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Re: Questions about my first miscarriage.

I had a miscarriage in the middle of April (my first as well), and I was a few days shy of 6 weeks. I started bleeding, and bled for a week. The first three days was the worst... pretty heavy bleeding and cramping. I passed some decent sized clots. From what my doctor said, if you stop bleeding, and then start again, you should worry. If you start having BAD pain, you should go in, or a fever. Fever is a sign of infection. You should also go back in and be seen if you're filling a pad (or more) in an hour. I'm on CD 41 after my miscarriage, and no period yet. I wouldn't expect that to come back for awhile if I were you, but everyone is different.

I've never heard of breastfeeding CAUSING a miscarriage. I know that it can trigger preterm labor because of it causing uterine contractions, but that's it. I wouldn't blame yourself for this, mama. Do what you feel is right, and best for your body. Sorry for your loss.
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Re: Questions about my first miscarriage.

My m/c was at 12 weeks so it was WAY different, however, I passed several golf ball or fist size pieces. One was the baby and part of the placenta and the rest were blood clots and / or placenta. I am sharing this with you because you might experience another couple larger pieces. As long as you do not get a high temp. (infection) or experience intense bleeding of a pad every 30 min. or you cannot get off the potty (hemorrhaging) then you are fine and do not need to get a D&C. Avoid baths and sex until you stop bleeding for a few days.
I am so sorry mama, when you are ready to TTC again I have a support group going on the TTC forum specifically for women who just experienced a m/c. It's named, "TTC after a Loss".
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Re: Questions about my first miscarriage.

So sorry about your loss, mama.

For mine (one was close to 6w, the others were less) it was a lot like a very heavy period (with the caveat that my periods are usually quite heavy, so my measuring stick is skewed) - I agree with others that if you're not showing a fever or other symptoms of infection/hemorrhage, you're probably okay (physically).

I have never heard the BF/MC connection before, and I've known a lot of BF'ing TTC mamas. I think your doctor was just looking for something to blame it on and picked the most insensitive thing possible. Go with your gut/heart.
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First of all, breastfeeding most definitely does not cause miscarriages and the fact that the DR said "he thinks" that is the case makes me mad for you! I nursed my son until I was about 20 weeks with my second and never had any issues.

I just miscarried 2 weeks ago. I had basically just medium bleeding and very little cramping. I did however pass a blob of tissue that was later confirmed to be all of the "conception material". (I had fished it out of the toilet.) anyway, I was 7 1/2 weeks. I imagine you will be finished soon and I agree with the others if you have no pain, stop and start of bleeding, fever etc, you should be fine.

I'm so sorry for your loss! It is the suckiest thing in the world to go thru!

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Re: Questions about my first miscarriage.

I just hada mc, i should have been about 10 weeks but onlymeasured about heartbeat was confirmed may 7, i mc on may 13 .. i had a u/s on thursday and bloowork said i still had something still in there and hormone # was 500....tuesday the following week bloodwork was 84, i went back yesterday and i am waiting for results,theyneed to be under 5. Maybe take a pregnancy test, if it comes up positive still then your body still thinks it is pregnant and something might still be in there. If it is negative then you might be ok to not taking the meds
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