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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Well, but onto IVF is another step too.


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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
Oh Jennifer- that does not sound like a very fun appointment with the oncologist, though none of them are... Hopefully the lymph nodes are just from your cold. I will be thinking of you tomorrow- I know how worrisome it can be. Hoping you just keep getting excellent news all around- you definitely deserve it!

Susan- I third the totally normal. Hope you can just relax tonight and feel that those little ones are snuggling in for the long run.

Ingrid- 8 sounds wonderful! Will be thinking of you and hoping they all do well!

Carissa- That is very hopeful!!! Is your husband doing the trigger for you? 12am- jeesh what a time for a shot! Do you have any Instead cups? I would use one tonight if you can!
No my DH didn't do the Trigger for me! I did it myself! I had to do insulin shots with DS so it was nothing more than that to me!! No I don't have an Instead Cup so needless to say I didn't use that last noc but we did DTD and then I triggered...FX for friday and the IUI to go well!!
Carissa~ Married to my Bestfriend and Soulmate Scott and Mommy to Aiden (04/10/08) TTC #2 after the loss of Blighted Ovum and Ectopic on Rt Ovary(10/25/12) and Blighted Ovum (07/28/13)
planning to and #2
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Thanks Sarah.

Sounds good Carissa! Great work!
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Susan!!!!! that looks so much darker in my opinion! Praying for a sticky one for you girl. So hard to not be anxious and over analyze everything but praying for grace and peace for you!!

so all you other depot lupron/endometriosis ladies.... I have been cramping since Sunday.... but no period!! I am a little nervous with all the cramping and no AF that things are still a mess down there. pooey. I took a test and it was obviously negative but now I am wondering if this is just all the estrogen building back up in my system or if I am trying to get my period or what. I keep thinking with all the cramping it will be here any second but as of now.... nothing. And we go on our anniversary trip/getaway next week... hope it doesn't wait until then. ha just my luck.

Any way I will probably be checking in more now that I hope we can start trying again.... I saw "what to expect when your expecting last night".... cried through the whole thing!!!


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Lost child: early losses 7/2011 & 11/2007
Diagnosis: Stage four endometriosis
Treatment and meds: Just had endo surgery in Jan and finished three rounds of depot lupron. Now waiting for AF. After that Femera 5mg, HCG trigger, and progesterone after O and decadron.
Next Appointment: Will be a follie scan CD 12 once I start AF again.
TTC: Since Francy was a baby.... more than 2.5 years
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Yes I am on bcps. I go for a mock transfer on the 12th. Not sure when I start stims.
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Liesl: I hope AF shows soon so you can get this show on the road!

Rebecca: I'm sorry about AF! But I am SO excited for you to start your cycle!!! Do you know what your protocol is? When do you expect retreival?

Mama to DD (1/09) and DD (9/12)
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Rebecca- Hugs, good luck on the next step.

Liesl-That is normal. I cramped like that for several weeks coming off the Lupron. I thought every day AF was coming and it took somewhere between 4-6 weeks to actually get it. But I was also on a six month round of it, so it was longer than yours.

AFM, still waiting. Tests are all negative, but AF is now late which is totally out of the ordinary for me. I am usually a 28 day on the button girl. Even when I don't O I still have a very regular cycle, I just for some odd reason don't release the egg. Anyway, so nothing new, just waiting as always. Dh agreed that if we still have nothing by the end of summer we'll move on to the next step. He's been dragging his feet, but come on, we're on cycle 38 (minus the 7 months on lupron so 31 I guess-but that was an unplanned inturption).
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

((((Rebecca)))) Sorry about AF but moving on is good, right?!

Susan-prayers that your bean(s) are sticky ones. Spotting and cramping don't have to mean anything bad and I think the best advice I got was to take the pregnancy day by day or even hour to hour and enjoy the time I get with my precious babies.

Carissa good luck!

Jennifer-hope everything is fine at the oncology appointment. And hopefully your uterus will behave soon enough and will be ready to welcome a baby.

Sarah hope you feel much better soon.

AFM-we have 7 embryos so that's quite good Hoping we get some to freeze too but we'll see! I go in tomorrow for my ISMET procedure-it's a new thing where instead of tossing the medium the embryos are on they put the fluid of that inside your uterus. Supposedly the embies give off some signals that are needed for implantation. And since implantation is my HUGE issue we're doing all we can to improve it. Transfer is still planned for Monday and I took sick leave until then so having a relaxed weekend
Ingrid, Mommy to Patrick 12'06 and Aurelia 12'08, Mommy to 6 angel babies-triplets 11'04, baby B 5'06 and our last little angel 2'12, chemical pregnancy 6'12, hoping our rainbow baby will join us in May 2013
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Everyone, while I appreciate the well wishes for me today, I didn't see my oncologist today. It was just a port flush. So it was much like wishing me well for a blood draw. Needless to say I am fine. I see my oncologist in mid July. I went to the CSA afterwards and even went out and got my quart of strawberries.

yellowitchgrl - Good luck tomorrow!

slimy72 - I am sorry you are feeling bad. I hope you feel better soon! Glad you have a plan though. That always makes me feel better.

finleyjudemommy - Cramping is normal early in pregnancy and brown blood is old blood. I know it is scary but I think you are okay. Is today any better? Wow! You must tend to have lower beta's. I was over 1000 with my first draw the last time. I hope your beta today is higher then you expect!

JCPACandMommy - Good luck tomorrow with your IUI! I hope you get your Valentine!

Love4leon - Glad you got some resolution! Good luck moving forward with your IVF!

ingrid5699 - Congratulations on your 7 embryos!! That medium sounds promising for your embryos! Can't wait to hear the results. Good luck on Monday!

AFM - We are going camping starting tomorrow afternoon. So if I don't reply you will know why. We will be back on Sunday afternoon but I am not sure when I will be able to get back on here. I am starting to realize that I am not matching up with the rest of the IVF girls. I think at this point my transfer may not be until the end of August. Which STINKS because it becomes dangerously close to me delivering on May 6th (which is a Monday next year). That is my mom's, my step father's and a second cousin's birthday. But hey, what is one more to the mix? I had fun yesterday afternoon and I think I found a stroller that I am going to want for the next baby. I know I shouldn't look but honestly it helps take my mind off of things. I just hope we can get it when the time comes.
Jennifer (39) - Wife since 12/2003 with 5 children - 3 waiting for me in heaven , and 2 delighting me everyday ! Lymphoma survivor and mother to baby born post pelvic radiation!
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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of May 28th

Laurel- FX'd for you!!! Hope AF stays away!!

Ingrid- That is excellent news!!! I am so excited for you!!!! Monday will be 5 days right? I still have no idea how to decide between 3 or 5 days... Good thing you get some bed rest after!!! Hope you get so much rest you get bored! I expect to see you chatty here then

Cindy- Yes I have my protocol I start stims on the 9th and should have the ER on the 20th.

Jennifer- I think it is pretty strange for us to have a group of us doing IVF around the same time... It seems like usually it happens individually here and there, but so odd that suddenly a group of us are moving forward with it together. I hope you join us sooner than you think! At least you will be able to check in with us with any questions. I know who to go to too with my questions- Cindy and Heather! Lucky Jacqueline will know exactly what to expect by the time she starts stims in July

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