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Re: So, is picky eating genetic?

Dh is incredibly picky. A fruit or veggie has not crossed his lips since he was a toddler. He gags instantly. He can puck out any seasoning when we go out and recreate it. He is definitely a supertaster. My older two will try anything once and my middle child especially could live vegetarian. My youngest is extremely picky. He is almost 15 months old and he will only eat a handful of things prepared very specifically. Crackers, risotto, vanilla ice cream, cream of crab soup (won't eat anything but broth) and eggs with goat cheese. Every once in awhile he will eat dried peas. He likes anything in the squeeze pouches (gross I know but at least it's fruit) and he used to like raisins but not anymore. I just try my best to eat a lot of fruits and veggies so he develops a taste for it while nursing.


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Re: So, is picky eating genetic?

I think it's a little genetic and a lot learned/tolerated.

My dd's can be picky, but if I don't let them snack and bring them to the table hungry they will gobble most things up without an issue.

My dd1 does have a thing about meat texture. She'll eat ground meat but really doesn't like it otherwise. But if she's hungry enough she won't complain.

Things like 'my child will only eat white bread and hot dogs' (a friend has a son like that) are learned. My kids may prefer white bread but since they are never offered it in our house, they'll eat what I offer. And 90% of the time I don't eve have hot dogs.

I've often wondered just how far the really picky eaters would take it.. would they really not eat for an entire weekend if they weren't offered their preferences?

eta: I have taught myself to like a number of foods for social reasons. I moved to England and learned to like tea (because it was just anti social not to) and Indian food became crazy popular here and I couldn't stand it but I was missing out on all kinds of fun so I just slowly tried it and found things I liked and now I love it.

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I think it can be genetic because f the sensitivity of taste buds and sensory issues. I am an extremely picky eater. I have a much more sensitive sense of smell than most people and also very sensitive taste buds, especially to bitter. I really think that the food a lot of dope eat, it is because they don't actually taste it.. I also have a problem with a lot of textures that make me gag. As a kid if I was forced not eating something I count handle I would invariably puke. I probably still would if I ever let myself get into those situations. I could see how these issues could be genetic. With my DD we wt through hell with her when she was really little because she wouldn't really eat until she was 20 months. She just wanted to nurse pretty much. We took her to all these speech therapists and occupational therapists to teach her to eat and it didn't really help. When se went o daycare and was away from the boob and with other kids who were eating she did fine. At this point she is a much less picky eater than I am. As long as its not spicy she will probably eat it. I hoping the twins coming will not take after me. If they wind up not wanting to eat anything but poi, refried beans, and hummus when they are a year old I will just nurse them and not worry about it.
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Re: So, is picky eating genetic?

No I don't think so. I was a VERY picky eater when I was younger and my kids eat really well. They eat a ton more veggies than dh and I EVER did. I think good eating habits start young. Since they started eating table food we offer fresh fruits and veggies at every lunch and dinner. We only offer whole wheat bread and pastas and never any extra bread at meals. They get their carbs, but the most important protein, fruit, and veggie is given first.

Bro in law and sis in law have THE most pickiest eaters ever. They were lax on what they offered their kids to eat when they were young. Never offered much in the way of fruits and veggies and gave them a lot of white bread. The oldest only eats carrots.......NO fruits and no other veggies and she is 11. She LOVES her bread and has to have white bread at every meal. When she was a toddler they always gave her a big piece of bread before or with her meal and that was what she ate first and never ate anything else b/c she filled up on it. Kids' stomachs are only the size of their fists. They didn't really learn with the 2nd kid and he picked up a lot of his sisters eating habits.....b/c he saw what she was getting and wanted it.
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Re: So, is picky eating genetic?

IDK but I think it might be based on DNA. MIL hates peppers and other "spicy" foods but is ok with onions and tomatoes. DH hates onions and tomatoes but is OK with peppers. Ds2 hates tomatoes, onions and peppers. I happen to like peppers, mild onions and tomatoes and ds1 tolerates them.
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