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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

DS1 didn't talk much at all before he turned 2 -- then it seemed like some sort of switch was flipped and all of a sudden his vocabulary increased quickly. DS2 didn't talk much until he got ear tubes at 17 months, then he really started talking. Kids talk on their own time line. Maybe next time you go to the dr. ask what they think. But I wouldn't be too worried.


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The general rule is 8 words at 18 months. Looks like she is on track.

My 2 year old said nothing until she was 2. Now at 2.5 she has a good vocabulary.
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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

I had similar concerns with my ds2. Ds1 was speaking sentences at 18 mos...ds2 had maybe a dozen "words" at 18 mos...most of them only made sense to us. I talked to my boss (he's an audiologist, his mom is a Speech Pathologist).

His suggestion was to have him follow 2 step directions (eg "Pick up your cup and put it on the table"). This confirmed that his hearing was probably not the issue.

He also told us to repeat words constantly. If ds was pointing at his sippy cup we would say "Would you like your CUP? Can you say CUP?" It also helps to make sure they can see your mouth when you say these words...they connect a lot with vision.

He also told me that unless there was serious concerns a ped probably wouldn't do much about it until age 3.

I'm happy (and exhausted) to say that now, at 26 mos, ds2's vocabulary has EXPLODED and he repeats almost EVERYTHING he hears...especially the not-so-good stuff that comes out of Daddy's mouth. His new phrase is "Oh darnit."

When it comes down to need to follow your mommy instincts on whether or not you think something is seriously wrong.

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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Thats about what my son was speaking around that age. Then he had a vocabulary explosion at around 18/19 months and started putting words together and talking like crazy . It seems like most of the toddlers I have know do that, they just start picking it up overnight.

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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

That 8 words at 18 months comment made me feel much better! My dd is 17 months and there are only 8 words I can think of off the top of my head that she says well enough to clearly understand. My son was was using short sentences at this age and knew my coworkers by name. Crazy difference between them!! He talked nonstop and still does at almost 5. Dd seems to be working more on physical things, I think she has better balance than my 7 year old! She follows directions well, so I will give her some time.
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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

My 17 mo son says: this, that, dog, car (comes out "ca"), and my mom thinks she heard him say ball one time. Ha ha! totally revealing how I talk to him. I'm trying to call things by their names now instead of saying "do you want this?"
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Its almost time for the 18month word explosion. Which does not happen at 18months, but after.

DD is 20 months now and I think your child speaks more words than she does.

We have 2 different types around here. First are words she uses without prompting, includes things like dada (does not say mama :, sock, kitty cat, hi and a few others.

Then there are the words she repeats from us or that she will say if we ask her something like 'what is that?'. There are tons of the second category. She repeats tons, but does not initiate very many.

Your child sounds normal. I was around an 18month today who says plenty when we're not around, but nothing at all when we are. I think I've only heard him talk on FB videos
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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

my youngest DS is 16.5 months... he doesn't speak a lot, but does regularly use 18 ASL signs. His spoken words are: Mama, Na (what he calls his biggest sister), bubba, cat, ball, cracker (cacah), dada (only occassionally says it), pawpaw, bites.... i think that is pretty much it.

My oldest DS spoke in complete paragraphs at this age

they are all different
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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

DD didn't talk much at 18 months. Turns out her ears were impacted with wax. After irrigation by the doctor she became much more fluent. Perhaps you could check with the pediatrician to rule out any physical cause.
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Re: how much should/does a 17month old talk....

We were told to worry around two. Some speech pathologists we've seen say earlier but that was our clinic's belief. To me that is enough words as long as they continue to come. But, talk to your doctor at the 18 month visit and you can always do an assessment. They are no big deal.
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