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Hypothetical WWYD poll

Let's imagine just for a moment, that your darling two year old - ahem somehow became covered in red poster paint. Being the calm efficient mama that you are, you carry protesting LO to the bathroom and peel off her paint covered clothes with only 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6) smudges of paint getting on the tiles and bath. You dump - I mean gently place sweetness into the tub, and proceed to clean up the smudges. Just as you are wrapping that up, you notice pumpkin, still covered in paint, peeing into the bath water. What do you do? Do you
A. Pretend you didn't notice, with all that water it's pretty diluted anyway, right?
B. Snatch sweet pea from that nasty water, empty The tub, refill, and clean up all the new red paint cuteness has smeared everywhere.
C. Open the drain, leaving baby in the water and kinda dilute the pee some more, bc no way am I risking getting more paint on the tiles!
D. I cannot imagine a world in which MY baby could possibly get covered in red paint - I practice neatness parenting, here is the link_____.
E. I am horrified that any young child could be neglected or ignored long enough to become covered in red paint - mods call CPS!!

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Jamie, anthropologist mom to O (12-18-99), E (12-30-04) and R (4-22-10) Married to my best friend .
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Re: Hypothetical WWYD poll

I would go with C, if said delinquent, I mean toddler - isn't afraid of the water draining.
Theresa - sahm to sweet, baby(big girl ) Caroline who was born on 1-23-07 after her mommy dreamed of her for a lifetime
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My child pees in the bathtub every night
I don't consider it a big deal.

Hope you get all the red off the walls and such. Glad you got a photo because if you aren't already, you'll be laughing someday
SAHM to Magnolia May (09/10) and Luke Russett (04/13) and wife and best friend to my airman.
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Re: Hypothetical WWYD poll

A or C - depending on my mood

I consider pee bath water no different that lake/river/ocean water full of fish pee and POOP!!! actually now that I think about it pee bath water sounds kinda nice compared to lake/river/ocean water

and I have NEVER had to bath a toddler in the middle of the day because they are covered in something like....laundry detergent, neosporin, sharpie, diaper cream, hand soap, bare minerals blush,.....NEVER!!!
Lanicia Mama to 3 crazy kiddos - A - 14 P - 6 E - 5 and a little baby J - 2

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I'd do a form of b.. My 2 year old regularly pees in the tub. I drain the water, turn on the shower as it has a removable head, rinse her off and tub out then wash her up.
Kimberly - Mommy to Morgan (09-11-07) - Dylan (02-10-12)
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A or c depending on what I feel like
after waiting so long my baby girl Terra Lynn was born august 2 2012!

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Re: Hypothetical WWYD poll

A - Because my own sweet toddler pees in the tub several times per bath session, and we couldn't afford the water bill if we replaced the water every single time.

He gets rinsed off afterwards anyway, so whatever.
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Re: Hypothetical WWYD poll

Well E of course

Ok but really I would just ignore the pee....maybe someone should call cps on me for letting my child sit in urine in a tub but then they would need to call for every person who lets there child run around in a nasty pee filled diaper for countless hours.
Privacy? Who needs privacy
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Re: Hypothetical WWYD poll

I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who answers A to this poll . DH freaks if DS3 pees in the tub... I don't see the big deal.
Trying-to-stay-sane mama to four boys (5/07, 10/09, 7/11, and 11/12)
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Re: Hypothetical WWYD poll

hehehe....caught red handed!

But depending on how much water is already in the tub, I'd do either A or C. DS pees in the water a lot, and my thought....ehhh whatever. DH though once started filling the water up for me while I was getting DS a towel and washcloth, and saw him pee. He freaked! "he's peeing! what do I do! Ahhhhh!!"
Emily, wife to my army man Teddy, loving mother to Cole Rylan 6/26/2010 and Ainsley Willow 7/17/2012.

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