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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

I would nurse a friend's baby for sure as long as it wasn't so much that it would interfere with my child's milk. If for some reason I couldn't nurse, I think my first choice would be pumped milk from a tested donor, then nursing from a friend that hadn't been tested, then formula. My main concern is that, even though I know my friends would never intentionally expose my child to anything, you don't always even know you have something. I would also prefer my dh be able to bottle feed and the baby be bonding to him rather than someone else.


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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

i defiantly think that i would be ok with breastfeeding someone elses and someone else breastfeeding mine. i would have loved if someone could have helped with my dd when we were trying to get her latch established. just to make sure that it wasnt just me.
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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

I'd be ok with nursing someone else's baby or donating milk to them. I would only have someone else nurse my baby if it was an emergency, like medical. But I would always choose another mom's breastmilk before formula.
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Not for us. Wouldnt do it and wouldnt nurse someone elses.

Oh and I moved this to breastfeeding forum.
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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

I would do it in a heartbeat, and if there was a situation where my baby needed to be nursed and I wasn't there or able to, I'd be fine with someone else I know nursing him. Of course, I don't know anyone else who is nursing!
I've donated milk before and I'd have no problem nursing another baby straight "from the tap". lol.
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My Dh was recently hospitalized and a lactating friend drove several hours to keep dd so I could be with him. It was all very up in the air as to what would happen, and if I had to be there for several hours in a row I was so happy to know dd would have milk. I can't pump, because I don't respond to it.

We also have a standing agreement that of either of us dies, we will nurse the others baby until the baby is 1, then turn it back over to daddy.

I love the idea. I would be happy to nurse any baby that needed it, and if my dd needed a wet nurse, I would be very thankful that she could have one.
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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

I remember my mom nursing my cousin's baby a few times when we were baby sitting her. As for the bonding thing, I don't think the baby "bonded" to my mom from her nursing her a few times. I think that bond develops over time and through interactions besides just breastfeeding. My mom recently told me that the our good family friend nursed my little brother once. Again, I don't think my brother has an extra special bond with that family friend from that one nursing session. I'd totally be willing to nurse someone else's baby for them. I wouldn't be opposed to having a family member (sister or sister-in-law) or close friend nurse my baby, but I don't think I would make it a frequent occurrence.
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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
I think it could be really beneficial if two breastfeeding moms wanted to babysit for eachother. My DS won't take a bottle so the only way I can be away from him is in between feedings.
Originally Posted by hac1224 View Post
In fact, my mom nursed someone else's child at least once when we were little. She was still nursing a baby (don't remember which of us), and she was babysitting another nursing child for a couple of days. The mom had sent bottles but the baby was inconsolable no matter what she tried. She was in the church nursery and another mom said, "You know what he wants, just nurse him!" She did it and instantly calmed the baby.
Originally Posted by misskira View Post
Honestly I wish we had a more open society to it. I would have loved to leave my babe with a trusted friend to go grocery shopping or for a date with dh without having to pump. I wouldn't have an issue feeding another baby or another mama feeding mine. Breast feeding is good for bonding but it doesn't feel exclusively intimate to me.
^^This exactly! I watched my close friend's baby a few times and he pretty much cried the whole time, wouldn't take a bottle at all! I wanted to nurse him SO bad. I brought it up to her in sort of a joking way, and she just laughed. I took that to mean she wouldn't be comfortable with it. But, who knows since we never talked about it seriously.
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mel j
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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

I would do it! But I wouldn't know how to offer.

If there was someone I knew and trusted I would most likely let them do it, too, if I needed it. I don't have any close friends or family nearby who nurse though
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Re: Wetnurse - Opinions

I would do it in a heartbeat for someone if they needed it. I would probably only let my sisters or absolutely closest friends breastfeed my baby though and again only if truly needed....well if my sisters were breastfeeding I probably actually prefer them to breastfeed her than give her a bottle...but none of them are breastfeeding right now. I have low supply, so I don't donate, but, a family member did take some of my pumped milk and fed it to their formula fed baby (without asking!) I was mad...but only because I don't make much to begin with, if I had a large supply I would have pumped extra so they could just continue feeding the baby breastmilk.
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