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Re: What do you have to do?

I'm hoping I can cross off our new floors tonight and be done with that!! I'm jealous of your short lists... mine keeps growing.


Homesteading Homemaker of The Pastorale. Married the best husband ever May 2009 , Mama to Little Monster 9-2-12, Little Miss 9-14-14, Faith, our forever baby, 2-10-16 and Baby Skywalker December 2016
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To buy:
Postportum stuff
Probably diaposables?
Any pump replacement parts I might need

To do:
Transition ds to his new room/bed(starting this next week)
Finish "decorating" ds new room.
Pull out and wash baby clothes
Pull out all baby gear and wash (car seat/swing, Boppy, pump)
Wash any newborn/small diapers.
Put snaps on some prefolds to snap onto carrier for burp rag and sew "bite pads" or whatever they're called to go on carriers straps...
Have talk with MY Dr and research more on vbac.
Pack hospital bag obviously
Clean out garage upstairs(which is our storage area; no basement)and hopefully have a rummage sale.
Clean house top to bottom.
Clean and vacuum cars
Freezer meals
Get hair trimmed
Find seamstress that can alter bridesmaid dress last minute for sis's wedding in Sept.

Hmm, I'm sure there is more. And I'm a listmaker so ill be working on more detailed lists and timelines for each area...

Oh and something I think we ALL should have on our lists,,, is having a "ME" day as well as a date with our husbands!

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Re: What do you have to do?

^ Good call! I definitely need to plan a date night with my husband (and more than just a quick dinner and, hey, let's go to Target real quick since our son isn't with us). I want dinner AND a movie. I also want to take DS to a local zoo while he's still an only child.
Mommy to Grant (July 2010) and Greta (July 2012)

I purged 2,920 items in 2012 and 2,014 items in 2013.
2,014 items in 2014?
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Re: What do you have to do?

Ok, I didn't think I had much to do until I read some detailed lists :-)

leave paperwork- called today

hospital bag -list is started, a lot will be last minute pack b/c I use it daily.
make freezer meals- got a small to just leave it alone...
sew more wipes- I love the ones I have done!
Can peaches
Cater 45 pple rehearsal supper
Get more info on what vacs the local community health office uses.

After baby:
new nursing bras once swelling is down

NB clothes/assesories/blankets/ect in dresser
bouncy seat cleaned/ready
diapers washed (prolly will do again in august :-)
changing table set up
set up diaper pail/wet bag
set up bassinet
buy bottles/paci/sposies for first week or two
put 0-3 mo totes in closet- decided to let DH get them after baby is born :-)
get diaper sprayer- DONE (installed even!)
meet with doula/ birth plan start
mama cloth stocked- waiting for most recent purchase to show up :-)
Got Dr. Sears vacs book and doing my vax research!
Survive wedding reception!!! DONE! With compliments to spare :-P
soak witch hazel cloths
bring swing down
kids clothes packed
get out car seat/base
big bro/sis Tshirts

Ok, never mind, I guess my list is kinda long! I better get to work! I also wanna research vaccines. Hold me accountable ladies (reminders on FB would be great )!
Leah, PT WOHM to DD (5yr) DS (3 yr) and DD Married to a farming addicted DH.

I enjoy being thrifty green with Norwex!

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Re: What do you have to do?

To remember:
Drink my prego tea and take my elderberry each day.

To wash:
NB/small diapers
Wash and Lanolize all wools (25+ of them)
Prep the nursing pads

A few more fitteds
Recycle a few more wools to make sets to match the diapers (just did some cashmere dino dudes last night.)
Applique t-shirts to match the wools/ diapers.
Repair my husbands shirts and pants
Repair buttons on my sons shorts
Make a few extra soakers

These can wait because they won't fit for a while any ways!
Replace elastics in a whole bunch of Goodmama's
Add snaps to the BSRB's

To be artsy:
Learn how to swirl dye. I just got the rest of the supplies I need for this today.

To buy:
Homebirthing supplies
Gift from baby to my 3 year old.

To get rid of:
Get the huge listing of larger sized diaper stuff listed to get it all out of my house.
Have another garage sale

Around the house:
Finish cleaning the basement (his includes vacuuming) and going through the boxes
finish putting up trimwork in the kitchen, living room, and hallway
Repairing and repainting the bathroom walls
thoroughly clean the bathroom.
Fix the dryer that died last night

Around time of the birth:
Settup the birth pool
have an extra set of sheets on the bed lined with a plastic sheet
Have labor snacks prepared.

The baby has no room so the co-sleeper is where he or she will be. The dresser is already settup with NB and 0-3 mo clothing in it in our living room because there is no other place in the house to put it. I am just worried that we are not going to have enough space for the diapers and wools in there.

I would like to be able to move my Trey into the big boy's room but there isn't enough space for his bed.
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Re: What do you have to do?

To do:
Find a house
Pack the rest of 3,000 sq ft
Unpack 200 boxes (if we find a house)
Buy bunk beds and bookshelves and train table
Make freezer meals
Restock my entire kitchen (I'm not moving any food!)

Wash baby clothes and put away
Finish prepping diapers
Refinish hand-me-down changing table
(I did at least finish my nb/ sm stash and have made lots of progress on my medium stash)

Drive to Tucson
Drive to Kansas
Drive to Omaha

Ummmm... I guarantee I am forgetting a million things!!!
Mo, wife to Ed, SAHM to Isaiah 3-04,Rosemary 1-07, John Paul 9-09, Ivy Ana 8-12, Azalea9-15
I teach Natural Family Planning! PM me for more info.
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Re: What do you have to do?

^ omg, Mo, my list is suddenly looking EASY.
Mommy to Grant (July 2010) and Greta (July 2012)

I purged 2,920 items in 2012 and 2,014 items in 2013.
2,014 items in 2014?
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Re: What do you have to do?

Husband To Do:

Finish painting Nursery
Set up crib
Move furniture in nursery
Help set up gear once baby showers are complete
Hang pictures in the rest of the house
Clean car
Get car seat installed
clean up yard/garden
Paint dresser

My To Do:

Get diapers prepped and put away
Prep clothes Done
Make freezer meals for after baby
Stock up on bottled water, healthy snacks plastic/paper ware (plates, cups, bowls) Done
and carpet clean the nursery
Clean the rest of the house
Organize and store my clothes
Set up pack and play in our bedroom
Move everything into the nursery, and decorate
Organize Nursery closet Done
Pack hospital bag ours, and baby's
Last minute meeting with Doula for lunch

To Do Together:

Meet Doula for Consult at house
Meet birth photographer for consult
Pick out pediatrician
4D ultrasound
Go on A Date with Hubby before baby

To Buy:

Nursing bras
Crib Matress Done
Other Gear we don't recieve at showers
Shoe rack for nursery Done
Shelf for nursery Done
Food for freezer
Nightgowns easy nursing
Possibly more maternity clothes/clothes after baby
Would like to try mama cloth, but not sure that will get done

I'm probably missing more things to do but, thats all I can think of right now. I feel so behind I was hoping to already have the furniture set up and in the nursery by now. The list might help me stay on track

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Re: What do you have to do?

To Sew

Nursing Pillow Covers
Wrap carrier
PP Mama Cloth... dreading this.

To Buy

Nursing bras
Lounge clothes/robe for me
Car seat (maybe... may get one from SIL)
More muslin receiving blankets
Sleepers for the babe
Rocker or bouncer for baby (loaned ours out and don't expect it back)
Exersaucer since DD loved the one we borrowed when little
Few items for home birth + birth kit

To Do

Set up sleeping area in our room (crib or pack n play)
Finish bathroom renovation
Last as long at work as possible before Mat leave.
Figure out what to do with DD if we end up at the hospital.
Hospital bag (just in case)


Newborn dipes washed/sorted
OS diapers all ready to go
Clothes sorted/washed by size
**Amanda** EBF'ing, CDing, Co-Sleeping, Semi-Crunchy WOHM
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DD Caroline (Aug 19, 2012)
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Re: What do you have to do?

Today my goal is to cross off two things however small they are!
Married to deisel junkie S, Proud mama to T 08/14/2006 Soon to be big brother to Cdue 08/14/2012
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