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Baby Names!!!!

I'm a beyond name fanatic, so expect lots of name stuff from me, I love hearing about everyone's picks! I have literally overheard someone call their child's name in a store and I ask about the name. Anyone else name obsessed? Anyone else have their names picked and want to share, or what you are considering? How did you choose your current children's names?

I've had my girl name chosen ever since my last aunt stopped trying for a girl and relinquished the name (actually, she didn't, she keeps saying she might adopt a girl but seriously, I'm next, it's mine!), my grandmother's name, Lyla. I've hoped for girls just so I can use the name before any of my cousins get any funny ideas (I'm the oldest/only married as of now though). We don't have a middle name yet, my first pick was Lyla Jon. My MIL's name is Barbara Jon and I love it, and my brother's name is Jonathan, and I love him... but everyone else rejected it so that's out. I also like Lyla Brynn. Fam tradition is to give first daughter mom's middle name, mine is Lynn, but Lyla Lynn is awful. DH doesn't like Brynn... trying to wear him down. Some of my favorite girl names and why I am going to have to have 10 children (though DH doesn't like most of these: Marta (next girl likely, fam name), Petra, Britta, & Winfred.

Boy policy, DH names them. Milo is named for the lead singer of his fave pop punk band, Ash is named for Bruce Campbell's zombie killer character in Evil Dead... I know... my husband is SUCH a boy! Boy name three he is kinda stumped on. His fave book series is Stephen King's Dark Tower Series and a character from that I liked was Cort (Cortland) but DH doesn't like it. We both love Hebrew, my dad lived in Israel for years and speaks the language and I think it's the prettiest so we discussed Levi as it's Hebrew and sounds good with Milo & Ash, but it's so common now. One of my rejected (by DH) girl names was Ever, and there is a well respected rabbit breeder (I show rabbits, yeah like dogs) nd judge named Everett and I have always admired him/his name and DH likes it (shocked!) so that is our front runner boy name. Maybe Everett Levi? Some of my other favorite boy names are Cade, Shepherd, Weston, Calder, Quinn & Austin. Though I likely wont get to use them since DH is the namer, I can gently suggest

So Lyla & Everett (so far)... anyone wanna share their picks? Anyone think it's crazy to be picking so soon? Haha!


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Lyla was one of our girl names. I can't remember why we decided not to use it. I also like Delilah, but that stupid song has ruined it for me.

Anyway, I was pushing for Maple Adele. I'm a gardener and my absolutely favorite plant is the Japanese maple. Hubby liked it for a few weeks and then decided he didn't anymore. Adele I think will definitely sit as the front runner for girl middle names. We are Jewish (well he is at least) and his great aunt Delly just died so we will honor her.

Boy names. We are at an impasse on boy names. I had him hooked on Asher and then he found our how popular it was and turned on me! I am a HUGE bob Dylan fanatic, so I'm pushing for Dylan as a middle name.

So there you have it, middle names only.
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

I LOVE talking baby names. Maybe not as much as you, Cori, but I think about them a lot and was making myself restrain from starting a topic so early on... so I'm glad someone else did it

DH and I haven't discussed names yet, really. If DD was a boy, we were going to do Judah Benjamin (we like the name Judah and we're Christians, so the name has meaning to us... and Benjamin is DH's name). We talked for about 2 seconds about names in the last week and decided we would use that name if this one was a boy. So there's our boy name. That was easy.

As for girl... well, I have names I like, but here's how it goes when we choose names. I pick out several names I like, and then I give the list to DH and ask him to tell me which ones he likes. If we're not pregnant or if it's too early on, he won't take some names (like long ones or more unique ones) serious enough, so I'm afraid to talk too early. Also, we decide really fast and pretty much stick with our decision, and I think I want to wait a little longer because it's one of my favorite parts about being pregnant... so I don't want to have our names completely decided yet. BUT anyways, girl names I like are... Delaney, Marissa (my top 2), Carley, Kelsey, Alexis, Aubrey. All of these are just names that I like... no significance. The only rule is that it can't start with an S because that's what DD's name starts with. The middle name will definitely be Jubilee. I also like the name Everly but it sounds bad with Jubilee and we plan to move overseas to asia pacific, and some places there say the letter "v" like a "p"... so just something to keep in consideration.
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

We have not started talking names yet. I'm pretty weird about names. I pick the first name. DH gets to pick the middle name, as long as it fits into our pattern. The only exception to this was with our youngest, as I longed for a Tobiah. So, I picked Toby's middle name, and DH picked his first name (Colin Tobiah). I've had Peyton stuck in my head for a girl for the past 2 pregnancies. So, I figure that will be our girl name, if we have one.
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

Here are my kids nAmes:
1. Jessica Renee- dh picked cuz he said he has never met an ugly Jessica. Silly boy!
2. Emma Gail- I always loved Emma, of course that was before the Emma craze
3. Dean Spencer- he is the 4th dean so didnt have a choice there!
4. Annabelle Faye- named after great gramdmas om both sides

If #4 had been a boy i really wanted Elliot Tobias. I have always wanted an Elliot. Unfortunately, with 3 girls, Elliot never stood a chance!!
wife to my BF Dean , SAHM to 4 great kids!
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

Oh I've had names that I like in mind for a while Adeline is a must for a girl. It was my maw maw's middle name. She died while I was in Iraq in 06. I've always loved the name. I also like Piper though, so we may just have to have more I'm not sure of middle names. Rose keeps coming up, and I think it would work well with both. Charlene is another middle name choice ... that was my maternal grandmother's middle name.

Boy names? DS is William, but I don't have to have something that really "matches." We were thinking Gavin Lee (DH's name), but I could be open to other suggestions.
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

Wow, you gals are lucky - the only girl family names we have to choose from are Gertrude, Susan, Roberta, Lynn, Blanche, and Anna. I would totally use Blanche, except that our last name starts with the "shaw" sound, so that is out, along with one of my top girl names - Charlotte. We have had our first 2 girl names picked since our first date (no joke) and it was basically a blind date LOL. But alas, we don't tell names until the babe is born, and thus far we've only had boys... We've had the next 2 boys names picked for several years now, but I can't tell those either (I know, I know, I'm sorry, I am a horrible, mean person).

But, here are names I love, love, love that I can share with you:

Emery (DH doesn't like)
Avery (too popular now)
William (with Liam as a nickname, ruined by a future convict friend of DS')
Calder (too similar to DS2' name)
Reeve (too hard phonetically for me)
Caroline (would me incorrectly pronounced Carol-een instead of Carol-ine)
Carolina (would me incorrectly pronounced Carol-eena instead of Carol-ina)
Owen (too popular now)
Nash (oh, like Nash Bridges? No!)
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I would love to use a family name. But, we don't really have any family names that we like. If we have a girl, her name will be Hannah. We've had that picked for a while. I have no idea for boy names.
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

Boy will be Giovanni
Girl - Fia, Nola, Fiorella, Lucia, Mima, Gisella, Mariella, Giachetta, Giuseppa and probably many more to come
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Re: Baby Names!!!!

I'm obsessed with names too! It's my favorite part! Haha!

I feel like I'm having a boy, so boy names are really all my brain can think about. We want to give our son our mutual best friends middle name, which is Sullivan. He was the reason that we met, and the best friend in the world to both of us. However, it doesn't go well with some of the names we like.

Boys: Caspian, Jude, Graeme (Graham), Oliver, Finn

Girls: Esther, Olive, Pearl
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