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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

Here is my comment...I wonder if any of these will actually be posted...

I can't believe the ignorance expressed in this article. Do you know what kind of diseases float around a bathroom?? Staphylococcus is just one of them, and that can be very detrimental to the health of a child. Would you sit on the toilet in the men's room to eat YOUR food?? I highly doubt that, and if you did, you'd be deemed as disgusting. Obviously you've never had children, and if you did, you'd realize that when a 2 month old baby is hungry, a 2 month old baby is HUNGRY, and there is not much you can do to hold them off. All I can say is, until you're a breastfeeding mother of a newborn, keep your opinion to yourself, because you have NO IDEA what it is like. And if it makes you any happier, I breastfeed my 16 month old child where ever we happen to be when she's hungry, Breastfeeding should be a normal thing, not annoying, and it's people like you that denormalize it for this country making it harder on breastfeeding moms all across America. I think I'd prefer to see healthier smarter children and adults who happen to be that way because they were breastfed than stupid ignorance such as yours.


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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

How DARE you to ***-ume that the mother of that child was nursing her darling child in public just to be a nuisance. Haven't you read the laws on breast feeding in public?? Obviously not. Had I been that mother- well lets just say it's a GOOD thing I'm not her!! I find your artical to be plan out rediculious. Who are you to step in and say "bring a bottle" .. Do you even have kids ( I sure hope not) ?? If you would do a little research you might would have known that MOST breastfeed babies DO NOT take bottles. So whats a mother to do then?? huh ?? Walk all the way back to the car in the heat/rain/cold etc.. Or no wait better yet, lets just all go to the NASTIEST place possible THE BATH ROOM!! Would you feel safe bottle feeding a baby with a bottle that has been in a public restroom? hince the reason you sterilize bottles.. RIGHT!! I don't know if you did the artical to be a smart A** or what, but you know what I (and the mojority of others) think of you now?? I see people like your self as a real threat to our society. Leave it to a mna to publicly announce his pervetedness to a totally natural thing. You should ask your mother if you were breast feed. I bet not, if you were I bet you wouldn't be such an IDIOT!! I think that if you are uncomfortable with nursing in public then you should try to eat your damn dinner in the restrooms. Don't people care about the well being of your youth? I AM PROUD to know tha tmy mother breast feed me. She gave me not only the gift of life, but she gave me a fighting chance. A chance to not have allergies, ashtma,she gave me a healthy immune system, the list goes on and on and on! So I end this by saying , I pray that the mother who had to endure this discusting act of redicule, never has to read your idiodic artical. I've always had a great saying. (this totally applysto you)

If breast feeding in public bothers you then please feel free to cover YOUR head, and finish YOUR meal in the bath rooms!!

God Bless!
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

Wife to 1 Mama to.. too many to list!
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

Originally Posted by togg_mama View Post
What a jerk.
Yeah that!
S a r a h
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

oh my goodness.
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Talking Re: Isn't this disgusting?

No doubt this was written by an ignorant OLD man! Read it again with that in mind and it makes more sense- not correct, but at least more logical.
He thinks he is funny (nightmare?) and instead is incredibly ignorant.
Writing him letters is useless- have you ever tried to change the opinion of an old person.
He was never breastfed and he thinks he is intelligent (ignorance is bliss??)- so that must be the right way? No one probably would ever marry/reproduce with this a**hole- so he has never had children/grandchildren of his own.
He honestly doesn't know any better and never will and all the letters in the world won't change his mind- he will deem you all as hysterical hormonal women- but keep writing him because it makes us feel better!
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

Thank God many places have taken BFing mothers under consideration now. I know BRU has a BFing room (at least ours does) and our mall has one in the food court now too. Both are very comfortable, with a glider, couch, and a changing table. I've also used changing rooms when they aren't terribly busy. But never would I use a restroom to feed my child!

I agree with the pp who said it's hard enough to BF in public because of narrow-minded people. I had such a difficult time because I wanted to exclusively BF my DD, but I HAD to use nipple shields. No matter how hard or how much I tried, she just couldn't latch on without one. Let me tell you how simple it was to go out in public and get a baby to latch on while holding the nipple shield in one hand and trying not to let the blanket fall as to not offend anyone.
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

wow, what an idiot! i commented too
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

I commented too but I don't see any of them showing up. Perhaps non were "approved"!
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Re: Isn't this disgusting?

People with opinions like that make me so MAD...

I guess I just don't understand how breastfeeding can be considered wrong. It's NATURE for crying out loud.

I just don't get it. I'm mystified. Baffled. And disturbed and disappointed that our society has allowed itself to be so dissasociated from nature.
Jaye, mom to Lucas (11/18/05) and his baby brother Evan (7/1/07)
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