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Cloth is the only way to go if you really care 64 70.33%
Disposable is the only way to go if you look at everything 0 0%
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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

This is clearly not a real parent. My bet is OP is a sposie manufacturer.

And on the off-hand chance it is a legit post: my washing machine does the dirty work. I just change diapers


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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
Um.... wow. Welcome to Diaperswappers, dude.
LOL right? Wrong place to post that diaper washing is silly. My washer quit working and i honestly thought about cryinghat i had to use paper.t I dont get the hybrid love myself, but hey who am i to judge?
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I am not wasting any more of my time or "sensibility" tossing cloth diapers in the wash than I would be if I were driving to the store at all hours to buy another pack of disposable diapers. Not to mention that if I bought disposables all the time, I'd be spending my hard earned money to pay for them all the time. I'll keep my cloth AND my sensibility, thanks.
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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

Originally Posted by dannic View Post
If t is trolling, isn't the best thing to just walk (click) away and ignore? Here's my naivete coming out: I had to search google for what trolling is, lol. I live in a happy place. (where everyone loves cloth diapers)
I did too (have to google, that is)! I don't know what the best thing to do is for trolling--I've never seen it before. But this is bizarre. I think I'll click away now and stay in my happy place, lol!
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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

Hello, OP here. A couple think I'm trolling but I didn't want to be ranting and raving by responding to every single post; rather, I wanted to see what you experts (said with all due deference) had to say and then contribute my own best thinking after considering the input.

I must say, I did not expect so much feedback (although the topic is a bit incendiary I admit) nor so much constructive feedback, which I thank those of you who've taken the time to do so for. I was running a bit hot when I posted but I was feeling disappointed that there wasn't a good solution on the market (the way I saw it).

Here's some of the most helpful perspective for me:

anniekins1488 said
You were right!

kbstanley3 said
[…] I've been cloth diapering for over 5 years with 3 kiddos and it's really not that hard. It's 2-3 more loads of laundry a week, and what with the invention of modern washing machines and driers, it takes less than a few hours per week
Do you mean you leave a poopy diaper in a hamper for a day or two before washing it? Do you wash 5 or 10 such diapers at a time? My personal instinct is that that is thoroughly.. unsavory, but maybe I'd just "get over it" too if I did it enough. I will consider this excellent piece of wisdom from someone who's been doing it for years, thank you.

Mercy24 said
anyway aren't most of the inserts compostable or biodegradable? I'd like to see you try to compost a huggies.
This is a great point. Perhaps for some people composting is a must, such as those living away from trash services. For others, it may be worth the extra cost to know they aren't dumping tons of trash into a landfill. For me, the fact that inserts produce less trash should mean less cost, but then again market externalities and the garbage tax are outside fair discussion here. Nonetheless, from my perspective perhaps I might consider whether I would in fact want to reward a company extra for helping me have less impact.

At the same time, overall, the best way to make everybody use these products is to make them cheaper, which ironically decreases actual cost of production and increases profit, thus allowing the cost to come down. It's like we're some kind of "early adopter" test market, like someone paying huge money for laserdiscs or something. Just make the product cheap.

dannic asked
Is this your first baby? After a few kids, you realize that poop is no biggie […] Seriously, cding is easy. You may find another option that works for you that is cheaper than hybrids..
Fair enough, maybe I am overreacting. Honestly, maybe I should just not care about the cleanliness factor. But even if I drop that, there's still other ways in which disposable inserts are just too high cost - high direct cost, high cost of other aspects like the covers and the water and detergent, and high cost of work. They may be small but they add up to "hybrids are more expensive than disposables" when by any logic they should be cheaper, which is my whole point.

staceray7 said
I agree that it would be far better if hybrid inserts were cheaper.
Thanks for at least giving a little! I was starting to think my entire argument was just anathema to the crowd.

meldo said
My guess is he doesn't care about compostability/the eco side of cding as much as he cares about his time and the convenience of disposables. I read an article on breastfeeding that had the same argument: breastfeeding is free so long as the mother's time is worth nothing.
For the record, we're breastfeeding, because the value of it is worth what it takes to do it. That's of course her decision and she made it and I support her. I guess the eco side isn't worth me paying more for less product. It's like when you get "no onions no pickles" at some hamburger places and they charge you extra to not put them on - they should be paying you a discount for saving them money.

MaMaJodiapers said
I have always thought that hybrids were ridiculously expensive- they should be cheaper but are not! eco friendly for the rich i guess.... It sounds like you would do very well with a diaper service- no waste of your time and you would save money. And at the same time, you would be doing alot for your baby and the planet's health- even though that does not appear to be a big concern of yours-
Thank you for seeing my point. Maybe venting a little is part of my complaint. The most helpful part here however is the mention of a diaper service. That would be helpful and interesting but we live in a small, remote town and there's nothing like that, not that I had considered it.

I do care about the environment and am aware of the negative impact of diapers to it. That's why I started looking…

jessi4jc said
I think if cost is your primary factor then you 1) have your priorities a little out of order
It's not, but "all things being equal" it's the only difference. I assumed that either way baby gets cleaned. However, you go on to say that they're not all created equal:

120 changes a month that he does not have carcenogenic checmicals touching his reproductive organs. 120 changes a month that I do not have to worry about diaper rash, blowouts and leaks
It took me a while, but this is a great point, assuming it's true. Diaper rash is a bit of an issue till we put on the cream, but if cloth doesn't even have this problem that's a good value worth paying more for. Also, if diapers are carcinogenic that's obviously worth it, not that I've ever heard that before. If you just mean in the sense that anything modern and plastic must be bad, then no.

Yes, he was saying that he thought he found a happy medium between disposables and cloth by using covers with disposable inserts in them. At least that is how I read it.

Leah52 reiterates the health angle:
you are comparing the cost of biodegradable diaper inserts to regular takes-hundreds-of-years-to-decompose disposables […] For those who care about the environment, the chemicals in disposables and their wallets washing and reusing cloth is not considered a waste of time.
Excellent point! I do need to research the other "hidden costs" of diapers don't I. Maybe it's worth the extra $1000 on top of the $2-3k for regular disposables to have hybrids, after all.

TooBusyBearcubs asks
if your intent was maybe to indirectly send a message to the manufacturers, you won't really be successful here, since most of the diaper gurus on DiaperSwappers are Work-At-Home-Moms who make GORGEOUS diapers, not really the bigwigs of the hybrid companies
I started by wanting to give feedback to the companies, yes. you got me! I can see how buying some nice, artesian, handmade cloth diapers would be nice, and I'm not trying to beat down on cloth diapers. Just hybrid diapers which are a big letdown. We made our own bassinet from scratch for our baby and are not above the earth.

It's the irrationality of the pricing that just gripes me. I want to buy from them but I can't in good conscience pay too much unless I simply must.

Kabuki24 adds
you have no idea obviously how easy it is to wash diapers. Don't knock something until you try it. I spend 1/2 max MAX a week tossing dipes in the wash and stuffing them. It's easy. You've believing a cloth diaper myth.
I think you may be right! We may try all cloth - but probably not hybrids.

Sorry I did not get back sooner. I did not want people to think I was trolling. I just wanted to let the question breathe a bit.

thanks to all! I will keep up with this thread and also post any updates on our journey. One thing everyone said and I agree with is that each person decides what's right for them, and I respect that. We are doing that too over here...

PS - I love that many of you put on some great signatures about your families and whatnot. It's a sweet touch.

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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

Glad you aren't a troll, OP! Stick around and you can learn tons about diapering your baby in a cost- and waste-conscious manner.
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I don't understand the "logic" that because something is better it should be cheaper? Isn't that what you're trying to say?

I can't think of many instances at all where that is true.

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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

i really have to LOL at this thread
i give you props for coming on a women driven forum to have a moment. i think its cool. i was always under the impression that the hybrid inserts were used more for traveling, and not a full time option. i agree if you use them full time the cost makes no sense. plus some of them just plain suck.

i have been using cloth for almost 5 years for 2 of my kiddos, and did sposies with my oldest two for 6 years. poop is gross, yes, but there came a point for me when my ds3 was constantly puking all over me and i couldnt go change that i just realized, hey, bodily fluids happen and i need to just be one with them sometimes. i have seen poop literally fly all over the walls when using sposies and so i know that either way, cloth or sposies, its there and its nasty.

for me, cloth is a lifestyle. yes i am totally obsessed, but if you strip that away it takes almost no extra time from my life to wash/dry them and i know they are better for my baby. honestly that is my #1 driving factor is my baby. then the cost and the environment. i feel better knowing my baby has something natural or at least not filled with chemicals next to his skin. i feel he is more comfy and happy. he loves his dipees and i get to sell them and get some money back when im done. what could be better. i would rather spend a few extra minutes throwing them in the washer then running up to the store to get another pack cause we are low. ive done that a million times with sposies...

so in the end i think that cloth is either for you or not. it takes getting used to, but imho it is totally worth it. you need to do what is best for your baby and that is all that matters.
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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

As someone who uses cloth primarily to save money, but also to reduce trash, I feel your pain on the hybrids. They do have their place with certain families, but not in my home. I understand the pricing structure because they are using more Eco friendly products and have a smaller customer base, but that won't convince me to buy any (at least not the disposable inserts, I do own a couple of the covers).

I've been cloth diapering 16 months. People constantly told me I wouldn't stick with it, it would be too much work, etc. Turns out, its my favorite laundry to do. I wash 2-3 times a week. It's really no big time suck. I think I spend more time on diapering forums than I do on diapers! My first son was in disposable diapers and had blowouts multiple times a day for months. I was washing poopy clothes anyway; I should have just switched to cloth. With my younger son, he had maybe 5 blowouts ever and all were due to user error.

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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

I quite like this article. Maybe it will be helpful to you (says the nursing student and reproductive cancer survivor).

A quick little excerpt:
Of greater concern to many is the presence of dioxin, a highly toxic carcinogen and endocrine disruptor, in disposable diapers. Dioxin is a byproduct of the chlorine bleaching process, and the Archives of Disease in Childhood reports that trace amounts of dioxin are present on disposables. Some diaper services use chlorine bleach to whiten their cloth diapers, but conscientious consumers can ask questions to avoid those services.

In addition, two recent studies have pointed to possible links between disposables and asthma, as well as infertility later in life.

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