View Poll Results: How much time doe you spend (ACTUALLY) playing with your child each day?
30 minutes or less 25 20.33%
30 minutes to 1 hour 26 21.14%
1-2 hours 28 22.76%
More than 2 hours 42 34.15%
Other 2 1.63%
Voters: 123. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

3+ hours interacting. An hour-hour and a half playing!


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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

It's funny, I feel really bad about this, but reading through the thread makes me feel better. I "interact" a lot, pretty much all day, but if I "play", I'm bored in five minutes. A shape sorter does not keep me entertained - I have my shapes mastered already. But we might go to the zoo, look at all the animals, talk about all of them, what sounds do they make, etc - but when we get to the playground, I get my phone out and surf. :-)
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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

I'm with the kids all day, we talk, read and do school work; but by the time they are done with school I am ready for a break and so are they. We don't play together a whole lot but they are 10 and 6 and have each other for company. That isn't to say we never play together but it is less common now that they are older than it was when they were toddlers. I'm not nearly as much fun now that they don't need me and I admit I'm not into playing. I will take them out and play catch or dig in the dirt if the weather is decent. I love to go to the park, ride scooters or bikes or fly kites, but I don't just play. I would rather read to them or talk. Luckily they are both at an age where they don't mind that so much. I will admit that even when Kearnan was a baby I probably spent far more time reading to him than actually playing with him. I'm just not so hot at games. Still if you count the 3-4 hours we spend on school and reading each day plus 2 hours of TKD or skating (depending on the day) we spend lots of time interacting together as a family.
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DS is an only child atm, and so attached to me it's unreal. Even if I wanted to not play (believe me, it gets old with him being 1yr and loving repetitive things!), he wouldn't allow it rofl. I don't think it's a bad mama trait to not be into playing 24/7. Sometimes my brain hits mush mode and I need adult stimulation, or a break. And I love playing. So I'm sure those that don't enjoy it hit that mode far earlier.

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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

Depends on the day. I usually take them to the playground everyday (depending on weather) and I'll chase them around. At home, if they bring a book or toy up to me, I'll play with them until they get bored of me haha. I think I may not spend as much time playing with them since they have each other to play games
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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

we don't play as much as we "hang". Most nights all the girls come sit on my bed with me, and we have the tv/computer on, and we brush each other hair, or the girls give me "massages with lotion" (more like my 2 y/o putting an entire bottle of lotion on my leg). 3 of my girls are older, and my toddler loves to do what they do. She LOVES to brush my hair. She constantly comes to me and goes "hair, hair" because she wants me to put my hair down so she can brush it. except her brushing HURTS lol. But I let her do it anyway. I really like our hanging time. the older girls chat away and the baby just sits on my lap and watches everyone. They'll tell me about books they are reading, or this and that. We go to the library often and swimming lessons 4x a week right now, and I involve them in my ebay store. They go shopping with me and my 2 y/o "helps" take pictures (she gets her own white board and camera and puts things on them and thinks she's taking pics.

My 2 y/o doesn't really play 2 y/o type things. I say she's "one of the girls" now, instead of one of the babies. If the girls are reading books, she's reading books. If the girls are playing the wii, she's playing the wii. If the girls are listening to music, she's listening to music. She follows my 6 y/o around the house yelling "TES! TES!" all day long.

So, to answer the question I don't actually PLAY with them hardly at all. My 2 oldest have no interest in playing and rather be talking or reading or listening to music or using an electronic. The only thing I actually PLAY with the older girls is board or card games. They don't play barbies or blocks or anything like that. My 2 y/o wants to do whatever they do, and my baby just wants to nurse. But, we spend a lot of time interacting, talking and being together. My 9 and 6 y/o read to me, but again that's not really playing. I read to my toddler when she wants (as in doesn't slam the book shut haha). Mainly we do a lot of talking. My girls love to talk, all at the same time, and half the time I get lost and have to have them all start over.

This has changed over the course of the years and the dynamics of the kids. When it was just my oldest 2 as toddlers, they required a lot of playing. I am interested to see what happens when the baby gets older. I wonder if my current toddler will play with her or not. Even though she's closest in age to her,she's already developed the big girl mentality and a strong bond with her older sisters (especially my 6 y/o). Or perhaps my baby will become "one of the girls" sooner than expected too.
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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

I voted my weekday amount which would be 30 mminutes to an hour (weekends would be hours). They are sleeeping when I leave and by the time I pick everyone up, make dinner, play a little and get them in the bath, it is their bedtime.

I work M-F fulltime and actually feel terribly guilty about not being able to stay home with my children

Unfortunately, I make twice what my partner makes, so barring a miracle, things are not likely to change.
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I really have no idea, I feel I should more & I feel guilty about it too, but ds is only 18 months so it's hard to play with him when he really doesn't play. I am planning on starting daily activities in the morning as soon as I get my act together. But we go outside, the library, play gym, swim lessons. I also read to him, & bathtime is always a fun one on one time. DH also wrestles with him often & they think that is fun.

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I interact with my kids all day. But I probably really play with them a total of 4 hours daily, broken up throughout the day. I think it's important to play with my kids, but I also think it's important that they're able to play independently (or with each other), without me. If mommy is constantly playing with them, how will they react when they go to school and have to do some independent play, KWIM?

I'm including arts & crafts, reading time, swimming, etc in those 4 hours .
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Re: How much time do you spend playing with your child?

Less than 30 minutes. I'm their mom, not their playmate.

I used to feel guilty about being bored trying to play with DS, but then I realized my parents did not sit around stacking blocks and pushing trains around. And I turned out ok. My parents didn't ignore us or anything, but they also didn't play every day. I have memories of of my dad playing catch in the yard with me and my mom playing scrabble with us. That's about it. But they were always there and interacted a ton with us. But they didn't play barbies.

I do lots of things with my kids, but playing isn't one of them. Except for board games or card games. I can do that.

I snuggle them, talk to them, bathe them, hold them, let them sleep with me when they need to, sing to them, read to them, teach them, do chores with them, eat with them, take them places, invite their friends over...they don't need any more than that, IMO.
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