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Water Birth Of Charlotte Hope

I was dreaming about having contractions late night/early morning on 6/7/13. At 4:45 am I woke up with a real contraction. I went to the bathroom and had 3-4 more and decided they were too painful to stay in bed. I woke Tony up and told him I was going downstairs. I went through contractions on the birth ball. They were 4 minutes apart lasting a minute or more. I figured this was probably "it"! I was vocalizing through my contractions on the ball until 6:45 am when I woke Tony and told him to get Sammy off to daycare. Sammy gave me a hug and kiss and went on her way. Tony came back home and I asked him to clean the bathroom. He got the toilet done before I needed him by me. We asked the doulas to come over and they got here around 8:30 am and 9 am. We had 2 doulas because one had just finished with her doula training and needed hours. Stacie was the first to arrive (the newly trained one). She helped me relax parts of my body I didn't know were tense while Tony did counter pressure on my lower back. We would chat between contractions and it was very calm. Elizabeth came at 9 am. She brought some massage things and a big bag of tricks. Everyone continued to support me through my contractions. Tony doing counter pressure or holding my hands while Elizabeth would put a massager on my mid-back and say nice things like "you can do it" "you're doing great" "it’s almost done" (I loved that part and think it meant the most coming from her) and Stacie would fan me during all contractions. Between contractions they made sure I ate and emptied my bladder. All of this continued until Elizabeth got a call from her mom (who was babysitting her two kids) who got locked out of the house. She went and let them in and came back. She asked how things were and I asked when we should go to the birth center. I still was in denial about how far along I was. The doulas were saying I was probably starting transition since I was contracting every minute or so and double peaking sometimes. I continued having breaks of 1 minute between contractions so I thought it was too easy and I'd be at a 4 when I got to the birth center. Finally, we decided to go in. We called at 11 to tell them we were on our way and it would be 15 min or so. Well...I had a couple contractions on the way out the door and some outside before getting to the van. I had some in the van on the way. The parking lot to the birth center was FULL so I got out of the van and had some contractions on the ball outside while the doulas and tony parked the cars. I think someone was with me the whole time but I don't remember. I had a contraction on the way into the birth center and finally we were there. I think it was around 11:45 am. Our birth photographer (Rachel) met us there.

We were met at the counter and were told our doulas had to stay with our stuff while they checked me in an exam room. We got into the exam room and I felt so uncomfortable without them that I told tony to go get them. He snuck them back somehow and I instantly felt relief with everyone back together. I nearly cried when they told me I couldn't have them in there with me. The midwife checked me and said I was an 8 but said she would say 7 “just to be safe” (whatever that meant). I couldn't believe I was in transition!!!! This labor was SO different than Sam's. Having breaks between contractions was an amazing thing!! Anyway, we were taken back to the red room (my favorite). I labored on the ball while they ran the tub water. My photographer did my hair for me since it had fallen down. I ate some pretzel sticks and peanut butter. I also went to the bathroom. I got in the tub and it felt amazing. Contractions were more manageable and the warm water was so nice. I had 5-6 contractions in the water. I still had breaks between contractions and could chat and laugh with my doulas, Tony and the photographer. I was feeling more pressure so someone went and got the midwife. Here is where my memory fades because all of this happened so fast. The midwife came in. All of a sudden my water broke and I announced it to the room. Instantly I freaked out, the pressure was SO intense. My body started pushing. I remember the midwife saying that she was going to check me but "let's just have a baby instead." Someone went to find a nurse and everyone else was trying hard to get my attention to calm down. I think I was more scared than I've ever been before. Scared that I was not dilated enough and was going to push on a not ready cervix messing everything up. I was scared the midwife didn't seem ready (her gloves weren't on) and it HURT! Scared because I couldn't stop pushing since my body was doing it for me. Finally, Elizabeth got my attention and I stared into her eyes and calmed down a bit while she said "this is normal". All this time I was being told not to push and to motor boat my mouth...yikes that was anything but easy and I don't think I did well at ALL! Finally I was given the ok to push and Charlotte Hope was born in 2-3 pushes. It was all very fast from water breaking to Charlotte being born was like 4 min max but it seemed like so much happened in those 2-4 minutes. I helped pull Charlotte up onto my chest. I didn't hear until later that her cord was wrapped around her leg. They unwrapped it and let the cord stop pulsing before Tony cut it. I had some bleeding so they gave me pitocin and stitched me up. Tony and the doulas helped me hold Charlotte skin to skin until the midwife was done. We then were able to view pictures the photographer took since she had a break while they were working on me. She made a slideshow of a few images she had already edited. We all cried. We took a group picture and then enjoyed more skin to skin time. Charlotte was able to breast feed during that time and I was OVER THE MOON excited! I could feel she was doing it right! I cried happy tears. It was the perfect end to a perfect birth story!


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Congrats mama! Wonderful birth!
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Re: Water Birth Of Charlotte Hope

Congrats!! Sounds amazing!!
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Re: Water Birth Of Charlotte Hope

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Re: Water Birth Of Charlotte Hope

What an awesome story! Congrats.
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Re: Water Birth Of Charlotte Hope

Congratulations!! What a blessing!!!
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Re: Water Birth Of Charlotte Hope

thanks for sharing
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