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naomi's mama
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What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

Need some ideas on what kinds of lessons or clubs, activities I can sign my kids up for. When I was growing up, I only took piano so I'm not sure what else there is. I have a 5 yr old DD and almost 3 yr old DS. They are bright but I want them to get some creativity in their life too. I want to try some things and limit their extra activities to 1-2 on things they really like and are good at. So, I need ideas. I'll start the list. Other ideas? Cost is not a big issue.

Girl scouts/boy scouts
Soccer, t- ball at the YMCA


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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

Are you looking for something physical or more artistic? Any kind of needs or interests that your children have? I chose physical activities for my children because my oldest needed the scheduled physical activity or he didn't get any (homeschooled so he doesn't have PE either) and he has special needs that limit the kinds of physical activities he can do or is good at but he still needs them. My youngest is the opposite and needs more physical activity than the average child so having sports is good for him. I wanted discipline for both of them. So are you looking for something like one physical one artistic/musical. Or two physical or do you not really care?

I like martial arts. I'm not a fan of team sports because they are so competitive and I don't like what is taught. I've also never really been a sports person. I wanted my kids to learn self respect, control, discipline, and coordination. These were all things that were very important for my oldest who is ASD but also important to my youngest. My youngest recently started with roller derby as well but skating of any sort can be a lot of fun. We would love to do music lessons but do not have time right now and probably won't for quite some time.
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

Have your kids expressed interest in anything?

My DS takes skating/ice hockey lessons and gymnastics. He loves both activities. This summer he is going to start playing lacrosse (again, at his request.) We tried soccer through the town's rec league, but that didn't go so well for him.

DD took dance all last year, but wasn't in love with it. She begged to do cheerleading, so I recently signed her up, and she has been loving that. Her cheer practice includes an hour of tumbling each week, so I pulled her from regular gymnastics, but she's been asking to go back to that as well. This fall she said she wants to do soccer.

I really let my kids guide me, but I do make them do something physical. I wasn't made to play sports as a child, and as an adult, I regret that. Doing physical activity is still not second nature to me, I have to make myself go to the gym and exercise. I wish there were some sport I could play on a rec team or something to keep in shape.

I do know several kids who take Tae Kwon Do/Karate and love it.
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

We really like TaeKwonDo. It's been great for both kiddos enrolled, flexible scheduling, work at their own pace, character building, etc.

Check around and see what your local YMCA has to offer during the summer. Often times they have day camps that have various concentrations to give you an idea. I'm meaning to look at them for ideas and not enroll them in day camp.

Is there a children's museum/science center nearby? They often have science based courses for kids.

Kindermusik! Great for both ages you have right now.

Do you have a local university/college? Call them and see if they have some programs for kids.


Do you have a zoo nearby? Again, often times they have programs for kids.

We live right around the corner from a BMX track where there are regular races for kids.

And down the street from that is the civic center with an ice rink where you can sign your kids up for skating or hockey.

And don't forget that most libraries also have special things for the kids. (Maybe not what you had in mind, but I figured I'd throw it out there.)
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

My kids seem to benefit the most from active/physical classes (probably because we do a lot of reading/craft-related things at home and they're definitely ACTIVE kids). Both absolutely love gymnastics. Swimming was meh for all of us - as in, I hated dragging them out and dealing with all it entails in Jan and it seemed like a lot of effort (snacks, changing, showering, changing again, driving there and back) for 30 minutes (while gymnastics is an hour and minimal effort). During the summer we do swimming lessons etc.

My son (7) also loves Aikido and all organized sports... really if money (and time) was not an issue at all, he'd probably be happiest with a minimum of 3-4 activities a week (on top of school).
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Something musical and a team activity. Ask what they want to do and try that. We do gymnastics and ballet..tried soccer..lots of mommy and me music classes but when dd is 5 she will have to pick an instrument.
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

Gymnastics to me are the best but it depends on the instructor (at least for us).

My second's would be soccer as its really popular here and I'd really like to do Karate (we plan to once my son's speech comes in more). I'd ask the kids what they like and see if you can do a trial class.
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

What are they into? At 5 I let my DS pick within reason. Let them have some say. Our general goal is at least one thing in the "physical activity" area and one in "enrichment". So this year DS did Piano and Soccer. DD only did gymnastics. This Fall DS will continue with Piano and we will look over the list together for something active to do. he might also do chess. DD will do a tumbling and dance and a music class.
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

Gymnastics is awesome. It uses so many muscles in the body that kids who leave gymnastics can usually pick up another sport easily. This is not always the case, though, as with my oldest daughter...she doesn't have enough coordination to play sports that require equipment. She does run cross country and track now, though. I love gymnastics and put all 4 kids in at a young age. Now, my 2 older girls aren't in gymnastics, but do take tumbling...the oldest runs and the other one is in soccer & dance. The two younger boys still do gymnastics along with their side sports--football and baseball.
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Re: What lessons should i enroll my kids in?

DD's very favorite was gymnastics. We do swimming as a life skill to keep the kids safe. She just started karate this week and loves it. She did dance for awhile, but was "eh" about it. After 2 years, we let her stop. I'm an orchestra teacher, so we do piano at home. It helps prepare kids for whatever instrument they end up playing at school. We did Lil Kickers soccer and she liked it in the beginning, but hated the running. She played on a team last fall and didn't like it, and she played t-ball this spring and can't catch the ball, so it wasn't any fun to her. She is more into sports that don't involve running.

She's starting kindy, so we will do girl scouts in the fall. I was in girl scounts and DH was in boy scouts, so our kids will do them.
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