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For me, it isn't that bad. Admittedly my husband stays home with the kids, so he takes care of a lot of the household stuff while I'm at work, and I never have to get the kids ready to go. They are still asleep when I leave. If I had to get them up and ready to go to daycare and then drop them off/pick them up, it would add a little stress. But as it is, I just get up, get myself ready, and then leave.

I work M-F, 7:30-4:00 and my commute is about 40 minutes one way. I love my job. I went to school to work in science and that is what I do. My boss also has four kids and is extremely understanding about any time off that I might need to take. My workplace is very laid back and I get lots of sick and vacation time. Sure, it is tough being away from the kids. But if I'm being completely honest, I'm not cut out to be a SAHM. I need a break sometimes and I need adult interaction. My job gives me both, and I'm a better mom because of it.


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Re: WOHM's

I love working! I work a crazy job and my hours are flexible. Business hours are 8-430 but I can come in at 10 and leave at 630 or whatever. Only time I have to be in early is if I have court and I have to check in by 845AM. I am obligated to work 37.5 hours but I can get overtime if I go beyond that even though I am salaried! The perk about the flexible hours is I can take off as needed, and just make it up the next day. Yesterday I left at 2 to get my hair done, so I just stayed a little late today.
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Re: WOHM's

You can do it. I work M-F 7:30-2:00. Next school year it will be M-F 7:45-3:30 plus a 40 min commute each way. When DS was a baby I missed him like crazy and would cry when I had to leave him. Now he wants to go to school and likes to be social. That fact makes my mommy guilt way less. It is good to make money and be independent. It is stressful to be a working mom and have to cook, clean, and run errands like anyone else. It will be really helpful for you to have the support of your parents. I wish mine were closer.
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Re: WOHM's

You can do is very difficult somedays, but it is also very nice somedays.
A few days of the FT week, I can not WAIT to go to It's like trading stressers, if that makes sense. But it ALWAYS feels good to come back home to my little ones.
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Re: WOHM's

A fabulous daycare is my number one priority. You have that covered. An understanding boss and some flexibility at work are my #2 priorities. If you have those things, you will all be ok.

Congratulations on the new job.
I work out of the home 40 hours per week and we have a ton of evening and weekend activities; so if you PM me and I don't respond right away please just be patient! Thank you! Cathy
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It is hard I work M - F, 8 - 4. I only have a ten min. commute, so not so bad. I second the dinner thing. I hate coming home and having to make dinner. So crockpot meals or something quick. I spend lots of time after work just playing with the girls. I cherish weekends! I am a teacher, so I get weeks off here & there, but its always a struggle to get back into the routine. Bedtime routines are a must!
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It is hard sometimes, I generally find that just getting out of the house is hardest for me, once I'm there it's all good. I work in a NICU and work 12 hour over night shifts 2 nights a week. I have a 1.5 hour commute. When it's busy my time flies by, and I do genuinely enjoy what I do.
I will say I enjoy working the long night shifts because I'm home during the day to help at the kids school, I sacrifice sleep sometimes but it's totally worth it to me
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Having a job you love and a fabulous daycare provider coupled with a routine are key. Dh and I WOH, I work typically 3-12 hour shifts a week and often overtime as an ED nurse. My hours very but if I work the early shift our routine is:

5:00a-I get up, get showered/dressed/hair and makeup. Pack my lunch and make bottles for the baby if I didn't do it the night before (do as much the night before as possible)
5:45a- wake up the baby (12mon), change diaper and dress her and nurse.
6:00a- 11yo dd and 8yo dd get up and get ready. 6:15a- leave the house
6:20a- drop kids off at daycare
6:40a- arrive at work

If I work the later shift 11a-11p morning are much more relaxed!

Good luck mama!
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Re: WOHM's

I am 7:30-4:30 with a 40 minute commute as a middle school teacher.

Not gonna lie--there are days it is hard. You will find a routine that works for you after a few weeks, though. Lay out as much as you can the night before. Make their lunches the night before. Basically, I have it set so I grab the kiddos out of bed, throw their clothes on, and we are good to go. Their bags are already either sitting by the front door or in the car before I go to bed the night before.

A meal calendar is awesome. That way, whoever is home first already knows what is for dinner and can get it started.

I listen to K-Love on my commute. I used to listen to the news on the radio, but find that k-love is positive, and keeps me in a much better mood going to work, and helps me put what happened at work behind me coming home. It seems like such a little thing, but having a positive commute really put me in a better place.

I do at least one load of wash every night. It keeps us from getting backed up.

My house isn't clean. I just decided that I'd rather spend my Saturdays at the children's museum and the zoo making memories with the kids instead of cleaning.
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Re: WOHM's

I went back to work when my twins were 8 weeks. The one thing that I think made it easier is that while I worked DH was at home w/the babies. Then we switched off in the afternoons, so after I'm home he goes into work. I think NOT taking them to daycare or something of that sort made it easier. Was it easy to leave them absolutely not. Is it easy to leave them now (2 years old) absolutely not. All I want to do is be at home with them but it isn't an option for us. It is hard to leave them and to miss them all day. But you have to take care of your family.

Obvisously it is hard keeping up with all of the house work, cooking, laundry, etc when you're gone for work all day. But if you never let it get ahead of you you'll be fine. I do 3 loads of laundry/day. I clean after they're in bed everyday. Our house never gets 'messy' and our laundry never piles up. That helps a lot.

But seems to me you're wondering more about if it is always so hard to leave your kids and the answer is absolutely yes. I don't cry all the way to work anymore, but if they're crying for me when I leave I cry too....and crying just thinking about it. I don't ever want to be away from them again
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