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My Inspirational VBAC Story

I know it's long but It was almost 2 days between my water breaking and delivery.

On Monday, February 18th at 2am, I woke up to an excess of fluid. Having been through this before with Isaac, I was decently sure it was my water leaking. I woke Andrew up crying. I was just so worried that about what would happen and how all the events would unfold. I went back to sleep for a few hours and finally gave up around 5 am and started getting ready for a long day. It was Janet's (my mil)birthday! We called her on Skype. During this phone call, I was leaking a lot. At one point I sat in the recliner and had a really large gush of fluid… At this point, I started texting my friend about watching Isaac. I finished laundry, dishes, and got packed and headed out the door. I was so anxious but was just praying that the small amount of contractions I was having would be good enough to start labor on my own.

I got to the hospital around 2 pm. I wasn't dilated and was barely effaced but the baby was low. My cervix at this point was posterior. They admitted me and put me in a room to see what would happen. I was walking and sitting on a ball for a few hours. I was having contractions, but nothing consistent or substantial. The doctor came around after his office hours and checked me and decided he would go home, change, and shower and then come back to start an induction. I was still unchanged. He got back to the hospital and went to sleep, and we started pitocin at 8 pm the 18th.

This was the beginning of a long night. I continued to walk around my room and sit on the ball. Anything to get things moving and get baby to push on my cervix. Andrew fell asleep and I let him sleep until I was having a hard time resting through contractions. Around 2 am, they got really bad. I went to use the restroom and didn't make it before I started vomiting. After I was done with that, I used the restroom and suddenly everything was more tolerable. This happened again around 6 am and at that point I told Andrew, I wasn't sure I could handle the pain anymore. He convinced me to wait until sunrise and see how I felt at that point. I tried to use the restroom a couple times with no success. The contractions just kept getting worse and I was no longer able to relax during them. After the doctor woke up, we decided he was going to check me, then we would see how we would proceed. My pitocin was at about 11 ml/hr at this point. My contractions never got to a point where they were regular enough to be in a good labor pattern.

Around 8 am, I got the horrible news that though my cervix had moved to anterior, it was still closed. I was so frustrated, and at this point I knew a csection was probably inevitable. Andrew and I discussed our options. I could get an epidural and see if I could then relax and make some progress. The doctor said we would talk after he was done in the office and if there was still no progress, we would just do the csection at 5pm. I kind of felt like the epidural was just to postpone the csection so that I could rest and be awake and alert to care for my daughter.

Cue epidural! Ah, much better. It only took on one side which I actually really liked. I was able to move around a little, the contractions were tolerable since it was only half the pain. If I pushed my button for an extra dose, the pain would subside enough for me to rest. I rested a little then started back to work. I got up on my knees and faced the back of the bed and ate some ice. I eventually made my way to laying down and fell asleep for a while. I had some trouble with my blood pressure and was a little light headed. The pitocin dose was lowered to 7 because the baby was having some small variables. She was recovering ok, but they were being very cautious. She started looking better and they started slowly increasing pitocin again. She didn't have any other trouble after that.

Around 4, the nurse came in and told me that she was going to check me and if there is still no progress, we would stop pitocin and start preparing for the csection. I was 2 and 80... progress was so unexpected!!! The nurse said she had no clue what the dr was going to say and that she would call him and see how to proceed. I knew I was probably going to have to beg the dr for more time to see if there would be more progress over the next few hours. At this point my water had been broken for 26 hours!

After the dr was done with her office hours, she came over and we hashed out our new plan. She was going to let me keep going! No fight needed. She said she wants to see 1 cm every 3 hours(4 hours at the most). As long as the baby and I were doing perfect and showing no signs of distress, we would keep trying. She said since I was not in active labor, technically, I could still have clear fluids. I was getting my husband to go to Olive Garden so that I could have a good meal post delivery. She was ok with me eating Zuppa Tuscana soup broth. At about 630 pm I enjoyed the most amazing soup of my life. I hadn't really been hungry until that point. Andrew was eating my food from the hospital, and it didn't bother me a bit. Baby girl really loved the energy boost and started squirming and moving a whole lot. I rested a little more, and I think Andrew took a nap.

Around 9, the nurse came in and she said my contractions looked like the baby might be face up and having a hard time flipping. She turned me over into a nice comfy position on my belly. It was hard to get the monitors to pick up from this position. She spent the next hour trying to get the monitors to pick up both baby and contractions. While working on the contraction monitor, she asked me to tell her when my contractions were starting and stopping. The problem was that I was so tired, I couldn't stay awake through them. I had hit my epi button because that position made contractions very painful. She decided at 10 to let me rest for 30 min, then she would come back and try to get the contraction monitor into a better position.

At 1030 pm, I woke up, and told Andrew that I felt some pressure. It kind of felt like an air bubble, and I didn't feel it for long. The nurse came in a minute later and it was time to check me again. To everyone's surprise... I was complete and ready to push. The nurse said my contractions had slowed way down, and she was so worried about me in the hallway. She said it was either all over or all done. It amazed me how much she could tell based on contraction patterns.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I had at this moment in time. I was amazed that in 4.5 hours, I went from almost hopeless to elated. She said it was going to take some time to push because the baby was still high. They called the doctor and we worked on pushing through some contractions. My contractions were actually pretty far apart which was nice because the baby was having decelerations. I was on oxygen the whole time I was pushing, but I was also on my side and not my back, which was really nice.

While I was pushing, I declined touching the baby's head or looking when her head come out. Andrew didn't look and was just focused on my face. I am happy with that, I wouldn't want him to be traumatized. ;P

Leah Christine arrived at 1130 pm on February 19th after about 36 hours of labor. She was 6 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long. She nurses so well, and I am very proud of my birth experience. The doctors could not have been more supportive of me and my wishes. The nursing staff was amazing and I am so lucky to have started and ended with my favorite nurse. I was especially thankful for the nurse in the office who was in the doctors ears about supporting me while they were in the office for the day. She called me a few times in labor to tell me she was rooting for me and happy that things went well.

Praise the Lord for his protection and guidance for me, my husband, and all the medical staff involved in turning my TOLAC into a VBAC!


Mom to Isaac born 5-24-11 and Leah 2-19-13
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Re: My Inspirational VBAC Story

Great story. I am so happy you got your VBAC!
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Good for you! Supportive doc and nurses make all the difference.
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Re: My Inspirational VBAC Story

Thank you for sharing your story, gives me hope.
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Re: My Inspirational VBAC Story

I love reading vbac stories! I hope to be able to share my own in July
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Congrats mama!
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Re: My Inspirational VBAC Story

Congrats! Thanks for sharing.
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