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I would have no idea what to do with a girl. Apparently my momma didn't either. We never did the make up hair thing together. I wore pants a shorts more often than dresses and skirts.
I would defiantly have to you tube the girlie hair styles for a little girl


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Originally Posted by blackberry75
I have three boys-that I can handle. No need to teach them fashion or hair/makeup, which is good because I've no sense for those things whatsoever. Now my Bean is only 3m, but there will come a day when she may ask me how to put on eyeshadow or which skirt to wear w/ "this" top. WTH am I gonna do?!! I only know how to put makeup on in theory, it never really looks that good when I do it. Hopefully she'll be a tomboy. Having a girl is already proving more challenging than I thought. She's gotta be the only girl in my friends group wearing plain t-shirts and jeans.
Theres hope! Not for you but for her lol. I am not good at girly. Which sux for my FOUR girls (no boys) :O.

Dd3 is the girliest, refusing to wear anything but skirts/dresses (shes almost 5). Obviously, they are born with these tendencies because she sure didn't learn it from me!

I have family and some teenagers (ktmelody's) to help me out when I need a girly liaison . So far, so good - they are 9.5, almost 7, almost 5, and 4m. Still alive, in good health, and fairly well adjusted (most of them lol). We shall see what the teen years hold for us...I can only hope that my general malaise towards 'typical teen girl' behaviors and traits rubs off on them.
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Re: Oh crud, my poor daughter

She'll figure it out. I'm not a girly girl, but my 5yo only wears skirts/dresses, always wants her hair braided/fixed and once used chapstick for eye shadow.
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Re: Oh crud, my poor daughter

I have a daughter and I'm totally relying on her friends and two aunts to teach her what she needs to know if she chooses to have an interest in makeup/hair/fashion. Me and makeup do not mix.
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Don't count on her being a Tom boy. I have a girly girl and 4 boys. She'll beat them at any game she'll just be looking really frilly while doing it.

What I didn't know I youtubed. There is a video for everything.
Here to help if I can.
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Re: Oh crud, my poor daughter

I am the biggest tom boy. I dont wear dresses or make up, my idea of "doing" my hair is pulling it back in a poneytail or bun. My 3 DD on the other hand is a girly girl, the more pink, sparkles, and frills it has the more she loves it. I dont have a clue what I am going to do with her.
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Even if you were "in the know" now, you wouldn't be by the time she gets to that age. Don't fret. You'll find ways to connect and outlets to get advice from if she asks something you don't know.

Besides, an excuse to have a girl's day out and get pampered while teaching her stuff? Pft. Count me in.

ETA: I was a huge tomboy, still am really, and my sister is not in ANY way. My mom isn't girly at all. My sister learned her fashion from magazines and friends, and her make up from friends as well. I taught myself make up starting from a Bobbi Brown book, and then experimented. While Jr. High was ...well, a disaster for my make up skills, from HS to now I am amazing at it. No idea why. I just figured out what worked for me.

And plus, think about it. You won't have the identical same complexion, coloring, body type, etc as your DD. So either way it would be new territory. It's really not that scary if you take it one girly moment at a time.

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Re: Oh crud, my poor daughter

I use to be a girly girl but since I've had kids, not so much. I love watching bubzbeauty on youtube though. She has hair and make tutorials (and on other topics as well) and I have gotten some really great tips.

Just try not to stress about it I'm the mom standing in the toy aisle around the boys birthdays asking dh what little boys like to play with. I am getting better but having grown up in a house of 4 girls (I have 3 sisters) girl stuff took over.
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