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Re: Question for moms of twins...

I second the EZ-2 nurse pillow.

Our swings and bouncers were great - we put one on each floor since DD liked the bouncers and DS the swings.

A large basket with a handle to keep things close by - I kept my phones (house and cell), diapers, wipes, blankets for swaddles, pen, paper, book, mommie snacks and water bottle in it so everything I needed would be by my side when nursing or if the babies fell asleep on the nursing pillow.

I never used my wrap, couldn't figure out how to get both babies in it at the same time.

Good luck and congrats!


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Re: Question for moms of twins...

Having some kind of sling, just whatever is comfy for you is a must. I really like my maya wrap and wish I had gotten it when the twins were tiny instead of closer to 6 months. It is great for holding one baby so that they go to sleep and being able to still comfort, change diapers or feed the other baby. Plus I like the maya wrap because I can position a baby inside it to nurse and be covered up.

I like the sleeper sacks or cotton gowns, they were the easiest for changing diapers.

I would gladly tell you more from my experience, but recommend finding someone that has had a baby in your local nicu. Also talk to your doctor about how they anticipate things going if the babies are premature. I did natural birth (with an epidural) and my twins were 34 weeks. When they were born I did not get to be with the babies they took them away to the nicu, and they were in the nicu for 3 weeks. It was a very tough few weeks. And emotionally I did not feel prepared for how things went.

Make sure you get infant carseats that are ergonomically designed, either the triangle handle like baby trend, or the ones that have a bended part that makes them easier to hold. For holding two car seats they are just way easier.

Good luck and twins are difficult but they can also be super rewarding. Mine are now 4 and most of the time play super well together. Good luck and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!
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Re: Question for moms of twins...

Congrats! We have twin girls. They are 9 wks old today. It goes by so fast. So far the Rock and Plays have been very helpful. I would also suggest a ridiculous number of cloth diaper burp rags, at least 8 bottles/nipples (I would rather have 20. They go through about 8 bottles/day/each so if you have 16 you could get through the day without having to wash them several times. Right now, we wash bottles probably at least three times a day just to keep a head.) We also love our video monitor. We tried having them sleep in our room for several weeks but in the end it's much better for all of us that they have their own room. We use Adian and Anias swaddle blankets and the white noise machine every night. I really feel like both of those have really helped. Congrats again and good luck!
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Re: Question for moms of twins...

We used our bouncy chairs a lot so I could shower, cook etc with out holding a baby. The Moby wrap was great when they were really little and I could carry both at the same time, switched to Ergos when they got to about 15 lbs. When the girls were really little they like the swing but quickly grew out of it at about 4 months, it was nice in the beginning! Then there is the normal baby stuff that we used all the time, we had a ton of swaddle blankets, pacis and socks. For some reason those items disappear so stock up now!
I WISH we had a snap n' go stroller, it would have made life easier. Those first few trips to the grocery store by myself were interesting...
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My girls are 6 weeks and DH is deployed. Feel free to pm me!

I have babies on me so I have to be quick

LOVE the SwaddleMe blankets - my girls sleep amazing with them. I have an up and down changing center, but also keep a nursing pillow on each level so i don't have to run back to get one. Also have the bassinet upstairs and pack n play down so I always have a place to put a sleeping baby. I'll post more as I think of it!
~Diane DH 6YO DD and twin girls Valor & Lily 6-29-12

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Re: Question for moms of twins...

One thing we were totally unprepared for was that I couldn't climb the stairs for 2 weeks after my c-section. The babies' bedroom is upstairs and that is where we had the changing table, all of their clothes, etc. Have these things set up on your main level well before you're expecting your babies. We had to rearrange our house the day we came home from the hospital.

I loved our First Years co-sleeper. We kept the babies in our bed until they outgrew this at about 6 weeks. It has hard sides so you don't have to worry about rolling onto them and it just keeps them in place which was very handy

We bought an oversized bassinet which is what they slept in in our room after the co-sleeper. It was really great because both babies fit in it until about 3 months. We'd also carry it out to the living room for them to nap in during the day.

We did do the snap & go stroller but to the person who mentioned grocery shopping with that...I don't know how you did it. If I ever had to go grocery shopping with them I couldn't get a cart or even a basket so I'd take two reusable shopping bags and I could only buy as much as I could get and carry in those bags. So, we did our grocery shopping as a family on the weekends.

Also, I second the breast pump. I bought a Medela Symphony before my babies were born because I'd also heard that sometimes the hospital doesn't have enough for everyone there! I ended up EPing for 15 months. So, it was a great investment....and BTW it did cost about $1000 but I used it for 15 months and resold it and cleared about $850 on it. Which is the cost of 2 months of renting at my hospital!
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