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Re: Violent Video Games?

My DH lets our boys play it. I hate it so much, but we get in a huge fight everytime, so I give up. Hate it, hate it, hate it! They are actually sick of it though, so I win.


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My dh used to let ds ( 8 at the time)play even though I threw a fit over it. That is until he started seeing changes in ds's attitude. What did he think was going happen when he let an 8 year old play for hours killing people, hearing cuss words, etc.
Now dh is not "allowed"( for lack of a better word) to play it or any other games like it when ds is around. Ds now plays Mario, sonic, Lego games, etc
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Re: Violent Video Games?

Nope...and in fact we've pretty much stopped all gaming in the house. DD just gets grumpy after awhile even playing for an hour that's age appropriate. Even sold my XBOX360 with the MW3 I bought within three months. Just a time suck that reminds me of the gaming days in college.

Although there are worse games out there in terms of violence. At least with MW3 there is some strategy and unnecessary blood/gore like some other games do. Not that I'd ever let my DD or a child to play of course.
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Re: Violent Video Games?

My hubby is a gamer also and loves those games, however, he does not play them when the boys are in the room. Usually after they go to bed. No way would I allow my 7 year old to have the game. I wouldn't allow it in MY house...whatever his mom does is whatever but not in my home.

My DH would actually not allow his mom/dad to buy those games for our kids. He is pretty strict and good about knowing what they can/can't play.
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Nope not in our house.
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Originally Posted by novemberlily
Pretty sure my opinion is not popular here, but I wouldn't have an issue with it.
I don't either, sort of. There are filters to turn off so the actual game doesn't use swear words, and as long as the kid isn't allowed to play live then it's ok. IMO, playing live is not appropriate because there is a lot of foul language/innuendos used by other players. I do think 7 is a little young, my dss plays those games but he started around 10.
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Nope never. We allow mario games and zelda (old style) games for our 8 year old. They dont play much.

Thank goodness my husband doesnt play
Video games. I cannot stand violent games.
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My DH is a gamer too. I did occasionally play one of the Call of Duty games with him (just the two of us, because I would be useless playing on live lol) but he knew that the games he plays are in no way appropriate for the kids to see at all. He plays in the basement and the kids know they aren‘t allowed down there while he‘s playing. What does your DH think of him playing the game? He should be the one to step in and say if he can play it or not.
And Band of Brothers is a really awesome miniseries about WWII, but the violence is pretty graphic. Like Saving Private Ryan or something.
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Re: Violent Video Games?

No way. My hubby is a gamer, and I play too once in a while, but never with the kids awake. Those are for down time after the kids are in bed.
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Re: Violent Video Games?

my kids play the violent video games, but they are all teens. Maybe they started some of them when they were pre-teens? (XH and I divorced and then I had no control over what they saw and played at his house) and now, they play all of them. Well, not all. My 18 yr old plays Saints Row 3, but I don't let the other ones (13 and 15 play it or watch it being played).
I don't like all that crap, but they love it. And as an aside, my 18 yr old just did a college paper on violence and did it link to video games and so forth and all the research shows that violence has gone DOWN not up since violent video gaming (not bc of it, but the timing- as in, there is less violence/murders now than before there were these games).
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