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Re: Do you give baby back things that fall on the restaurant floor?

I don't give anything back that goes on the floor. Not because it is dirty but because I hate to play the "pick up" game.


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My DD (8months) drops stuff at the restaurant all the time. DH always wants to put away toys that fall on the floor but it doesn't bother me. I look it over to make sure it isn't gross and maybe wipe it off with my shirt and then give it back. If she is doing it repeatedly and obviously playing the "drop my toy" game then we take it away.

Sometimes we will attach toys to the high chair with the rings you use with car seats toys, etc... Now that DD is feeding herself so much better and is fully aware that we are eating, I'm finding the best occupier to be food. She gets some rice puffs one at a time while we are waiting. Giving it to her one at a time makes it a it of a game for her and it means shes not eating too many because it stretches out the time. If you give her too much she just tries to pick it all up and makes and big mess. And I make sure that I order something she can eat from my plate or we will order an extra veggie. The other night one asparagus spear cut into tiny pieces bought us enough time to completely finish our entrees!

Sorry if there are a lot of typos. I'm on my iPad...

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Re: Do you give baby back things that fall on the restaurant floor?

At that age, I attached everything to the high chair too. I will not give my child anything off the table as I wouldn't want to then have to eat something umpteen kids touched/used as that just grosses me out and it isn't there to play with. I used a fabric cover till around two, I always use a plastic table mat when we go out to eat (buy in bulk) and try to be very considerate when we go out - anything drops, we pick up/clean up. I don't let my kid make a mess as no one wants to see it. But, that's just me. I bring everything we need (usually as sometimes I forget) from silverware to cups as I don't expect them to cater to a child.
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salmonella. yuck. Ideally, people would wash their hands before touching them as well as animals that are handled often by varied people generally live shorter lives...[/QUOTE).
ETA-weird, my 2cents are below-
Yeah, that. Thankfully I nor my kids have ever had to deal with salmonella but I hear its just awful. Most germs/bacteria wont hurt you however that is not one of them. Not worth the risk imo.
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Ds gets things back that have been dropped on floors. I sometime have to force myself to do it, but I think it's good for them to be exposed. Gah, the sticky goopy restaurant high chairs really gross me out, but he sits in em!
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Re: Do you give baby back things that fall on the restaurant floor?

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
Kids touch and eat far more disgusting thinsg, they also crawl on the floors.

I do not use a shopping cart cover, gasp, I dont sanatize high chairs either, gasp.

Its an American germ phobia really. Kids get dirty and need to eb exposed to things-

I do not think you did anythign wrong and I would not have batted an eye. Maybe I have been in Europe too long where kids are encouraged to get dirty and germy :P
This is us sister was grossed out when I gave ds a carrot back that he dropped on the floor. I reminded her s favorite hobby at that time was licking shoes. Floor carrots were the least of my concerns.
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I have given my kids things that have fallen on the floor, but do not think the floor is not covered in unseen nasties also. The table and high chair are probably much cleaner. Think about all of the things we step in on a daily basis. Plus they spray the floors for bugs. It gets vacuumed, but not sanitized.
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Re: Do you give baby back things that fall on the restaurant floor?

I give toys/playthings back but not food at a restaurant. I actually give him food back at home that he drops on the floor. If it becomes a game of "make mommy bend over and get the toy" then I put it where he can't get it back for a while.
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Re: Do you give baby back things that fall on the restaurant floor?

I always did.

It could explain a lot of her problems though... I was not very careful when my daughter was a baby.
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Re: Do you give baby back things that fall on the restaurant floor?

I totally do this with my third child. Probably wouldn't have dared with my first
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