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Re: If cost was not an option

I would go with a nanny. However, I will say that my child stays with a SAHM and her two children, which has been wonderful too.


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Re: If cost was not an option

I have had a nanny and a traditional daycare. Both have pros and cons that you need to weigh based on your family needs. Currently the kids are with the nanny. It makes better sense for us right now, although we really did love our daycare, and they were sad to see our kids go. Our work hours changed, my son has been going thru an elimination diet that has been hard to handle at daycare (they have to have forms signed for any food group elimination), and it's actually cheaper to have them with the nanny right now.

You will probably find it helpful to make a list of what you HAVE to have from a childcare provider and see what fits your needs.
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Re: If cost was not an option

if a sahp was not an option i would hire a nanny.
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Re: If cost was not an option

If cost wasn't an option, I'd have a nanny and the kids in MDO a couple mornings a week for socialization.

(This is what I do have...but the nanny is grandma, who comes to my house)

My DS is special needs, and has a lot of behavioral needs. He attends developmental preschool, and has therapy several days a week. No traditional daycare would take him.
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I'd be stuck between Nanny and in home daycare. We've done traditional daycare and hated it - like a pp mentioned its their way or the highway. I couldn't even get them to give my dd water. They insisted since she was under 12mos (11.5mos) either I had to provide them with breastmilk (I was drying up and not responding to my pump and my dd had weaned herself to morning and evenings) or they would give her formula, which she refused to drink. I even got a doctors note and they still wouldn't give her water!
But traditional daycare is also you get what you pay for. We couldn't afford an expensive one and I think a facility that didn't have to adhere to strict federal dietary guidelines for each child so they could get federal money for food would have been willing to work with us.
In home was dandy and more flexible but if our sitter's daughter got really sick, not only did we have to stay home with our healthy daughter, but she would get sick the next day and we would have to stay home again. But with one kid it was good because the girls were close in age and became really good friends.
Now that we have two I would use a nanny. I'd already be looking at $400+ a week so why not? I would want him or her to take the kids out every day though, participate in playgroups, etc.
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I'd totally go for an attachment parenting-style nanny. We have so many local play groups and free kid programs that they'd still get the socialization but without the hassle of closing times and having to pack them all up and drive them across town.

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Re: If cost was not an option

Well the job possibility is becoming a strong possibility. They do have onsite childcare, but I guess there is a waiting list. The onsite childcare also has a preschool program. We are still really considering a nanny though. My biggest fear, although it sounds silly, is a nanny driving my kids around. Maybe because driving is dangerous? Not really sure why I have a hang-up on that aspect. That being said where have you looked for a Nanny? Also how much would I expect to pay for a Nanny for 4 days a week, maybe 5? My husband can work 4, 10 hour days and would probably do so if I get the job. I will also have the option of 4, 10hr days after the first 4 months as well, so we may only need a Nanny 3 days a week.
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Re: If cost was not an option

I would definitely hire a nanny to cover my working hours if I could.
My son is heading into Kindergarten this fall. Kindergarten crazily is only 3 hours long in our town. It seems like a step back after 2 years in all day pre school. So I am struggling to make all sorts of arrangements for his care while not in Kindergarten. Having a nanny would eridicate that.
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Re: If cost was not an option

I think I would pick a home daycare if there was one that could look after the toddler and also pick up the older one from preschool. That could be a tall order to fill though - especially if you start throwing in other criteria for the daycare (preferences on schedules, menus, activities, etc.). Second to that I guess would be nanny. Not to say anything bad about daycare centres - my son went to one and we loved it, especially as he got a bit older. It would just mean the two brothers would be separated all day. I'm having that problem right now, finding no one who provides both after-school pick-up at my son's school and also all-day care for babies.
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Re: If cost was not an option

I love my home daycare provider. She only has a few families and is great with my kids. She has another lady that comes and helps take kids to preschool, swimming lessons in summer, library, etc.
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