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How much do you pay an hour for a sitter?

I'm having trouble digesting the idea of $10/hr for a teen to sit at my house while my daughter sleeps so my husband and I can go out for a couple of hours.

Maybe it's because I used to babysit and never dreamed of charging this much.


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Re: Babysitters!

For a teenage sitter for a couple of hours most around here ask $2-5/hr per kid. We rarely have one so I'm not sure. But I've never heard of $10 an hour for a teenager. That's what nanny's around here charge though. We had a neighbor girl ask for $3 an hour which seemed fine, another couple told us they pay a girl $10/hour but they have 5 kids so that still makes sense.
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Re: Babysitters!

$10 is the norm here (because it's min wage) for college/adult sitters. Teenagers seem to get around $6.
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Re: Babysitters!

I pay about $10/hour for our 17 year old high school sitter. She lives near us, brings activities to do with the kids and is very responsible. The kids love her.

I have 3 kids. But, they are 11, 9 and 7, so we really just need someone to just make sure nothing bad happens while we are gone. The kids are pretty self sufficient, so she doesn't have a lot to do - no diapers, the kids feed themselves, brush their own teeth, etc.

I swapped babysitting with several girlfriends when the kids were little and didn't pay a sitter very often back then.
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Re: Babysitters!

wow, we are cheap skates then..... we pay our 21 year old niece $20 for 3-4 hours when dh and I go out on a date night and she keeps all 8 kids. Feeds them supper, puts them to bed, ans cleans up any mess made!
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$7/hr while the kids are awake, $6/hr after they go to sleep. I think prices will vary widely by region.

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Re: Babysitters!

I think it's regional. When I lived in Virginia I would get paid anywhere from 6-8 and hour. I haven't done much babysitting in Cali but when I have It's always been 10 and hour and thats on the lower end of things. I'm oldern ow so I would expect around 10 but if I was a teen I still wouldn't babysit for less than I could make working minimum wage at a job somewhere. It just doesn't make sense. Oh I also rememver i made about 12 an hour when I babysat in a church nursery, but that was a lot more kids and i still feel very generous pay.
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Going rate here in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley is $15-$20 hr. Rates here haven't changed much since I was in high school a decade ago... I was getting $10-$20 hr depending on the family. And by 2000, I had $100 per night minimum.

Childcare here is $1,600-$2,200 for 2 kids.
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Re: Babysitters!

I also have trouble digesting the idea of paying $10/hr. From what I've heard from others $10 is the normal minimum/hour around here. I've only hired a sitter once and paid $10. I'm so thankful to have family local. Also I've watched a friend's kids after bedtime and she's going to do the same when I pick a date.
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I am so glad we have family in town that beg to watch the kids for free

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