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$10 an hour for my husbands adult cousin to sit for us. 15 for two kids.


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Re: Babysitters!

10/15 an hour..depending on which sitter. I generally use the 10 dollar an hour girl..but occasionally she isn't available when I need her.
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Re: Babysitters!

We have no family nearby- can't even drive to any lol.

I have two 2 year olds. I pay $8 an hour with an adult sitter. I did have a teenager lined up to come to my house for $7/hour, but that fell through. Here, it seems that $4/child/hour is the norm.

I do see people posting ads looking for people to watch their kids for $XX amount, but when you break it down, they're trying to get people to watch their kids for $2-3 an hour and they can't find anyone.

ETA: we're in a military community where every family has a stable, steady income. So sitters here won't take in kids unless it's worth their while.

EETA: With adult sitters, I drop my sons off at their house. My sons are usually not the only ones the sitter is watching
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Re: Babysitters!

My neighborhood is $10 an hour for teens, $15ish for nanny-type. I live in Central Indiana.

DS is in the hospital this week, and the sitter while DH is working is costing me a bloody fortune. $100 a day! Uber frustrated since we aren't accomplishing anything at the hospital that I couldn't be doing at home, too.
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Re: Babysitters!

We pay $10/hour for a high school senior to babysit our LO. (which we've only done like twice). It is an awful lot to shell out, but to me, it's the lowest I'd ever pay. As a teenager I'd be insulted if someone wanted to throw $5/hour at me, and likely wouldn't take the job. And I wouldn't trust anyoen younger to watch my 1 year old, even if he is sleeping, simply to justify paying them a little less.

This girl still has to drive to our house and provide services for him if necessary. Gas here isn't cheap (I'm in New England), neither is any recreational activity she might want to do in life (the movies are $13.75 for cryin out loud) so to me, it justifies the cost. We rarely use a sitter, so perhaps if it was something we had to do a lot more frequently, I'd try to beg family members or friends to watch him for free.
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Re: Babysitters!

We have 3 kids. (10, 5, and 4) We pay that rate for all 3 to a teen. She deserves it. She has been peed on and experienced a serious poop accident last year when our then new 3yo was potty training. That poop accident convinced DS2 to poop on the potty. I pink sparkly heart her for dealing with it.
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Re: Babysitters!

We went to hire a sitter, fresh out of high school, ONCE and she was trying to bargain deal with me $60 for 5 hours with my five year old and 9 month old.
I politely found an excuse why we no longer needed her for the day
She said that was the lowest her Mom would let her charge.

When I was sitting, which granted was 8 years or so ago, my aunt would pay me about $35 to do an overnight with her two kids. I was about 13 and they were about 4 and 2. (I was an unusually responsible kid when it came to other people's children.) Before doing overnights I would come sit for a day once a month or so or if she needed help with a party, starting when her youngest was an infant. I would normally get about $20-$25 for that.
I thought I had it made at that rate! And she would feed me too!

For daycare centers in our area...ugh. I have always been blessed to be eligible for childcare vouchers, but if I had not been, the rate would have been around $1600 a month for an infant, decreasing to around $1100 for a preschooler.
How do people afford to work?!
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Re: Babysitters!

No one really charges by the hour here, it's usually $20/evening, or $25-$30 for the whole day.
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Re: Babysitters!

We pay $10/hr for 5 kids but very reluctantly. I really don't get why so much is expected. Over here min wage is about $7.50/hr. Watching my 5 kids is probably easier then most jobs working at McDonalds or whatever where they would make just min wage plus have to pay taxes and social security. But I pay that much because that is what the going rate is and I don't want to offend the babysitter. I am secretly hoping that we find a babysitter that tells us to only pay them $5/hr. Even if we go out to eat it would be at least 3 hours and with the cost of dinner and $30 for a babysitter, needless to say, we hardly ever go out.
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Re: Babysitters!

I don't pay $10 an hour for daycare! When I broke down my daycare costs it is about $100 a week. I wouldn't pay more for a babysitter than I do for daycare considering my daycare is licensed!
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