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Re: Second + children...

For our first we didn't need or use any sort of swing, jumperroo, bouncer.... totally needed them for the second It just wasn't possible to hold him 24/7 so I needed places to put him that would help lull him to sleep. We used the swing for a lot of naps those first few months. With the first we didn't really use a playpen or crib when he was an infant, but with DS2 its nice to have them so that there's a "safe" place to put the baby if I need to go to the bathroom, run outside etc. With the first we didn't really use a stroller, I'd babywear or carry him. With the second we use a stroller a lot. I do babywear, but he's also content to sit in the stroller which works well for going to the park and stuff like that where it's easier to play with DS1 without a baby attached to me.

For the most part I think it just depends on the kiddo. We didn't want to do pacifers at all but DS1 pretty much HAD to have one. I have tried and tried to get DS2 to take one (I've seriously tried like 7 brands) because it'd be nice to have some method of comforting him besides nursing (which is hard with a busy toddler) but he

I'm sure it also depends on the ages. DS1 and DS2 are only 1.5 years a part so DS1 was still a baby in many ways when #2 was born


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A bouncy chair was essential for me. I needed a safe place to put the baby while I tended to the toddler.

A baby carrier that is easy to strap a crying baby into. I had a Moby wrap, which was great when DD was happy, but when you're making dinner and have a crying baby and hungry toddler, time is of the essence.

I didn't need any extra sleepers. Even though most of the sleepers were boyish, I didn't care what DD wore in the beginning.

I also haven't even touched my breast pump. I just don't have the time to pump with a baby and a toddler. Luckily DD is a champion at BFing, but if she wasn't I probably would've just used formula.
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Re: Second + children...

For the third, I bought a co-sleeper and love it. I needed a good double jogger, and a second lighter double stroller for the car. For the third, I bought a Beco Gemini that I couldn't have lived without. It fits newbies perfectly.

For the third, I also bought a SuperYard. I needed a safe place for her to do tummy time because DFS came to us, and he was violent. He would kick her and hurt her. The superyard kept her safe on the floor, and contained, and is bigger than a PNP.

Otherwise, I found I needed less stuff with each baby.
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Re: Second + children...

With 2nd child, a lot less clothes. For both girls. Space became the issue, so we pared back.

We also got rid of the big giant stroller and opted for a smaller nicer umbrella stroller. (But then we did get an umbrella double stroller since the last 2 are closer together in age.) We got rid of the high chair.

Our 3rd child was a surprise after getting rid of almost all of our baby gear. We re-bought the infant tub (for $1.50 at a thrift store!), a car seat, a pack n play to use as a bassinet ($40 at a GS), breast pump, newborn/small diapers, and rocking "bouncy seat" ($5 at thrift). We also got a FP Space Saver high chair as a gift, although I don't feel like we need it.
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Re: Second + children...

I can't think of anything I would need more or less of. I mean, I need less burp rags because I have several unopened packages because my child didn't spit up. ever. But maybe my next child will spit up constantly, so I didn't throw those out.

I will need more newborn-3month clothes because I borrowed all of those and gave them back. Probably the same with 18month clothes that I borrowed from my cousin.

maybe... if I had a boy, I'd need almost all new clothes.

I would like a cosleeper. I wanted one for this baby, but I got confused when looking for them and bought a bassinet pack and play instead. It didn't work for us at all. Was good for when I needed to shower though, so will keep that.

Will keep the vibratey seat that DD still sits in, the crib, the changing table, the jumperoo, the carriers, the strollers (although might need a double, just depends on how old DD is when we get pregnant), the walker, the high chair, the swing...

maybe I just didn't buy too much. I didn't buy a lot until I needed it.

ETA: our high chair was/is a travel chair. If I have another baby, I might buy a real one because we're out of actual chairs to strap things to
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Oh yeah for the second we opted for no highchair and a travel chair that straps to the chair.... Again this was good for family gatherings.

We had to start from scratch since our oldest was 10 when we had our youngest.
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Re: Second + children...

My 3 babies were born within 3.25 years (22 months apart, then 17 months apart) so I HAD to be able to put baby down and interact with my toddlers quite a bit! You can wear a baby for some things, but rolling around on the floor with a toddler, not so much. For my 3rd, we had a pack n play and a swing (learned with the first 2 we didn't need a bouncy seat in addition.)

I'd say people tend to overbuy clothing, toys & contraptions to put their babies in. I can't think of anything we need with #2 that we didn't already have with #1 (besides a place to sleep.) They were Dec & Feb. birthdays so the seasonal clothes matched up pretty well. Then going from #2 to #3 we only really bought something because she was our only girl (clothing, special blanket, etc) and then a bassinet to sleep in our room until #2 was done with the crib.

I suppose you might need more bottles if you have 2 using them. We dropped bottles at 1 so we never ran into that issue.
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Re: Second + children...

I had a big gap... si I had to re-buy everything. I skipped the bassinet. I wanted a bumbo. I got an infant car seat with a sideways handle curve and was a stroller combo. (I remember having to carry the car seat and yikes do they get heavy!)
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I've only used one bottle 3rd time around. 2nd went to sippys as soon as he could drink from them (he was ff 6mo on).

Didn't need cheapo tiny swaddling blankets, gained 8 a&a blankets.

Slings were more of a necessity with 2nd and 3rd.

I kept it pretty minimal with the 1st, so there's not a lot that I had for her but not the others.

Oh, and I kept it simple with onesies and dresses the first few months with this one. No outfits, unless they were a gift.
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Re: Second + children...

Second time around we had a lot less clothes, never used bottles and just in general didn't buy much that wasn't an absolute necessity. We BW and always have but I HAD to to survive the second time. I did really need something to keep her contained while dealing with DS or I had to take her with me. They couldn't be let alone together for a while.

This time around we have even fewer clothes. All I bought was 2 packs of t-shirts, some onsies and a few rompers. I got another wrap, some more diapers and a smaller doubler stroller for the car. I've just learned the less we have, the better.
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