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Silas Rowan is here!- Story Added, long with pics!

Will post the story later, working on it, but Silas Rowan was born July 2 at 7:15am at home in the water. 7 lbs 8oz, 20 1/4 inches long. Beautiful

As I look on my beautiful baby boy, I realize how blessed I am. This is more than a birth story, this is a story about God's grace and provision. So just a tad bit of background.

Baby 1- Lydia, C-section
Lydia was a c/s. I was induced 5 days post "due date" because I could not get my swelling to go down and my OB was getting concerned. I had them break my water, I was already between 4-5 cm. I went to 10 in 6 hours naturally and stayed there for 2 hours as I began to mentally check out. Coming "back" to myself repeatedly was the craziest thing I've ever experienced. And miserable. Experimental pushes brought heart decels big time. C-section. Lydia had the cord wrapped around her neck 4 times. The staff at the hospital was great. But... I had terrible PPD. I plotted ways to run away from my family. When could I leave that the baby would be fed but I'd have a head start before my husband got home? I did not bond with my baby. She also had undiagnosed acid reflux. She never spit up at all, just screamed. And she never slept. During that prior month, I'd graduated grad school, my DH had changed jobs, and I'd gone to stay at home mom. I literally started peeling the wall paper off my kitchen walls. One day she was up 20 of the previous 24 hours. It was two weeks before I could sit up from lying down without help.

Baby 2 - Arwen HVAC
I planned to VBAC in the hospital with the same OB who did my c/s. I never felt that he pressured me into it or that he would try to steamroll me. Unfortunately, when I brought it up at my first appt, he said their practice does not VBAC. I was in shock, I knew the stats and couldn't fathom it. Especially when the nurse told me it was for my safety He also couldn't recommend me to an OB who would in the city. I couldn't seem to easily locate anyone who would, and the 45 minute drive into Nashville wasn't my cup of tea. The more I researched the more I realized I wanted a HVAC. I found the one midwife in the area who was close enough and would do it and off we went. The labor went well, I pushed for two hours, then tore like no tomorrow. My midwife called in another midwife who stitches more often for the area, who looked at me and said "Honey I can't fix this". And off to the ER with a perfectly healthy baby we went. The one scenario we didn't plan for. From my notes, I was still sore there with a few stitches 6 1/2 weeks after the birth. Had some baby blues.

Baby 3- July 2, 2012- Silas Rowan, HVAC
And here is my little boy. I took notes after baby 2, I was not going to be unprepared. One thing I couldn't' control though, my husbands job. Starting in January he was working about 70 hours a week every week and every month reaching the legal maximum hours he can work (he's a pilot). The only reason he ever had a day off was because he was legally required to. As a friend put it, I was essentially a single mom from January to June. I was sooooo tired. With DD1 who turned 5 in June and DD2 who turned 3 in June, pregnancy and the extras, I was exhausted. I had been working until December, and my house looked it. My DH was made to go out and kill things, not be the majority house caretaker. There were seriously pathways in the house. I worked my butt off to fix this. Then plan the girls birthday party. All of it essentially alone. Sometimes it would be 3 days in between the girls seeing him. And when he was home he HAD to sleep.

Then on June 16 DH gets called into work. There had been a customer complaint, it was "investigated", and he was fired on the spot. The claim was he was sleeping in the cockpit. Because someone from behind could tell that right? A passengers fears shown as reality. Definitely not a happy place for a almost 37 week pregnant woman. But we had a nest egg. God had financially provided for us and we knew we wouldn't be going hungry. But with my DH out of work, suddenly I would breathe again. I was not physically capable of finishing all that needed to be done before the baby came. The first "off" day he had was spend 8 1/2 hours with a friend making momma cloth, family cloth, bibs, and a few other things. All that sewing, made sooooo much easier with another pair of hands. And she has a serger, a cutting table, and two industrial sewing machines. What a load off. And of course, being off work DH was watching DD1 and DD2. And he started crossing things off my honey do list rather quickly! This included cleaning our shower (I'm pretty sure something was growing), spraying the house for bugs (don't judge, natural stuff wasn't working), removing the nests I found in the back yard, moving the huge shelves in the garage etc. Pregnant woman is now much more calm...

A week later, the weekend of the 23rd DH is told they received his written appeal and would like him to travel to the base in Portland Oregon to make the appeal in person and talk to them. So Monday the 25th, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my husband is flight hopping across the country. He knows he can't get back that night, but he can make it to Vegas and see his sister and his newborn niece. For no other reason would he have traveled that close to my due date, so he was able to see his new necie while she was just a couple of weeks old He wasn't able to hop home on Tuesday, but did receive word that they were reinstating him. Because he couldn't make it home that day, he couldn't work that weeks schedule. This means this is now two full weeks off and he was home on Wednesday.

He first day of work should have been Monday July 2.....
Sunday July 1 we got home from a late day at church (lunch at church afterwards) and decided to go out again. Since we had been out of the house the air conditioning had actually been able to somewhat keep up. Did I mention it's been 102 in Memphis? How about that we reached 80 in Feb this year? So we decided to got to the gym where we have a membership and DH will work out, I'll float in the pool, and the kids will play in the daycare. Only for a short time. We did this Friday and it was awesome. Indoor pool, two pool noodles under my armpits, and a magazine as I floated belly down. And we get home around 6pm. I have BH starting very early in my pregnancies. DD1 I didn't know what they were, DD2 started at 20 weeks, and this preg they started at 16 weeks. I get pretty darn good at ignoring them. about 7:30 I got seriously pissed off at the cat. Around 8 pm we're eating dinner (I know, way too late for kiddos) and realize I'm unable to ignore what's going on anymore. DH thinks I've just worked myself into a tizzy. I don't get excited, because it may be true. But it takes a lot for me not to be able to ignore anymore. I do some timing and put my doula and midwife on alert. I'm all over the place weith the spacing and I don't think they really think I'm in labor. I'm fairly certain of it. Around 9 I try to go to bed and can't sleep. My doula tells me to take some Tylenol pm. I do and end up sleeping from roughly midnight to 3:30 (very reminiscent of my last labor). At 3:30 I suddenly can't sleep through them. DH had refrained for an hour from coming to bed knowing I was taking the Tylenol pm and wanting to give me the best chance at falling asleep. So even though he was supposed to be up at 4am he waited to come to bed. He said I was sound asleep but from when he got into bed until he fell asleep every 10 minutes or so he'd hear me moaning.

Starting at 3:30 I straighten a few things in my room (my birthing nest) while DH sleeps his last 1/2 hour and am too restless for much and I came and got online. But I couldn't think of much I wanted to look at or do online! So I call my doula and tell her to come at 4am. She arrived around 4:45. I think she thought this would just fizzle out still because I had timed my contractions during that time and they were everywhere from 2 1/2 minutes apart and 6 minutes and lasting 20 seconds to one minute (just once on one minute). She said she made the decision to call the midwife when I dropped the F bomb. After this times are little fuzzy for me, so I'll estimate. I think she probably called Lynda (midwife) around 5:15. I also somewhere in here told my husband to fill the birth pool. I had earlier (can't remember when) told him to turn up the hot water heater. No boiling water for us. And since it's in the attic and it's been 102 during the day outside....

Somewhere around 6 am my beautiful babies woke up. DD1 told daddy I was making too much noise to sleep! So I told him to call the sitter. I think my midwife came about this time. Doula, Penny didn't want me to get into the water until I was checked (I think she still thought I would fizzle out, but my statement of "I don't want to pull a Tessa" made her cautious (she delivered with Penny before Lynda got there a couple of months prior because her contractions ran like mine he he he). Lynda went to check me and couldn't figure out how far I was dilated. She said she'd have to check during a contraction :headbang: I quite specifically said "If you tell me I haven't dilated we're going to the hospital NOW" I'm a huge homebirth advocate, but I knew if she said 2 I wouldn't be able to do it. Instead she with some surprise said 8cm and 90%, off came the clothes, into the tub I went. Somehow I'm always worried I'll have a problem being naked in front of people, but in labor I could really have a panel of observers and as long as they shut up I don't think I'd care.

I'm not sure when the sitter got there to retrieve our children. We have a wonderful coupole with a daughter the age of DD2 and they were picking up our children. So the husband came and he and DH are out there installing car seats into our friend's van. Shortly before 7am they're still installing (I don't think he got there until between 6:30 and 6:45) when my pushing goes from "it feels good to just push with a gentleness during contractions, just to feel "open"" to "must push, thank you Jesus". At this point my water breaks clear. It was pretty cool because I could see just a little contrast from mucus. Now I'm pushing. Where's DH? Oh yeah, carseats. Penny goes out and tells him my water's broken. At some point during this I hear Lynda say "He does know he needs to get in here right?" Penny says "I told him" in that tone of "what more can I do?" I'm frankly not worried. After all, with my first HVAC I pushed for 2 hours. Ummmm, good thing he got in there. He got back inside and aparently I pushed for less than 20 minutes total and my sweet Silas Rowan was there. And once again, super short cord, the baby could only rest with his head right at my breasts, the cord wouldn't let him go any further. What a blessing, no way that cord could wrap like it did with DD1.

The cord had almost stopped pulsing when we cut it, but since I was planking with my feet on the opposite side of the pool, I was sooo ok with cutting it a little bit early. She did say it was just about stopped. And immediately I wanted OUT OF THE POOL! Don't ask me why, I just did, no resting here, just get me out NOW. So we walked towards the bed (warning off color joke coming) and commented how weird it was to have this thing (cord) dangling between my legs). DH then says something like "now you know how I feel" . Onto the bed I went. And here the fun begins. Last HVAC I had a problem with bleeding too but my midwife (different one) let it stop. Don't know if its what each midwife is comfortable with or if this was worse. But they gave me an herb, didn't stop or slow, gave me a shot of pit, didn't stop, gave me a shot of something else. Lots of belly massage where I looked at my husband and wailed "she hates me" Finally slowed. Somewhere in there I tried to pee twice on the toilet. First time just clots, second time pee and clots.

Finally the bleeding is slowed sufficiently and even more wonderful news NO STITCHES!!!!!!! Small interior tear which she said appeared to already be healing and later to find out a small exterior tear along the path of a tear from the previous time. By the next day when she discovered it she said it looked like it was already fusing!

I feel so amazing after this birth! I had difficult recoveries with both of the other two, but this time I was able to get dressed without assistance later that same day. I looked at my notes and last time at 6 1/2 weeks PP I still had a few undisolved stitches and some soreness. This time it's been 10 days and as long as there's any kind of cushion on a chair I'm fine. Haven't tried to sit on the kitchen chairs (straight wood). Unfortunately we had one miscommunication and they threw out my placenta. My DH thought they'd taken it so we didn't realize until the next day. I cried. with my history of PPD I was really looking forward to a security against it. But again, God has answered my prayers. I've only had a couple of short-lived bouts of blues.

I'm not sure if they hormones were different with this being a boy or if it's just God's grace for the lack of PPD, but I'm so blessed either way. My sweet boy was very day/ night confused but in the last few days seems to be ironing it out. His older sisters adore him! And we're having slight latch issues (he may be slightly tongue tied) but not nearly as bad as I had with the first two.

So cord too short to wrap 4 times
DH home for the birth (we had pilot friends were he just missed his firstborn by about 3 hours)
DH being home for the two weeks prior to the birth
DH regaining his job
Minimal (seriously laughable how minimal) tearing
Even the bruising isn't bad
After the initial scare of bleeding, barely any bleeding (we're talking med to light period kind)
Better start on breastfeeding than the other two.

I am a woman blessed beyond belief. And now for the pictures

Look at how short this cord is!

Few days old. Beautiful

I can't show any right after the birth, they're all full of boob from the short cord.


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Re: Silas Rowan is here!

Congratulations, I can't wait to see pictures.
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Congrats !
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Re: Silas Rowan is here!

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Love his name! Congratulations!
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Re: Silas Rowan is here!

Wow I LOVE his name!! Congrats mama!
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Re: Silas Rowan is here!

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Re: Silas Rowan is here!

Congrats mama!!
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