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Tongue-Tie Clipping

Carter is tongue-tied and has an appointment with the ENT on Monday to get it clipped. They said they do it right in the office, which is a relief because other people were telling me that their ENT's wanted to put the babies under in order to clip their tongues. But I'm still so nervous. If any of you have had tongue-ties clipped, could you tell me about it? Is it really horrible? I keep having visions of when we got DS1 circumcised and how horrible that was (Carter is *not* circumcised) and I'm afraid this is going to be similar.


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Re: Tongue-Tie Clipping


My daughter was born in Feb '11 with a severe tongue tie. We made her appointment with the ENT when she was 2 weeks old. They gave her a numbing shot under her tongue and I'm not sure what went wrong, but she starting choking and not breathing because the numbing solution got into her throat.

What was supposed to be a quick snip, turned into a 4 hour ordeal. After it was clipped though, there were no problems. I came home and visited the LLL leader and started EBF from then on.

17 months old now, and nothing but a long tongue!
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Re: Tongue-Tie Clipping

No advice or experience, but will be watching this thread. Felix is tongue-tied but is nursing well and has gained a lot of weight, so my pediatrician is on a wait-and-see plan. Good luck.
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Both my kids were born tongue tied. The first, I didn't learn about tongue tie till he was 4 months then I got it snipped as soon as I could. The procedure was done in the office - I swaddled and held him, they numbed his tongue and snip and it was done. He cried a little then I fed him and he never complained after that. Afterward nursing was much much easier though I never attained a full supply. His was almost all the way to the tip of the tongue and I know he would have had speech problems.

DD was born 10 days ago and we checked first thing in the hospital. Her tongue was tied to the very tip so I had the pediatrician clip it next morning when he checked her out. I wasn't quite able to walk to the nursery yet to be there with her but the nurses said she did great and barely cried at all. Before she had it clipped she couldn't even get a seal to suck on my finger properly. Afterward she was able to make a good seal with her tongue and had a good strong suck. And so far she hasn't had a drop of formula (though we are still using a nipple shield but probably not the tongue tie's fault) and she's got great tongue mobility.

So with both kids the procedure was easy peasy and they both did great. A tiny bit of crying but absolutely worth it and better than feeding and future speech problems for sure! I was also glad we did the procedure early with both so they'll never remember.
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It depends on the age of the child. A newborn can be done right in the office, where a 1 or 2 year old will need to be put under to do it. So definitely the earlier the better.

DS was born tongue tied and couldn't latch on so we had to start off with the nipple shield. I searched and found a pediatrician to do it (only doctor in the entire corner of the state that would) and took him to get it done at 2 weeks old. We laid him on the table, I held his hands to comfort him and the doctor did a quick snip and it was all done. He cried a little, but I think it was more because he was held down rather than any pain. That young, they don't even have any feeling in that tiny flap of skin. He didn't get any numbing shot or anything. Easy peasy. I nursed him after and he was fine. He only had a few drops of blood.

Back in the day, midwives used to take their fingernail and swipe the tongue tie right after birth. If only more doctors still did it!
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Re: Tongue-Tie Clipping

Quinn is 5 weeks old and is tongue tied. Her ped thought she should get clipped, but I'm traumatized from my friends sons exper. Instead she said as long as it's not hurting my nipples and she is gaining weight..we would just leave it. I'm used the loud nursing sound now, but when people are around there like..."is that her"? Yep. She was 8 lbs at birth and is now around 11 1/2 maybe 12. I guess it depends on the severity of the tie. If it's not hurting you, and he is gaining weight, I would put it off. I have a hard time believing it doesnt hurt them though. Trust your gut will make the right choice!!
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Re: Tongue-Tie Clipping

My oldest had a tongue tie clipped. He was 3 months old before we could get the doctor to give us the ENT referral. The appointment with the ENT was super easy and super fast. We kept DS in his infant carrier. They used a little pair of tong type things to hold his tongue, stuck the tiny scissors underneath his tongue and clipped. That was it. DS cried a little bit, but not much at all, and it bled a little, but all in all it was very quick.
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Re: Tongue-Tie Clipping

My son has a slight tongue tie and they decided he didn't need it snipped. I've heard that it only bleeds a little and as long as you're there to feed them immediately they will be fine.
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Re: Tongue-Tie Clipping

Does anyone have experience with lip ties? my son has in between a class 3 and 4 (see this article for pics and how to spot it), and he doesn't curl his top lip out very well,he can still get a good latch and gets plenty of milk so we're just trying to wait and see, but according to that article it can cause reflux from them swallowing too much air.. which he has.. so I think I will ask the Ped next time we go.
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Join the Tongue Tie Babies Support Group on Facebook! Great information and support!
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