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Born at 25 w 5 days

Hi my nephew was born last night. He weighted 1 lbs 14 oz and is 13 inches long. He is doing really good so far but don't now how to gauge his progress or what to expect. I really don't want to trouble my brother with all the questions and what things mean. I have been doing everything I can think of to help out.

So far......

I put $1 bills and a gas card in there card, bought her nursing bras, hospital gowns, lotions, and breast feeding things.
I'm giving them my Moby wrap for kangaroo care. Do you think they'll be able to use it or do they prefer the baby to just lie on them?
We were talking about cloth diapers but she never decided. Do I bring it up now or wait? I planned on offering to take care of the washing of them.
I bought them a book on preemie care, a nicu journal, and a preemie baby book.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for them please.



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Wow that's sad it was so early. No advice here, but the baby will be in there a long time, and have lots of radiology tests for sure. I work radiology and used to do x-ray studies on them all the time. Not sure when they will allow kangaroo care. I do know they,prefer the skin to skin contact when the baby is stabile enough. I'll be praying for a quick nicu stay and healthy vibes.
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That's so early!

I wouldn't talk about cloth diapers yet. I wouldn't even mention them until they're almost ready to come home honestly. I think vending machine money, gas cards and food gift cards are all good. Do they have any other kids? You could always help with the other kids when needed.
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I'd pm savannah (orangebananas) Her dd just came home at around 4 months. She was born at 24 weeks I believe.

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Re: Born at 25 w 5 days

You are awesome!
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Re: Born at 25 w 5 days

So so sweet of you!

No cloth diaper talk now unless she brings it up. Having a preemie is so overwhelming. I would take care of a meal a week if you could nd offer rides back and forth to the hospital if it was a c section. Please keep us posted as I'm thinking and praying for your little nephew. Lots of miracles happen with preemies all the time! He'll do great!
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Re: Born at 25 w 5 days

I had my triplets at 24 weeks and my DD didn't ever leave the hospital (she passed at 5 months 5 days, her brothers died early). So I got to know that life quite well. The Moby is a must have to kangaroo with a intubated baby. I did it once or twice without it but once I got the Moby it was SOOOOOOOOO much easier. This shows DD in her Moby at 1.5 months. She was probably under what your nephew was born at at the time.

I agree about the rides as needed and 1 meal a week. DH and I survived off of Sams Club pre prepared frozen food for a while. I spent nearly every waking moment at the hospital and I was constantly pumping for my DD. You might think about a hands free pumping device. I loved mine (Expressly Yours I think was the brand name). I was able to use that in tandem with a nursing cover to pump hands free bedside. It helped a bit as most of DD life I couldn't even hold her. Oh and ask if she needs a car adapter for her breast pump. I lived 1 hour away from the hospital and I can't tell you how many times I pumped on the way home so I could just go to sleep the instant we got home.

I agree that it is too early to think about cloth diapers at this point.

I would see if the mom (if she isn't working) is into any hobbies or anything that she can do bedside (assuming this is her first). I crocheted a blanket and whole layette set for my DD (that she never was able to use) while I was sitting bedside. There is a lot of waiting with NICU life.

The only thing else I could say, is tell them not to take the doctors word for gospel truth. We had our fair share of arrogant doctors with our DD and realized that we were the best advocate for our daughters needs. We were able to get them to do things they didn't want to do because of it. BTW our son was born at 38 weeks in the same hospital and spent some time in the NICU as well. One of the most arrogant doctors was WAY better for him, 2 years later.

If they have to pay for parking, also have them talk to the patient advocate to see if they can get it at reduced rate. We spent a fortune on parking only to find out later that we could have had it 1/2 off.

That weight is a good one and I have no doubt that provided the baby doesn't get NEC (don't look that up as it is scary stuff!) that he will pull through fine and dandy! My DD and DS (triplets) were born at 491 grams or about 1 lbs 1 oz. That is part of the reason why they didn't make it. Every oz counts at this point.
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Re: Born at 25 w 5 days

My DD was born measuring just 23 weeks, and was 15oz during her first week of life. She just came home 17 days ago, and is 4 1/2 months old. She had a few surgeries, developed NEC (which she still has complications from) and had to overcome basically everything that could have gone wrong. It is a long road of ups and downs, but in the end the whole roller coaster ride is completely worth it.

Gas cards, prepared meals, a journal or notebook to write things down (because so much happens, and those first few weeks can be a complete blur), or even just some company would all be very helpful. One thing that I really love having is something to represent the size of the baby, something you can take pictures with as they grow, to see just how far they come. I actually used my hand, which looking back, I love seeing.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM!

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Re: Born at 25 w 5 days

What you have already done is awesome! You are a great sister and aunt!

I would second pps' suggestions of speaking with NICU social worker/advocate. We got several packages of parking tokens for free that we were able to even share with family. we also later got a swipeable parking pass for the garage for free!

activities are good too - crosswords, magazines, books can become obsessed with watching the monitors at bedside, and they are good for pumping time too.

I wouldnt mention diapers either...our nicu didnt even allow them because they weigh the dipes for exact meausuements of ins and's too chaotic with hardly any time for eating or sleeping much less laundry.

offering to call/facebook update etc others is a good thing too...there are always people that want updates and not enough time for the parents to call them all.

Prayers for the little one!
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