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Tips for increasing catches?

Backstory: we've been doing EC since our DD was about 2.5 months old. It had been going really well and then probably like a month and a half ago she just totally stopped. I posted on here about it and you guys said it was a potty pause. I think potty strike really. She would fight us every time we tried to offer and get mad and so we tried to just keep it really casual and not try to force her at all. After a few weeks of that she stopped fighting us and is back to being ok with pee-ops, but we still have almost NO catches. She is 9 months old now.

I usually catch the first thing in the morning pee, but that is the only catch we make any more and occasionally by the time I get her up I've missed that one too. (We co-sleep and sometimes it is hard to tell whether she is really up or not so I try to give her the chance to go back to sleep and I think that makes me miss it). We haven't caught a poop in a couple months and we used to ALWAYS catch those. She has totally stopped signaling and she used to often signal for both pees and poops (pees with fussing or even once or twice signing and then poops by making the face and straining).

I'm so frustrated and I feel like my husband has just given up. He hasn't caught anything in WEEKS (I asked him and he can't even remember the last time he caught anything).

I try to always offer after naps which used to always work and now nothing. I try to watch for signs and I just don't see them. We have days where we put her in just a fitted diaper with no cover so we can tell exactly when she goes and I just don't feel like I'm getting any better at picking up her signs. She is crawling a lot now and I know that all that business means she doesn't want to stop to go, so I'm trying to assume it is just that, but after hearing stories of people with crawlers who start more sophisticated awareness of their potty needs and will even crawl over to their potty, etc, I'm a little disappointed.

SO this is a long post. What I guess I'm asking is: what tips do you have for increasing your catch count? Any other ideas for us? Thanks everyone!!


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Just keep doing what you are doing and don't compare yourself to others. EC is not a competition and many kids go through long strikes/pauses. Have you tried offering her different places or ways to potty? She may think she is a big crawler now and needs a new method Does she play outside naked? Or on a wood floor naked? So you can watch her for new signals? Is there a special place like behind the couch where she likes to poop? Just some ideas. If you are getting frustrated it is okay to just rely on diapers for awhile until you are ready to do EC again. Good luck!
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Re: Tips for increasing catches?

It might be time to consider pottying by timing. Keep a log of when she eats/drinks/wets and you might be able to figure out the usual time between going for her. As they get older, the timing can change quite significantly - and also it might be a lot different in the morning vs the afternoon as well.

As much as possible, keep her bare bottomed or with training pants so that it is very quick and easy to take her to the potty or toilet. She might also like to have some special toys to play with only while sitting on the potty.

From the time she was around 12months, my daughter liked to have a choice of whether to go to the toilet or the potty. Perhaps your little one would respond to more choices as well.

Good luck!
Best wishes
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