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DD Only ECs When Naked

Hi All,

I've been practicing EC with my 15-month-old daughter since she was about 4 months old. Around the time she turned 1 in May, I started letting her run around pants-less pretty much all the time in the hopes it would advance our EC practice; shortly thereafter, she started making the potty sign when she had to go pee or poop, and our EC practice at home really took off. At home and naked, we're down to maybe 1-2 pee accidents a week. Hurray! Especially good for us because she is extremely rash-prone and all the naked time has done wonders for her skin.

BUT everything falls apart when I put anything on her bottom half -- training pants, a diaper (cloth), tiny underwear, loose pants. I didn't realize this at first since she really only wore bottoms when we were out -- I thought she was just more distracted and less comfortable in public bathrooms than at home. But we've been on vacation the last few weeks so she's been in diapers or underwear when home a bit more often (carpets, visiting grandparents, etc.). It's become apparent that the issue isn't being out, but wearing any clothes on her bottom half. This morning, while wearing training pants, she had two accidents in rapid succession while wandering around our living room. Which hasn't happened in months of nakedness.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Any suggestions for moving past this? My husband's hypothesis is that we've naked-trained her and now we need to apply the same method to underwear i.e. have a 3-day training marathon -- put her in undies, watch her like a hawk, and offer the potty every 30 minutes. I don't think it's the end of the world if she's in a diaper while we're out for a bit longer, except that she really is just the world's most rash-prone child and I feel like we're so close to being totally diaper-free at this point...

Thanks for any suggestions...


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Well, hmmm. I haven't been there but your husband's idea doesn't sound so bad for a baby of that age, as long as you are low key about it. Will she protest timed potty breaks? You can take her and sit her on the potty every time she starts to pee in the undies. Keep it close to where she is playing and gradually move it towards the bathroom.

Does she watch you potty? Maybe sign before you go, then go to the bathroom and make a big deal about pulling down your pants so you can potty?

Also try doing loose pants, but spend some time teaching her to pull them down herself so she knows what to do when she has to go?
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Re: DD Only ECs When Naked

I have began EC later with mine, intro at 12 mos & more consistant by 15 mos. I go the naked route too.
The way that worked for me was to let them go potty, put on panties, after 30min to 1 hr, have them take panties off and wait to go potty again before putting them back on. The time btwn became less and then we potty, pull up panties, wash hands and go on.
Timing the potty breaks really only worked if she/he was not distracted, playing, etc...

I do remember the naked only potting habit took me a few weeks or more to break, but I work outside the home so consistancy isn't my strong point some days.
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