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How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

I'm just a mama of 2 (with 2 with God) and 1 on the way. We've always been open to children and a large family, but now that I am pregnant with #3, I am seeing that with each pregnancy I seem to get sicker with an all-day sickness that leaves me barely able to do a thing. It's terrible. It does end in the second trimester (at least it has with my past 2 pregnancies), so that's good, but 2 months or so of throwing up and the house being in total disorder is HARD. My husband is AMAZING and takes care of everything without a complaint, God bless him.... however, we have both talked now about maybe trying not to have anymore "for now" after this baby because of how much sicker I seem to get with each baby.

I am sad about it! I wish something like this didn't have to affect our openness to children, but since I homeschool, etc., 2 or 3 months of being down and out is a pretty big deal. I know once I'm out of the sickness phase it'll fade in my memory. But, just wondering if any of you mamas of large families go through bad all-day sickness and how do you deal with it, does it ever make you think of not having more babies? Etc.


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mama. Hope your nvp eases soon.

I'm like you in that I just have 2 with 1 on the way. I have hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancies. I will be nauseous & vomiting all the way through.

My meds/treatment have gotten better with each pg, but still DH & I are thinking this is it. It is affecting my mental health as well as physical. I LOVE babies, but practically it is not worth the family sacrafices for us.
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Re: How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

I only have 3 children and for me it isn't morning sickness it is my physical pain. My whole body hurts sometimes to the point I cannot get up when I am pregnant.

My first child the pain began in the first trimester. It hurt to walk or to stand. I had a job where I was on my feet all day. I then had to walk home after work. I was often found squatted down against a wall because it would relieve my pain. I hurt enough I just didn't care how I looked to others. I think the pain was noticeable to others as my bosses never did say anything about it. Just let me do what I needed to do to make it through the work day.

My physical health is also affected. With my second I was chronically getting sick. I also had a 6 month yeast infection that went away as soon as my baby was born. I still had the whole body pain where walkng was very difficult. Before getting pregnant I was walking daily. After getting pregnant it hurt to much to do much walking.

With my third I wound up with bronchitis. Again I had extreme pain. I would work for about 15 minutes and have to find an out of the way place to sit for a couple minutes so I could continue.

For us though the choice to have more really isn't ours. I have had all 3 of mine by C-section. That has affected my fertility. In 15 years of marriage we only have the 3 children I mentioned. No losses thank fully. I really don't think we will have any more but not by my choice. I am now 38 years old. It is taking longer to get pregnant. My first only took 2 months. My second took 3 1/3 years. My third took more than 7 years to get pregnant. By this I trend I will be well into my mid to late 40's before we have another if we ever do.

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I had severe hg with my last 5 pregnancies. It got worse each time with no meds that helped. We finally decided after baby 7 to stop. My last pregnancy left me in bed 24 hours a day for 4 months. Only leaving the bed to vomit. My teeth have all been ruined as well. I have 2 molars left and all my front teeth are veneers that cost a small fortune. My husband had a vasectomy after I miscarried our 8th baby last September. (We have had multiple first trimester losses as well)

It wasn't worth it for us to have another though I would gladly welcome another one through adoption or foster.
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Re: How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

I "cheated" for my middle--we adopted him--the paperwork pregnancy (6 months to finish foster license and 3.5 years from placement to adoption) took 4 years from start to finish though. Thankfully, I had pretty easy pregnancies for my other 2 because I HAVE to work, and as a teacher, you have to be 100% or the classroom quickly turns to chaos. I know I can't handle another pregnancy with the 3 I have and working full time. I don't have the energy. If we have another, it will most likely be through adoption.
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Re: How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

My first trimester is hard. The rest are ok. It seems like though, this pregnancy, it's taking longer to feel normal again.
Every time I get tired, or nauseas, I say "This is the last time", but once baby is out and in my arms, the hard parts fade away, and I want it again!
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Re: How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

I get pretty sick, I don't often throw up, but get debilitating nausea every time. Most of the time it was better by beginning of second trimester, but two it lasted until 20 weeks and this one to about week 16. Some I get so very tired. Meds have helped some my last four pregnancies I took them. It also helped that I have had older ones to help for the last 5 or so pregnancies. I get sciatica, some pregnancies worse than others. It sure isn't easy though.
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With my 1st I was HG, in and out of the hospital, didn't go away until she was out.
With the 2nd, totally different... Semi-nauseated first trimester, but that was about it!
For me, they were very different... And better the second time around.
Wishing that gives you some hope it'll get better.
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Re: How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

I have found that the older I get, the harder each successive pregnancy seems. I've never had hg, but with the last one and this one especially, I had severe nausea at times that I was wishing I would just throw up and maybe feel better. I took Zofran this pregnancy a few times when it was really unbearable...and it worked amazingly well! I just hate taking meds, especially when I'm pregnant. I already take a daily antidepressant out of necessity, and with these last couple of pregnancies, Tums does NOTHING for the heartburn. I've used Zantac pretty much from 16 weeks or so on, taking it this time around too. With the last one I had to switch to Prilosec because Zantac didn't seem effective after a while...

Anyhow...I cried a lot during the 1st trimester this time, because I was just so ridiculously tired, ALL the time. That got a little better, but I struggle with insomnia. And I just don't have the energy that I had when I was younger. Pregnancy at 36 is a lot different than pregnancy in my 20's! It just seems like the older I get, the harder it is on my body. My husband keeps talking about 'the next one' and at this point all I can think is, for real? We are open to the idea of more kids...but to be honest, right now, I feel like I would be really ok with it of God decided this was the last one ;-)
Trish...wife to my truck driver and part-time farmer husband, mama to 6 boys ages 16, 13, 8, 6, 3, and 1 1/2...and our first princess due in January 2014!!!
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Re: How many of you have tough/sick pregnancies?

I just had our second child a month ago... I want more but I dont want to do it again. Laobr is easy... But the second trimester is a killer for me. Funny hu? Everyeone loves that one but I have such bad taccycardia and they cant put me on meds until after the first trimester due to birth defect/risk (I'm not suppose to be on it at anytime of the pregnancy but they said the risks to my health are worse without the medication). I hate taking it... I hate when my heart does not stop racing for hours and hours and hours... I cant go through another medicatino adjustment, I just cant Oh well, we will see... I want more children like 3-4 ... if only DH could carry them, I would easly deliver them!
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