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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

You know, I have never done ANY milk replacing and my kids are super-healthy. They have never drunk cow's milk. They might have almond or coconut or hemp on cereal or oatmeal but just drinking a glass of milk is rare. I make homemade almond milk or cashew milk as a treat, usually in winter to turn into hot chocolate or for baking something. I have been buying almond milk lately because I'm preggo and not in the mood to make a lot from scratch.

But generally, we drink water and eat food. They eat a lot of nuts, I use olive oil a lot, plenty of fruits and veggies, hummus and other beans, whole grains exclusively, you know, just a healthy all-around diet with occasional treats.

We are dairy-free, wheat-free, and corn by-product free due to allergies. We can eat these foods once in a blue moon ok, but regular consumption makes us all sick.



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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

Thank you Mamas for all your suggestions! I will look into both hemp and coconut milks and introduce foods like avocados and such to help with fats.

And if anyone else would like to share their advice, I'd love to hear! I'm always looking for reinforcement that I am making the right decision by staying dairy-free
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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

I used hemp milk for ds once he was weaned, but he mostly just drank water and ate good foods, same as he does now.
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My son and i drink soy milk. I found a brand and certain kind that we love. I make sure he gets a lot of nutrients and things from foods that he eats as well, it doesn't all need to come from milk
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I would use coconut or almond, and even make it yourself.

My DS is almost 3, he's still nursing but I don't give him any other form of "milk."
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We use almond milk for dh and dd1, and coconut for dd2 since she is sensitive to nuts and peanuts. We tried hemp, but weren't fond of the taste. The doctor told us to generally stay away from soy for the replacement since the proteins are so similar to cow's milk, so dd1 might react to it, or at least not heal as fast.

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Thumbs up Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

First of all we are the only mammal that thinks we should comsume another mammal's milk. Ever seen a cow nursing on a human?
My first child's pediatrician told me this 18 yrs. ago.

I've been vegan for years but do eat cheese or yogurt if my milk supply is running low. (goat and cow) We usually drink coconut or almond milk. I don't worry about nut allergies if I'm breastfeeding since the lil' one gets that protien in the breastmilk. Coconut water is really good for you too. Lots of raw leafy greens are supposed to be the best way to get your calcium too. You could also try "Garden of life" raw meal.
Try googling"raw coconut water benefits" and do some research on raw meal. Maybe this might work for your family.
Hope this helps.
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It completely depends on where you live and what the laws are but do some research into raw cows milk. Many people who have an intolerance to milk do not experience the same intolerances to raw milk as the good proteins and digestive enzymes haven't been destroyed from the pasteurization process. Something else to think about.... I love going directly to the farm and buying my delicious, milked-that-morning raw milk!
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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

We use Almond and sometimes coconut. Coconut for smoothies and almond in cereal and an very rarely glass of milk.

I breastfeed my youngest atm but will do coconut at first and then almond. She has had some already from smoothies and that is typically how they will get there "milk"
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We use coconut milk,hemp milk,and flax milk. BE CAREFUL WITH THE SOY. It can increase hormone levels. I wasn't aware of that fact and one of my children who weaned themselves early started soy milk. She was then diagnosed with precocious puberty at age five,which means she is starting puberty waaaaaay too early. We did tons of testing,brain scans,ultra sounds,you name it. Specialists say it may have been the soy milk because it's known to increase estrogens. Her bones are the density of a 11 year old and she just turned 6. Not trying to scare you but I wish someone would have warned me about the effects soy has on hormone levels.

Also take a look at this:

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