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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Day 1: Went in around 3pm for pre-op. DS born at 5pm.
Day 2: Hooked up to IV, cath and leg pumps all day. Removed leg pumps in the afternoon because they were bothering me. Clear liquids all day.
Day 3: Removed cath in the morning. I walked around room a little. Air pocket in shoulder (thought I was having a heart attack!).
Day 4: I lost a lot of blood during surgery so they were giving me iron in the IV and didn't remove it until about 8pm. We were discharged around 11pm so we didn't have to pay another day in the hospital (no insurance).


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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Mine was not bad at all.

Birth day: Went in at 10am, checked in, got weighed. Got IV, given preventative antibiotics. Went over desires with OR nurse as well as aftercare nurses. Went over allergies with anesthesiologist. Went in OR at 1, baby born at 1:40, out of OR by 2. This included ten to fifteen minutes of my DH and I chatting it up with the anesthesiologist and my OB and his partner so I could feel more comfortable. After OR I went to recovery and got the bootie things that compress to avoid clots. Once I finished itching I could go to my room. My baby hung out in the OR with me and DH for a while and then went to the nursery to get weighed and checked as well as VitK. His body temp went down a touch so he had to stay there otherwise he would have gone into recovery to hang out with me. Went to my room, had catheter in and was still pretty hopped up on pain meds. Catheter out in middle of the night and started on oral pain meds.

Day 2: Booties off, up and walking around in the afternoon. Whenever baby cried tried nursing. My DH learned to change diapers Walked to bathroom to pee a few times, nurses came in to check incision and change bedding and gown.

Day 3: Got to shower if my DH or a nurse (chose DH, haha) went in with me. This is a rule there bc sometimes I guess hot water can make you dizzy? Got to eat some soup and milk, even though I despise milk. Was asked to walk around every few hours.

Day 4: A lot like Day 3, but added scrambled eggs and toast.

Day 5: discharged in the afternoon. My DH was given my prescription for painkillers on Day 4 so he could go fill it and have them ready when I got home. We were given a "shopping list" on Day 4 too so he could pick up Colace, whole milk, probiotics and some crackers that I was advised to nibble on when taking the meds so I wasn't nauseated.
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Had baby @ 2:09 a.m. 3/4
Discharged in the afternoon on 3/6

With my last c-section (just 16 1/2 months ago), I think they removed the catheter the end of the first day, and I was able to shower & walk slowly around. Of course, this was my unscheduled c-section, and was at 2:09 a.m., so it was probably a good 12 hours + before these things happened. They waited until I could pass gas before letting me eat, but again, I'm pretty sure that was the same day. I had a pretty easy recovery during my hospital stay, and was discharched at the end of the third full day.
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Tues am - went to hospital in labour
Tues 9 pm - went in for c-sec due to FTP, already had epi, IV and cath in
Wed - cath came out, IV too I think, got up to go pee. Took a shower later that afternoon. Was getting ibuprofen, naproxen and stool softeners regularly. Eating regular hospital food.
Thurs - Had a BM I think don't really remember though it could've been the next day. Still getting meds, still eating food, just hanging around the hospital, getting up and walking as much as I could.
Fri - Another lazy hanging out day. Still getting some meds. We could've gone home but we were struggling with BFing so we decided to stay one last night so I could spend more time with the LC.
Sat - went home before noon. Walked out myself, no wheelchair like most c-sec moms.

Not terrible but the last few days were crazy boring, which is why I loved that with my VBAC we only had to spend 1 night in the hospital.
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Wow, mine were pretty different. For one, I ate a full meal within 2-3 hours of surgery. I was soooo hungry both times and no one told me not to! Cath was out within 12 hours. Iv at 24 hours I thnk. Stayed 4 nights. My son was born on Monday at 4pm and we went home thurs before lunch.
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Day 1: went in at 10:30, dd was born at 2:14. Kept cath and IV paid meds. Nurse made me get up and walk with assistance to the chair as soon as the spinal wore off, 11pm. no food, but liquid and broths were ok.
Day 2: IV out, cath out, oral pain meds, Shower, and real food. Sore, but ok with meds
Day 3: discharge in the afternoon. This was per me and I thought it would be better to be at home. It wasn't. We had houseguests and I should have taken the extra day at the hospital.
Sorry if I haven't gotten back with anyone via PM. Still learning the iPhone app and not very "techy".
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

OP any updates? How are you?
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My csec was a suprise. Water broke and 3 hrs later had ultrasound and turned out babe as breach. So bout 9 pm he was born.
Didn't sleep AT all that night. Meds made me itch SO bad I coundnt take it. Plus the feeling of not being able to feel my legs drove me NUTS, so kept asking dh to move them around for me.
I think catheter was taken out next day. Catheters are just no fun period. Plus I drank so much that I was filling up the bags quick. Hubby had to call the nurses to change em.
I wish hospital would have given me something to poo but nothing was said about it. Which made for a horrible experience the day after I was discharged, had to go back to dd for an enema, plus I had 104 fever, turns out infection in my uterus. Not that u want to hear those types of things.

But one thing I would advise others and I will be doing myself if I have another spcsec (though I'm going for a vbac next month), is to ASK for a breathing machine thing. I don't know what they're called, but a piece of plastic u basicly practice breathing into. Had I had one of those I could have saved 2 more trips to DD in following weeks(one for partially collasped lung and then pnemonia).
Otherwise, yeah, take it easy but not TOO easy , exercise lungs and move around some, and take advantage of what insurance will cover and stay as long as u can, no matter how much u just wanna get out and go home... That would be my advice to myself at least. But yes, everyone's different and every birth is different.
Try not to be nervous, it won't help things, will it? Maybe see if your hospital has a massage therapist? I know some do have em and they will do pre surgery massages to help calm patients.
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Day 1 evening: Went in about 10:30pm to have cervadil insterted and get hooked up to IV (positive GBS). Spent that night having to pee every hour because of the extra bag of fluid. Slept pretty awful.

Day 2 morning: Ate light breakfast and then started pitocin at 8:30am. Water broke by 10:30am. Back labor was so horrible by 2:30, got an epidural and catheter and slept for 3 hours. Woke up wearing oxygen and they turned the pitocin way down. Only dilated to 3 cm by 11pm.

Day 3 early morning: 12:30 am had a c-section. Healthy baby! Went to postpartum at 1:30am and breast fed within the first hour. Spend all night half awake and feeding with baby in room. By 10am, cathater came out and I was sitting on the edge of the bed. At lunchtime, got up to the bathroom with nurse assistance. Took a shower at dinner time.

Day 4: I was discharged, but baby lost more then 10% of birth weight, so we stayed one more night while I pumped to get the milk going.

Day 5 morning: Discharged home for both mom and baby!
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Re: What did your c-section stay look like?

Here is mine, both were similar:
1st day - surgery around noon, catheter and pain meds. clear liquids and jello after. They gave me crackers and juice later in day. Overnight gotup to walk to bathroom to wash down there with nurse.

2nd - early, walked to bathroom with nurse and out with catheter. Showered a few hours later by elf w nurse nearby. Ate breakfast, bacon and toast with fruit. Was able to get up and walk around as I needed. Got in trouble for being on a walk for too long. We walked to the Starbucks and sat then I needed to rest. could eat anything I wanted but notice to help with gas/poo. Collected urine for first 12 hrs after catheter.

3rd and 4th- no real constrictions (except no ice still until passed gas late 3rd day). Could shower and walk about where ever/whenever I wanted.
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