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Re: Must haves for newborn baby!

My son loved his swing, and I had to get a little bouncer for when I had to put him down to shower...easy to move around and very handy. Swaddling sleep sacks came in handy in winter.


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Re: Must haves for newborn baby!

a boob and some diapers?

teasing. I mean, not really..

um.. whether you decide to breastfeed or not, a boppy or something similar is very nice for holding your child during feedings.

I was very happy I had summer velcro swaddlers. We thought she hated being swaddled, but then we learned to do it properly and learned she loved it, but the velcro ones are still a ton easier.

I was very worried about SIDS, so I am glad I had my snuza halo breathing monitor. She slept with me, but in order for me to get a good hour or so sleep, I needed the monitor clipped to her diaper.

I'd say a sling, but honestly, I went through several trying to find one that worked for me and just couldn't. I'd go for a different type of carrier, personally.

can't think of anything else that was NEEDED. Yes, the carrier was needed. I remember when I finally went potty with a happy baby strapped to me so much less stressful than peeing quickly listening to her scream to be picked back up.

I would like the book 'the wonder weeks' if I get preggo again. I had the 'what to expect' and didn't like it. The wonder weeks would have prepared me for the growth spurts which really messed us up
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Re: Must haves for newborn baby!

I don't need much


Thats it. Except for a bassinet and receiving blankets that was all we had for our youngest. Although we didn't have the money to get much that was all I wanted or needed.
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Re: Must haves for newborn baby!

Sling/sleepy wrap

Cradle Swing

My Brest Friend nursing pillow-way better than the Boppy!
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I will be different and tell you some things I decided I didn't need at all

1. Real clothes. Pajamas and onesies/baby legs work just great.
2. Zippered jackets: I had the cutest little jackets because DD was a fall baby, but I didn't like the way the zipper sat at her chin after she was all snug in the carseat. And who is going to taken and off a jacket every time?
3. I really hate zipperd pajamas. First of all,with our cloth diapers I feel like they got too small faster because there was no give, whereas the snaps can gape a bit and give you some leeway down at the crotch. Second of all, DD hated diaper changes and would get all stiff legged. It was so hard to get her legs back in. With snaps I can just snap around her stubborn little stiff legs!

Huh...turned out everything I hated was clothing!

We loved our bouncer seat. She would nap in it sometimes, and more importantly it gives you somewhere to put baby if you need to potty and no one else is home!

I couldn't have made it without our wrap. I still can't walk the dog unless she is in some sort of carrier.

You can never have too many flannel receiving blankets!!!

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Re: Must haves for newborn baby!

1. Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper
2. Bouncer we took apart to put vibration unit in above.
3. Swaddleme with velcro
4. Soothie Pacifiers

Serious Wants
1. Boppy
2. Baby K'tan breeze
3. Soft washcloths
4. Playmat for tummy time
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Re: Must haves for newborn baby!

Soothie pacifiers or Wubbanubs (have Soothies attached)

Zippered sleepers

GMD Brown Edge flats to lay on changing table pad for easy middle of the night poop accidents

Halo sleepsacks with swaddle for little babies and then A&A sleepsacks for bigger babies

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter

For diapers - Blueberry Mini Coveralls with ODC XS loops under
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Boob (or bottles, no judgement - my first was FF)
My breast friend nursing pillow
Swaddlemes - kept me sane the last three months. Just ordered the larger size.
Infant rocker
My milkies - awesome if nursing to build a freezer stash.

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I'll tell you what I used.

-Diapers (obviously) and accessories (snappis, covers, etc)
-Tops and bottoms. DS was a super soaker and onesies made it hell. He was also a very warm natured summer baby. So he went nekkid a LOT.
-A few blankets. I never used swaddler things. I just wrapped him if need be.
-PJ tops or equivalent with the cuffs you can cover their hands with (socks work also) so they don't scratch their faces.

I never used a swing/bouncer/etc. Pointless to me. Couldn't afford them anyway.

I used a pack n play with bassinet when I needed to put him down. Couldn't afford any furniture at the time.

I never used a boppy or anything like that. Pillows worked fine for me.

No pacis.

Carseat (duh lol)

Carrier was a nice extra.

That was it really until he was quite a few months older. I really didn't /need/ much of anything.

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-A huge stack of burp cloths
-swaddling blankets (I like the Velcro swaddled, but they are expensive and you need two or three of each size.)
-warm baby blankets
-contoured changing pad and a cover
-bottom cleaner (like CJ's or California Baby)
-baby bath tub with the hammock in it
-sleeping hats if you have a baldy
-sun hat
-nursing pads, bras, shirts and pjs
-first aid supplies like infant fever/pain reducer, snot sucker, etc.
-nail clippers or emery board
-car seat

-sleeper (love our bassinet and rock n sleep)
-breast pump
-Dr. Browns bottles
-swings and bouncers
-soft-soled shoes or slippers
-baby monitor
-diaper bag

-wipes warmer
-nursing pillow (My Brest Friend)
-diaper cream (I like Grandma El's)
-white noise maker like the sleep sheep

-head bands
-fashion hats

I think that's it. Ha.

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