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Time saving tips for WOHMs?

Hi there!

Returning to work in a week... Any time saving tips for me? Getting ready for work with baby or meal prep? Cleaning up pump parts etc?



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Re: Time saving tips for WOHMs?

I have always WOH Full time. I have three kids. I should mention that DH and work opposite shifts. So He does morning stuff--kids dressed and off to daycare/school. I get myself ready and dream feed the baby before leaving for work. I leave the house at 5:50am. I am home in the afternoon/evening by myself with the kids. DH doesn't get home till after everyone is in bed.

For me, having everything laid out the night before really helps.

~For the kids I have a hanging day of the week organizer for each kid. I lay their clothes out for the week on Saturday or Sunday

I pack the daycare bag for the week. When baby was taking bottles it went back and forth daily but all I had to do was add the bottles. Here is the post I did on my daycare set up.

I make all the bottle for the next day the night before and put them in the cooler bag in the fridge.

Crock pot meals are great. I will get everything in the crock pot the night before and put it in the fridge then all I have to do in the morning is put the crock in the base and turn it on

Honestly during the week we eat a lot of leftovers or very easy meals
~scrambled eggs, toast, fruit
~leftovers--I try to make one bigger meal on the weekends or if we grill I will grill extra meat for the week.

Pump parts get washed with supper dishes, so either in the dishwasher or by hand if I am not running the dishwasher.

The biggest thing for me, especially the first few weeks of going back to work is to be very easy on yourself. Do not expect perfection--clean house, all laundry done, all dishes done, gourmet meals, ect. It just doesn't always happen. I have learned that that is okay. It is okay for me to leave a basket or two of laundry for the weekend to fold/put away. It is okay if the toys get left out. It is okay if I am so tired that all I can do is pour the boys a bowl of cereal for supper and call it good.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.

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Re: Time saving tips for WOHMs?

There were some threads recently about how to deal with pumping supplies in a timely fashion at work.

Otherwise here's what's worked at our house. DH gets ready for work in the morning while I nurse baby, then I get ready while DH gets LO ready, we're all giving up similar amounts of morning sleep and get out the door at the same time. When we get home at night, DH makes dinner while I sit on the couch nursing, and nursing, and nursing. Whenever possible DH does the driving during those first few months, as I'm too exhausted since I'm up half the night nursing LO and he has less overnight duties. Packed leftovers for lunch are your friends, you won't have time to go get a lunch at work while you're pumping. A well stocked freezer before you go back to work, if you can find the energy, will help the transition. Crockpot-centric meal plans are good too. DH daily washes and weekly boils the pumping dishes, one less thing on my plate. I pack up everything possible the night before, and it goes in a "to load" pile by the door - nothing in that pile that isn't going in the car in the morning. Anything that can't be packed the night before (like those pumping supplies that are still air-drying) needs to go on a written list, because my tired brain is too fried to grab everything on the way out the door otherwise. We had to even put things like "take out the trash", and on the last day of the week "freeze milk" on lists, because otherwise we lost track of them.

If possible, make nursing baby the last thing you do at daycare drop-off (or right before you leave the house, if your commute isn't long), and be there early enough to sit on their couch and nurse baby before even leaving daycare for home in the evening. That's less pumping you have to make time for in your day at work, and nursing is better for your supply and for baby's emotional needs than having you pump at work.

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