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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

I am very hands off, and I always get an ultrasound as soon as I get a positive test. I've had an ectopic pregnancy and lost a tube, and I really don't want to lose the other one. An early ultrasound makes sure the pregnancy is in the proper location.


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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

After about 8 weeks the ultrasounds aren't as accurate about measuring gestation, and knowing gestation is important if the mother or baby comes down with a medical complication. Knowing that you're delivering a 26wk baby as opposed to a 30wk baby is a huge difference. Some women will still have a "period" after conception and could be off a good month on their dates. Some are irregular or late ovulaters. I, for one, have a condition that requires me to be on a medication that makes birth dangerous, so I have to induced so I can discontinue the medicine the day before I deliver. It's important that they not induce too early or the baby could end up in the NICU, so dating gestation early is important. Also, it's important for me to discontinue the medicine if the baby doesn't have a heartbeat at that first ultrasound. Plus, after having infertility, I need to know the baby is alive and well.
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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

In my case, it's required by insurance before they'll put you on the maternal plan. And it gives me hope. I had 2 losses and spotting with every pregnancy. So it's nice lot get a little reassurance. My earliest us ever was 7.5 weeks. And omg the average woman is so clueless about her cycle. I feel like I don't know anyone in real life that has any idea what's going on with their bodies. I'd say if you know when you're ovulating, you're def the miniority.
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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

I forgot about the insurance stuff. My insurance required confirmation of pregnancy and then will cover all prenantal care 100%---incuding the 14 week and 20 week u/s.
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I think many of my docs do them for the mom's sake (reassurance, fun, or early gender prediction). Mine also do them for dating (though I know my dates). Some of my docs did them because I had so many losses. That said, an u/s before 8 weeks has never been helpful or reassuring for me.

Most women I know have no clue about their cycles. They think it is weird that I do. So many docs u/s just for dating purposes.

And I would NEVER accept a 20week u/s for dating. My babies are bigger and like to bake longer. I need to hold off on the induction and c/s talk as long as I can. If an early u/s means my doc is less pushy when I start measuring ahead, then bring it on! Lol.

**my current doc is the most patient doc I've had. He will wait until 41weeks for a RCS (if desired). yay! Buying my babies some time! Want to make sure they are ready.**
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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

I agree that the majority of women do NOT know when they ovulated. Before discovering DS and TCOYF, I honestly had no clue about how you got pregnant- I thought you could just get pregnant anytime.

If a woman is confident about her dates then I don't think a dating ultrasound is always necessary. But getting a doctor to believe you is another thing; lots of doctors tend not to believe that some women actually know their bodies (what a thought!). For those who only have a LMP, a dating ultrasound can be very, very helpful. Especially when it comes to avoiding early inductions and certain other tests. Dating is not accurate past the first 8-12 weeks. Early u/s are also good to rule out ectopics and I think reassurance for those mamas with a loss history is a very valid reason. Stress is not good for baby and if seeing a heartbeat early on will help mama stress less, I'm all for it.

I personally would not be okay carrying a baby for weeks that had passed without knowing it. I know loss can happen at any time but seeing/hearing that heartbeat early on is very reassuring for me. If no heartbeat was found, and continued to not be found, I would want to knowas soon as possible.

That said, I do not think these u/s should be routine or required and I do think they should wait until 8 weeks at least (or the estimated 8 weeks). Ultrasounds at 5 weeks is just pointless IMO. Waiting those extra couple weeks will ensure a heartbeat is seen (if a healthy pregnancy) and you'll see a baby instead of an empty sac usually. After that u/s, the anatomy scan is sufficient IMO, unless medically necessary.

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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

My doctor only pushes to have two ultrasounds: the "dating" ultrasound as well as the one around 20 weeks.

For both of my pregnancies it was recommended that I have a third, to take a closer look at things (the first one they were worried about our son's kidneys and lower extremities, which turned out to be just fine, and this time it was due to the location of my placenta). We agreed to them.

I'm sure I could have turned down the initial ultrasound around 8 weeks, but for me it was always a huge relief. I liked seeing that little blob on the screen, seeing that there was just one in there (twins run in my family), seeing that everything looked normal, etc. It was just a huge weight off my shoulders walking out of there both times, and I was able to enjoy pregnancy a lot more knowing that things looked okay.

And I agree about the dating ultrasound being the most accurate way to tell how far along you really are, especially for those who have irregular cycles, weren't TTC, etc. My best friend would have no idea when her due date was without hers. I don't blame doctors for not always wanting to go by last periods and such, especially if patients aren't sure of things. And a week or two can be a big difference for a baby's growth. My doctor uses the date of my LMP, but if my dating ultrasound had been way off then we would have went by that instead.
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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

With my 1st pregnancy, I had a retained miscarriage. It was over two months after fetal demise with no symptoms of miscarriage. I am happy to have an early ultrasound to make sure that never happens again. Plus I have PCOS and with my 1st 2 living children, I had no idea of my dates. I could have ovulated anywhere within an 8 week window. That's not acceptable for dating a pregnancy. There is a huge difference between 32 weeks and 40 weeks. This cycle was a clomid cycle and ended up being "perfect." I ovulated on day 14. I still needed an early ultrasound to check for multiples (risk of the clomid). I think that it's a little flippant to assume that early ultrasounds aren't medically indicated.
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OP I think your assuming that everyone has nice normal pregnancies/ cycles.

We did fertility treatments with DS and were monitored very closely. We had an early u/s for viablity. With as much work as it took to get pregnant the doctor like to make sure it looked good.

With DD I was still nursing DS and had no idea when I O'd and needed one for dating.

This time I was monitoring CM but I have PCOS and went back and looked at my chart. There were like 3 possible O times in a 7 week period. I had no idea how far along I was. There was no way of guessing.

You average women probably doesnt need and early u/s but it doesnt mean they are useless.

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Re: Why do so many drs do early us?

Originally Posted by abhernandez View Post
And omg the average woman is so clueless about her cycle. I feel like I don't know anyone in real life that has any idea what's going on with their bodies. I'd say if you know when you're ovulating, you're def the miniority.
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