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Diaper Sizes -CLOSED Thanks ladies!

For fitteds do you prefer one size, sized, or two sized(a diaper that fits newborn and small then another that fits medium and large)?

For AI2s and pockets do you prefer one sized, sized or two sized?

Despite preferences which are you most inclined to buy? For example someone may love sized but their budget really only permits buying once and will buy one sized?

What additional features do you like? Do you prefer trimmer but still with coverage diapers or full coverage? Front or side snapping? Do you like diapers to have a dip in the front to sit under the belly?

I'd post a poll but I couldn't figure it out even though I clicked the "poll" portion and my kid is now screaming.

ETA: As an incentive to give feedback I'll offer some kind of FFS prize diaper related of my choice to one winner - it could be bamboo inserts, bamboo prefold or maybe wipes!

I'll select based off those who give a thorough response. The lotto will close once enough responses are in, so enter while you can.


UPDATE: I've closed for responses as of 12PM 01/04/12 and I will select and update with a winner by Sunday night. Thanks to those who out of the 150 reads took the time to respond.


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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I like sized AIO's, I really do not like the bunching of the snaps in the front of one sized diapers.

I have used all different fitteds, snapless, OS, sized and 2 sized. Of these I like sized or snapless the best. The fitteds with snaps seem to pull strangely on many children. Hidden hip snaps are a must as both my children get nasty marks on their hips from exposed snaps.
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I like sized best, but if I were going to choose a multi-size, I prefer something that folds over rather than a snap down rise. But that's because when I tried snap-down rise diapers, they would unsnap when I tried to put them on my DS.
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I like sized AIO's the best, and I do like 2 sized. I do like one size pocket diapers, but I think that they look bad once they are on the biggest size. I would be interested in an alternative way to achieve a one size (like hidden snaps, elastic alterations, etc..) not really sure how to do this, but that is my only issue with one size; that they don't look as cute once fully let out. I prefer sized fitteds, I do not like one size fitteds because the legs never seem to fit right in my opinion, no matter what size it is set on or the weight of the baby.
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I like AIOs and Fitteds to be sized. They have a trimmer fit and just look better IMHO without all those snaps on the outside. However I prefer AI2s or Pockets to be OS, but with leg elastic adjustments. I only Prefer Prefitteds and Fitteds that are OS and closureless, you get the trimmest and best fit that way
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I never tried a two-size fitted , but I think that would be my preference across the board...and stretchy. I think they're a nice balance between fit and economy. Honestly, OS isn't truly "one size". For us, we had the nb stash (mostly pfs & covers, a few fitteds & a couple sized AIOs), then I had to buy a few smalls, since she wet straight through nb stuff but hadn't filled out enough (especially in the legs) for OS dipes. We went through a pretty good rotation of OS pockets for the sitter, since different brands fit better at different times as DD's body changed. Then, before I knew it, she was a gargantuan child. The rise was too low in all her OS fitteds that we used at home & the elastic was too tight around the legs of all the pockets we I ended up shopping for more fitteds & swapped out all the pockets we had for larges, XLs, & those few brands of OS dipes that everyone hates b/c they run so big.

But you know what? Thirsties Duo wraps worked when she was under 10 lbs w/ the size 1 & they still fit her at 34lbs & 38" in a size 2 w/ room to spare...and there's enough overlap in sizes that there's no gap between sizes, and their weight ranges are fairly accurate. And the only fitted we have that fit from roughly nb size (still under 10lb) & still fit is the Kiwi Pie fitted. Love everything about that diaper, but the stretchiness & relative lack of bulk in a fitted made these really ideal.
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I love the OS diapers because even though you may have periods that they may not fit the best they do last the longest...
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

Overall, I like sized diapers the best. I think you will always get a more "custom" fit with a sized diaper, no matter what type it is. That said, that can get expensive if you're buying a full stash in each size, and I certainly can't afford to do it.

AIOs are great for convenience, and I have a few of those for my "back up" wash days diapers. They are also good for traveling if you don't want to take a lot of accessories/liners/covers/etc.

The best of both worlds in my opinion would be a two-sized diaper. One that fits newborns thru medium sized babies, and another from medium to large or xl. I have a couple of these and a couple of covers like this and they fit extremely well on my LO.

Overall, I would buy a two sized diaper in most any type, but would still prefer sized in fitteds. HTH!
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

I think I like the fit of sized diapers better, but I always go for the economy of one size! I am cding to save money, and I do not have the money or time to buy new stashes every few months! I am also not too picky about a "perfect" fit. I think as long as it keeps the poop and pee in, and the kiddo is comfortable, I am fine! I tend to like a fuller coverage diaper! THanks!
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Re: Diaper Sizes - FFS Prize

For fitted diapers I generally like sized ones as they seem to provide less bulk and a better fit, although when baby is big enough for Goodmamas I love them.

As for covers, pockets, and AI2s I prefer OS as they fit for a long time and are more cost effective while you still can get a trim fit using prefolds, flats, or different sized inserts.

For newborn diapers though I prefer sized across the board as one sized or even a lot of 2 sized diapers just have too much bulk for a little newbie and I hate the look of the diaper making their legs spread really far. Plus newbie clothes are so small that the bulky diapers/covers look terrible underneath.

As for 2 sized diapers there are some that I love like the Weehugger covers which I will be buying both sizes of for our newbie. There are others that just don't seem to meet the mark. The smaller size tends to not fit very long but still be too bulky on a newborn so not very cost effective in the long run.

I think there are always the exceptions and that it really depends on the make of the diaper. I think the OS ones that come with multiple inserts that can be used alone or all together are awesome, such as the Itti Bitti Tuttos. I love that you can get a good trim fit for multiple sized babies and different absorbances.

I think all in all there are good things about having a lot of options and if the diapers are well thought out and tested on real babies of different sizes and needs than there is a market for just about everything. If I love a diaper than no matter sized or OS/two sized than I will continue to use and buy it.
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