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Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

This may be a silly question, but I'm going to ask anyway! Do fraternal twins share the same bond as identical? You hear all these stories of identical twins finishing sentences, having "twin telepathy" etc... Do fraternal twins experience this too? I mean, they're no more different than singleton siblings, other than they shared the womb. Or is there something I'm missing? I have 7.5 month old b/g twins, and right now they really don't show much interest in each other. Unless they are sleeping, then they snuggle up <3



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My bbg triplets (all fraternal) seem very close. They interact with each other more than I'd think most singletons would interact with another baby. I know some people who have really strong bonds with an older or younger sibling. Guess it all just depends!
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

I'm curious, too. My b/g twins are 2.5. They do so many things that make me think they have that 'twin bond' you're mentioning. Of course off the top of my head right now I can't name anything, but they just tend to do things in the exact same way. They definitely never want to be apart from each other. Like after nap if one wakes up before the other they're asking for the other one and say they miss them.
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

I have 3 1/2 yr old twin fraternal boys. They seem to have a bond that they don't have with their older brother. They play a lot together and its quite hilarious to watch!

They never had that twin talk that I think id twins get but they do prefer each other over other. When they shared a crib, before 10mos, they liked to snuggle together. I have yet to see them finish each other sentences but they are still pretty young. They do crack up over each others silliness so maybe there something there. I sometimes don't get their silliness!
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

I am an identical twin, and I think the "twin telepathy" is mostly just that are brains are wired similarly and we have had more of the same experiences (because we are the same age, same school, etc) than say with our other siblings. So the same smells, weather, events, etc. trigger the same memories or reactions.

We are very close, though, moreso than any fraternal twins I know. It took me years to refer to myself as "me" and not "us". My mom said we used to talk to our reflections in the mirror as our sister, and we went to each other for comfort instead of her. She said it ws wierd knowing we preferred each other over our mommy, compared to her other kids.
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

Interesting conversation. My id twin girls are 9m old and the are super close and tuned in to each other. Naps, meals, tears nearly always come at the same time. Even from 3m old they would crack each other up during play. I don't necessarily believe in twin telepathy, but I do get the idea that they are wired the same and have shared near identical life experiences so far. Can't wait to see what lies ahead.
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

My ID girls are very close in the sense that you will tickle one and the other one will laugh, if one cries the other one seems to be in pain as well and when they see their reflection in the mirror they say their sister's name. However, until a few months ago my girls did not really interact with each other more then any other sibling. They fought more then anything else. Now they are super protective of each other, kiss each others boo boos and prefer to play with each other over other kids. I think as they grow up they will be very connected. I have a third little girl coming in a couple months so we will see what kind of bond they develop with their non-twin sister.
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My ID twin boys were very close until the tween years hit and now they're not so close now. When they were little they would cry for the other. I remember taking DS1 to the ER for stitches and he cried for DS2... "Nicky... Nicky..." It was so sad! Now they cry from the other hurting them! Still sad!
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

I have 2 sets of frats. One is boy/girl and the other is boy/boy.

My boy/girl set is not close. They are definitely not closer than any other siblings. The boy is closer to his older brother than his sister. They have never been close and pretty much ignored that each other even existed till around 2 years old.

My boy/boy set is VERY close. They do everything together and take care of each other. They have always been this way.

However, my older set is a month shy of 5 and the younger is only 2.5 yrs. So, time will tell the end result.
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Re: Fraternal vs identical twins and their bond

I am an identical twin and my twin and I were very close growing up. We never fought and it really seemed like sometimes we knew what eachother were thinking. We live in two different cities now, so it's hard to really get together, but whenever we are together I remember how easy it is to be around her.
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