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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

I did one time with one of my first co-ops and she credited me. Subtracted it from my shipping. I told her what the extra was for but she said she could not except it. So I just pay on time and send lots of BIG thank yous :-)


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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

Nope. IMO the point of the co-op is to save money. With the fees STH and my own shipping the savings are really stipped down, and if we have to tip on top of that I might as well not bother participating. There's already certain co-ops I don't bother with because after the hassle and fees I really don't come out ahead.
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

I have never heard of tipping coop hosts, but then I have only been in one coop. To be honest after fees, sth, stm I'm not sure I even saved any money. I do know I could have gotten it cheaper from fsot and faster. Tipping would have upped it even further. So it would totally have been not worth it. As is I'm not sure it was worth it anyway.
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

When I remember I tip I just round up a few bucks. While coops are to save money a person I do not know is doing work to save me money I can spare a buck or two for that.
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

never heard of tipping. but if my amount was close to the next dollar amount I'd have them keep the change.
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

As someone who has hosted coops in other areas, it really screws with my bookkeeping when people tip as part of their order amount. It makes it harder to match things up when trying to reconcile records. Not to mention that PayPal has that 200 transaction/$20K ceiling for reporting, so if everyone tipped on every transaction, that ceiling is reached faster and may restrict some people from being able to run a coop.
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I would think that the coop fee would be considered the "tip". I know it helps cover shipping expenses like polymailers, but they only cost maybe 10 cents each and do not need tape. Or if the use flat rate packages it is completely free. $1.50- $2.00 fee per person adds up. Which they fully deserve for their time.
I do pay on time an try not to cause a headache . I always say thank you and leave positive feed back .
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

I don't think I've ever personally made a mental note to include a tip however I have in the past rounded up my transaction as to give the host a little extra and make it easier on myself bookkeeping wise if the budget allows. It also depends on the coop, there are some that the discount is very small after shipping to me and it doesn't really allow me the flexibility to give more. However if I'm saving a lot more, I see nothing wrong with rounding up to say thank you, everyone who does coops takes time away from their life to help us save a few dollars.

I've only really started becoming very involved in hosting. As far as tips, it's rarely happened or when it does it's usually just rounding up like i've done in the past nothing huge. It's appreciated because these coops do take a lot of time.
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

Yes lots of sites do tip. I personally dont see anything wrong with it when hosting is volunteers. It is not req or asked or a rule. If you want to you dont have to even announce it. You can or cant. Ive tipped and been tipped on another site.
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Re: Co-ops -- Tipping the host?

From the viewpoint of someone who volunteers as a hostess:

Hostesses aren't supposed to be profiting off of co-ops/group buys. It raises a whole slew of issues. For one, tips would be taxable. That would be a huge bookkeeping pain. It is already becoming complicated with PayPal and the tax issue, that would just add in a whole extra facet.

To the person who said that the co-op fee is like a tip. It is NOT supposed to be. It is supposed to be to cover expenses only. Polymailers, tape, gas to the post office, labels, printer ink, that sort of thing. If the total of the co-op fees collected is greater than the cost of those items for the hostess, then the fee is too high. As fun as it would be for me (personally as a host) to earn a little profit for all of my hard work, it is against the rules on many sites for a hostess to profit and it would make many of the buys more expensive than purchasing the item(s) directly.

For me, a better thing than tipping would be for participants to be sure to be timely on all payments, be polite in communications, and be mindful of my time spent on the volunteer position and that I am not running a business. When you get into tipping and that sort of thing, it makes people feel more like they are paying for a service and expect to be treated like a customer rather than a "cohort". Group buys are more like a team effort!
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