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I was back to mostly normal 3 days pp. It was my third c/s though & my hubs was as helpful as always :eyeroll:

I drove 10 hrs with 3 kids & 2 cats straight through in December at 5 wks pp. Had to move

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you ready have to listen to your body. if you feel wore out our if your bleeding picks up, then go back to doing less. ime mws tell you to take it easier than you would think was needed because of infection. its not so much your muscles or something need to recover. but the more demand you put on a body that just went through something like labor and birth, the more likely you are to get an infection. uterine infection can be serious.

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I went to Walmart that night. Walked 1.5 miles the next day. I felt great! Honestly I'd do what you want and just be willing to quit when you know its too much.
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Re: How long after birthing did you resume normal daily activities?

I was up tidying the house and doing laundry within 20 minutes of having my second I never even considered to avoid stairs or outings. The first 3-4 weeks I rested a lot and didn't over-do, but I still did basic chores and errands.
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Re: How long after birthing did you resume normal daily activities?

It really depends on how you feel, I could hardly walk after my first, but I had a 4th degree tear and a broken tailbone. I went up the stairs just to go to bed since that is where the bedrooms where, and everything else was downstairs. It took months to feel back to *normal*, but I was driving about 2 weeks later.

With my second and third I went to church that weekend (babies born on Monday and Tuesday) I just wore them in wraps so that no one could touch them. I had 2nd and 3rd degree tears, and was driving after a week.

They told me not to lift anything heavier than the baby each time, but I had a 13 month old the second time around who obviously needed help getting into his high chair and things like that, so I just tried to minimize my activity, but I felt really great.

I was walking about a half mile a day after the first week with my 2nd and 3rd.
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Re: How long after birthing did you resume normal daily activities?

First baby, I had a LOT of stitches, so I did try to take it easy with stairs and such, but I was walking around like normal & doing everyday stuff within a day or wasn't necessarily comfortable, but I did it anyway lol No driving restrictions or anything like that, the nurses really stressed to me no chores like vacuuming or lifting anything heavier than baby for at least a week or two (they said that with all the kids).

Second baby, no stitches or anything, super easy & super fast birth. I was up walking the hallways on L&D hours after having her because I was bored & wanted something to do lol I stopped at wal-mart on the way home and shopped for baby, went home for a couple hours, then went grocery shopping.

Third baby I had an induction with magnesium due to stitches or anything, I felt great during labor and immediately afterwards...but hours after being released from the hospital I went to a "family fun night" at DD's pre-k (she was VERY hesitant about baby and I thought it was important to be there for it to show her that the baby wasn't taking all the attention away, etc). It wasn't anything crazy, but I was walking around a lot, and by the time we got home afterwards, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. HORRIBLE cramps, lots of bleeding (DH wanted to take me back to the hospital it was so bad), and just...bleh. It took me a good week to feel up to doing anything, but I was back to my usual kid drop-off/pick-up routine for school the day after I got home from the hospital...I just tried to take it easy with doing anything else and felt wore out a lot easier...doc said it was the magnesium working its way out of my system and its pretty common with mag labors??

All of my kids were born earlier in the week (1st on a Wed, 2nd & 3rd on Tues), and I was in the car going one hour (one way) to church the first Sunday after each birth.
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Re: How long after birthing did you resume normal daily activities?

My bedroom and bathroom is upstairs! So less than 48 hours. (after I left the hospital... which is 45 minutes from my house.) Honestly if you feel fine do it. As long as you are not dizzy (or lost a lot of blood) stairs should be fine. (I was going up and down them 10 times a day or more the first week.)
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Re: How long after birthing did you resume normal daily activities?

Stairs? We live in a split level and I was using stairs with no problems within a couple of hours of the birth of both my kids (they were both born at home).

My midwife wanted me to get some sleep, because my labors were long and overnight, but other than that, basically she said activity as tolerated. After DD, we were going for walks after a week, but I was sore. After DS, I felt great immediately and had no soreness, so I didn't really reduce my activity at all. Theoretically, my DH was doing laundry and preparing meals (and he did, a lot of the time), but I was also doing some of that and had no problems.
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Lifting I would stay away from. Even if you feel fine, your body is going back to normal over several weeks. You can do some real damage by doing too much, and lifting can cause big issues.

Beyond that, I was doing normal activity the day I got home.

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Re: How long after birthing did you resume normal daily activities?

My first son was 36 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing. I felt like I needed new lady parts afterwards. I was not myself again for a couple of weeks. I had to sit on a boppy all of the time.

DS2 was 6 hours of labor and 15 minutes of pushing. I felt awesome in the recovery room, and was up and around very easily. I didn't run a 10k or anything, but I was able to do pretty much anything I needed to. Although, I will say, picking up my at the time 2 year old (probably 28lbs at the time) was seriously uncomfortable for a couple weeks. I had been carrying him around my whole pregnancy, but he just felt SO heavy post partum.
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