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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I agree with not having many clothes. my twins are 3 and have probably 6 or so t-shirts each, and probably 4 pairs of shorts. They both have a nice outfit, although its so hot here they rarely wear them.

I wash every day, dry in the dryer, fold and put away. They share 1 set of drawers between them. The new baby has probably 8 tops, no bottoms (just diapers).

Dh and I don't have that many either. Less clothes means you have to stay on top of it, and although you're washing more often, there is less to do each time.


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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

DH does his own laundry, and DD1 is responsible for all her laundry, including her sheets and towels.

I do a load of diaper laundry every day or every other day. Included in that is usually some kitchen towels, napkins, whatever clothes the young ones have worn and got tossed into the diaper laundry bin. Bedding, sheets, towels, etc, are all done on Mondays. I also do my own laundry as well as the regular laundry of the two little ones on Mondays too. I usually end up doing 1 load of diaper laundry, 2 loads of bedding, 1 load of towels, one load of my laundry and one load of the little ones laundry.

Diapers get folded after they come off the line, bedding goes directly on the beds after coming off the line. I try to fold mine and the girls, but by this point I am usually wiped, so I make DH fold the towels and probably the girls laundry. Mine usually takes two days to fold lol.
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I wash 3-4 loads in the afternoon everyday. I wake up at 4am.....fold them. When the kids wake up they save them.....everyday. The only time I have pile up is on Sunday.
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I do at least a load everyday. As soon as I get up..i start the washer. My 9 year old has folding duty, and all the children help put it away. We don't have a laundry room. So clothes just can't pile up. Works for us.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I wash every morning (at least 1 load). I hang dry EVERYTHING so it goes out to the line for the day and then I take it down and fold it in the house. I fold everything on the bed and make little piles. Everyone helps put it away, even the 22MO -- she is great at rags and diapers and things that don't need to stay folded en route to their destination. Actually the things I give her I normally don't even fold...
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I changed how I we do laundry a few weeks ago. I got a laundry cart that holds 2 laundry baskets. I also have 3 more laundry baskets for a total of 5. They are lined up in my room (laundry room is too small. ). I sort laundry every day into jeans, socks/undies, towels/table cloths, darks, lights. Things get washed as the baskets get full, about every other day to every 3rd day. I keep my darks and lights baskets in my laundry cart because that's mostly stuff that needs to be hung up. When it's time for that laundry I will roll the cart to the laundry room and hang it up, on the bar that's attached to the laundry cart, as it comes out of the drier. When it's done I'll roll the cart back down the hall stopping at everyone's too and hanging the clothes. For jeans and towels I fold directly out of the drier and stack on the drier then they go into the closet and each child can put their jeans and shorts in the correct drawers. Undies and socks get thrown in their top drawers unmatched because it's easier that way!

Hopefully that made sense. It was a lot to type.
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We are a family of 10. I average 4-5 loads a day. At least a load of towels a day sometimes 2. I use all cloth in the kitchen so that adds to the towels as I throw them in with towels. I wash and fold/hang them up and my older kids put them away. I am very particular with doing laundry so I do it myself but let them out it up. I just look in rooms and see which hampers are almost full and wash by that. Diapers get done when the pail is full usually every 3-4 days since I am down to one in diapers for now.
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Family of 6 here. Each kid gets their own basket, when its full, they drag it to the hallway and it gets washed/dried, folded on the nearby ledge right out of the dryer and put away.

Dh and i have 2 baskets - 1 for white shirts/lights and 1 for everything else.

Bedding gets done once every 2 weeks

Occasionally, we get really behind and basically do marathon laundry for 2 days. We are doing just such a marathon now lol. I have received an enormous amount of hand me downs recently plus school is coming up so we've been spring cleaning/sorting/organizing/purging.
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Re: tell me about your laundry routine

I hang everything (we currently don't even have a dryer) so I usually do at least 1-2 loads a day. Sometimes I'll get everything caught up and get a day off. Usually I start laundry while I'm fixing breakfast, then it gets hung asap. I don't take it off the line until I'm ready to fold, usually after the kids are in bed. Towels, diapers, and kitchen rags get put away right away. The clothes get sorted into 3 baskets (1 for DH and I, 1 for boys, 1 for girl) and the baskets get dropped off in their respective bedrooms when I head to bed. That stuff gets put away...generally within 2-3 days. LOL The boys are getting to the age where they can start putting away their own laundry--which is totally awesome!!
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I have 5 children - 13,12,9,8,2 - each have their own "day" for Everything!!!!
Monday is ods for example - he helps with meals, gets first servings, says grace, his laundry is done, etc. I do all of the washing and hanging on line (we don't have a dryer) and folding, the kid's each put their own laundry away. So, each week day I am doing one child's laundry, I also do their bed clothes on their day every other week, and I also try to do a load of towels and a load of mine and hubby's laundry each day. Saturday is "mine and dh's" day - any left over laundry from the week gets done and our bed clothes every Saturday. Then, I do none on Sunday. This works really well for us. We seem to stay pretty caught up. We don't do the "family closet" - everyone has their own closet and dresser. I do have to check on two kids closets weekly to make sure that they are keeping it neat. :0)
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